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Succubus (Castlevania)

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

This entry is specifically related to the Succubus in the Castlevania games. For information on the rest of the game, see the External Links at the end of this article.

Castlevania Succubus Figurine
Castlevania Succubus Figurine Closeup
Castlevania Succubus in game scene
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In classical Western mythology, a succubus is a demon that preys upon its victims through sex. The succubi in the CastleVania games, while they attack in sexually overt fashions, nonetheless behave more like typical vampires.

Game-Specific Information

CastleVania: Symphony of the Night

Perhaps the most famous succubus in the CastleVania series is the one in Symphony of the Night. A bat-winged demon in black leather lingerie. In Symphony of the Night, Alucard is confronted by the Succubus during the Nightmare sequence.Located in the Catacombs, she hides inside a faux save point, where Alucard (the game's protagonist) is confronted by a flashback of the execution of his mother Lisa. However, presumably under orders from Dracula, the Succubus takes Lisa's form and attempts to seduce Alucard to the side of evil by changing her final words to him into a condemnation of humanity. When Alucard exposes her, the demoness fights him, but is defeated, instead condemned herself to 'wander this empty place forever,' in a rough transcription of Alucard's words. When her true form is revealed, she can extend the wing fingers to skewer Alucard and create many false duplicates of herself in the sky. The one which doesn't shoot orbs would be the real Succubus.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

The succubus throws unladylike insults at Charlotte, even as she tries to seduce Jonathan in the next breath. Upon defeating a Succubus, the player is left with the echo of her last words as she fades away -- a low, sensual refrain of, "I'm so lonely."

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Alternate ending sequence - To see the true ending, obtain three of the souls described in the books Flame Demon, Succubus, Giant Bat. Then, battle the first Graham equipped with the three souls. After the two battles, the castle will recognize Soma as Dracula and will let you continue to battle Chaos in Chaos Realm. To get there, go to clock tower (with look-alike rooms). Those rooms are like three floors, and if you go to another room, it looks alike. To go the sealed door, go room to room by going right. Once you get to a different room with Rippers and those flying things, go down and find the room sealed with mist. Julius is inside. After the fight, you will be able to battle Chaos in Chaos Realm. Defeat it to end the game. To see the best ending, equip the three souls as described above, then defeat both Bosses after defeating Graham. To see the good ending, equip the three souls as described above, then defeat the first Boss after defeating Graham, but lose to the second Boss. To see the bad ending, do not collect the Flame Demon, Succubus, or Giant Bat souls.

Shoot fireballs- When you have the Fire Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls equipped, you can shoot fireballs as a bat just like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Transform into Dracula - Defeat Graham with the Flame Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls equiped. When you defeat him, you will transform into Dracula. Note: There is a "Dracula's Tunic" in the next room.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

In Lament of Innocence, she is even more insidious. After impersonating Leon's love Sara, the demon attempts to stab him in the back before he realizes the tricks being played on him. Similar to the Symphony Succubus, she will create duplicates of herself, and shoots a multi-directional beam that's rather hard to dodge. She also attacks with monster vines that spread all over the room.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

In Dawn of Sorrow, the succubus appears disguised as Yoko Belnades– the blonde bombshell who is not Soma Cruz’s sweet little girlfriend – wiggling her hips, and only ditching the misleading disguise when you get close enough.

There is a glitch in this game as follows: Succubus Glitch - Get up close to a wall. Activate the Succubus soul. Before the animation ends, use a dagger special attack. It needs to be the backstab move. After you do the special, do three normal attacks with the dagger and then do the special again. You will be teleported a few squares forward.

Extensive information on the glitch and an additional healing properties note on the move is here.

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