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Succubus' Grace (Custom Devotion)

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Succubus' Grace (Custom Devotion)
Game background
Title(s) Succubus' Grace
Type Custom Devotion
Effects Short term increase in power and ablities for Daeva Clan members
Source White Wolf Wiki
Design details
First appearance White Wolf Wiki
Settings World of Darkness

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Succubus' Grace is a Custom Devotion for the Daeva Clan in the World of Darkness role playing game created by White Wolf Games. Ths purpose of this devotion is to make the user's actions more powerful without appearing to be supernatural in nature.


Any Kindred can use the powers of the blood to perform exceptional physical feats, but the Daeva are uniquely adept at more subtle acts. With sufficient exercise, a Succubus can call upon her great strength or speed without stretching the boundaries of the fantastic.

For the remainder of the scene, the user may elect to gain a bonus equal to her Celerity (for Dexterity-based tests) or her Vigor (for Strength-based test) on any non-supernatural and non-offensive use of Athletics, Larceny, or physical-based Expression (i.e. dancing). These increased capacities appear exceptional, but do not blatantly seem supernatural or inhuman.


Name Succubus' Grace
Traits Celerity, Vigor
Requires Daeva Clan
Cost 1 Vitae
Action Instant
Note This power costs 6 experience points to learn

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