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Succubi di Diablo

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For other instances of Succubi in the City of Heros RPG, see Succubus (City of Heroes)

The following entry is a group created by SoulTrain on the Virtueverse wiki. The Succubi di Diablo are a group of demons, mostly Succubi, within the City of Heroes online RPG game. The group's details, as listed below, can be found at the Virtueverse Wiki here.

The Succubi di Diablo is a group of demonesses in the Rogue Isles. Most are succubi - sexy yet evil temptresses that use magical or demonic abilities to coerce, confuse, and/or dominate their foes.

Their lair is carved out of the rock of the Devil's Cape... if they have discovered the other 'tenant' of the volcano, no one's breathed a word about it. Entry is by glyphs and incantations set up at specific ley line intersections throughout the Isles[1].


  • Black Rattlesnake - Envoy of Lilitu
  • And a few others...

Known Connections

At this time no associations have been publicized.


At this time we're not recruiting new members, although there's no harm in asking about becoming a member. If your character is sexy, sinful, and has trouble masking that brimstone scent, give us a call.

MRP Warning

Succubi di Diablo is classed as a "Mature RP" group. Not that we're only into cyber... But, the RP we engage in is probably a bit too gory, sick, kinky, disgusting, and twisted for most kids, and probably more than a few adults.

  • If any of the Succubi are observed engaging in anything beyond PG-13 in any public channels, send Black Rattlesnake a tell and it'll be addressed.

Footnotes and OOC Stuff

  1. Supergroup Base Portals

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