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Succubus' Smile

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The following was found on a random Google search.

The following is a poem written by Particularshard.

The original webpage is here.

Succubus' Smile
by Particularshard

Deep cuts on my arms I don't recognize
Days slept while campaigns waged
Phantoms dancing before my eyes
Behind which battles raged
A succubus hath robbed my dreams
Leaving lauguid minds and turgid joints
For walkers in the night are we
And dreams served as poisoned points
So now I brood with misty eyes
My vengence self-assured
I rub the paths of talon's scrye
A demon's wrath incurred.
My heart sings ballads of blood and fire
My bed a warzone with wreckage clear
She came upon me in hot desire
And betrayed me leaving fear.
Succubus you leave me spent
Restbroken, mouth filled with bile
All those cursed dreams your master sent
And all I remember is your cursed smile.

Copyright 2004 Particularshard