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Succubi (Sinfest)

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Cover of first Sinfest anthology
Cover of the first Sinfest book, collecting strips up to late 2002.
Author Tatsuya Ishida
Website http://www.sinfest.net/
Current status / schedule Daily
Launch date January 17, 2000
Genre(s) Humor, Satire
The Devil Girls
Sinfest character
The Original Devil Girls Fuchsia and Baby Blue
First appearance

September 10, 2007
Last appearance

Created by

Tatsuya Ishida
Species Succubus
Gender Female

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Sinfest is a webcomic written and drawn by Japanese-American comic strip artist Tatsuya Ishida. The first strip appeared on January 17, 2000. A new strip is published often (usually daily) on the Sinfest website. In this online comic series, are Succubi characters generally known as Devil Girls. Originally a pair of Succubi named Fuchsia and Baby Blue, over time additional Devil Girl characters have appeared.


The Devil Girls

The Devil Girls originally were a pair of bisexual[1] succubi; like almost all female characters in the Sinfest universe, they at first were unnamed, but they are distinctive in that one has long magenta hair and the other has somewhat shorter blue hair. They are sometimes seen accompanying the Devil or working for him to corrupt his clients. They are not his only aides[2] but these two are most prominent; unlike most of the Devil's girl servants, they have horns and pointed tails identical to his own. Slick called them androids, and the Devil did not disagree; in one strip, he repairs a separate girl.[3]. Their role is usually to expose the lust of the characters, usually Slick, in an amusingly stereotypical way. Recently, in 2009, the Girls were named. Those names being Baby Blue<[4] and Fuchsia[5], reflecting their color appearances in the series. Fuchsia is also called Foosh by Baby Blue in the series.

Other Devil Girl Characters

Beginning in 2012, various other Devil Girls have appeared in the series from time to time as part of an ongoing feminist arc. So far none of these Girls have been named in the series. Each has their own personality and image, and are in different situations and roles than Fuchsia or Baby Blue are.

Devil Girl Character Summary

Absinthe A green-haired new recruit in the Devil's army of succubi and Fuchsia's replacement as "booth babe". Also known as Abby. She is very friendly and has adopted a pair of butterfly-winged spy-drones which were enlightened by Buddha. She is dating Monique. [6]
Baby Blue A succubus who enjoys tempting men, auditing sins and tormenting the damned. Although typically harsh and cruel, her feelings for her best friend Fuchsia expose a softer side. She attended "Divinity School" with the Devil and Jesus when all three were young. [7]
Fuchsia Previously a stereotypical succubus, Fuchsia fell in love with the kind-hearted Criminy and quit her job to pursue a normal life. Enjoys painting but suffers flashbacks about her previous employment. [8]
Sapphire A cynical blue-haired succubus who works as an exotic dancer. She typically wears an trenchcoat over lingerie. [9]
Tangerine An innocent young country girl who was turned into a succubus by the Devil. Monique once jokingly called her “Pebbles.” At one time, as a young girl, her name was "Angie", but she rejected her girl toys at home and renamed herself Tangerine, "Tange" for short. Her personality ranges from giddy hyperactivity to towering rage, but she remains steadfastly loyal to Li’l E, whom she affectionately refers to as “Lily.” [10]

Appearances in the Series

The original Devil Girls, Fuchsia and Baby Blue, first appeared to tempt Slick into abandoning a temporary abstention from vice by performing sexually in front of him; since their antics were deliberately staged, it is unclear whether or not their apparent lesbianism might be simply an act to promote prurient interest. However, in the September 16th, 2007 strip, little hearts float above their heads as they fondle each other while Slick is not even noticeably watching, suggesting genuine romantic feelings. The May 5th and August 17th, 2008 strips depicts them sharing a bed, and the former strip further depicts them responding to "the dyke signal" (part of a running gag where characters respond to a specific signal ala Batman), a somewhat clearer indication of their sexuality. The Girls have appeared in various strips since their first appearance, becoming less of background characters. Fuchsia has become, in her 2009 appearances, deeply involved with Crim, having a love crush on him as time has progressed.

As the series has progressed, Fuchsia and Baby Blue have evolved as characters and new Devil Girls have appeared. The collective Devil Girl characters make regular appearances in the series.

2007 Appearances

  • Snatch-O-Gram This was a series that ran from September 10, 2007 to September 16th, 2007. In this series was the very first appearance of the Devil Girls in Sinfest. The series started with Slick getting out of bed and opening his front door to see the Devil Girls standing there and offering him a "Lesbo Snatch-o-gram" courtesy of the Devil. [11] The following strip, Slick said that he was cutting down on evil, but the Devil Girls taunted him with more lesbian sex. [12] The next day, Slick was again tempted by the Devil Girls in the disguise of looking like Angels.[13] Next, Slick was reading a newspaper and having coffee when Squiq appeared and was in a panic over the Devil Girls making out on Slick's front lawn. Slick ignored it and Squig panicked.[14] Then Squig attempted to have Crim help him to "save" Slick.[15] Returning to Slick, he attempted to be "one with the universe" and ignore the Devil Girls, but when one commented that her thong had ripped that concentration slipped.[16] Finally in the September 16th, 2007 color strip, the forces of good transformed the Devil Girls into, for lack of a better description, Goody Girls. In the last panel, the Devil bemoans that the forces of good always mess up his work.[17]
  • Sinfest Nights 6 On October 19th, 2007, the Devil Girls appeared in the last panel of this day's strip to offer Slick a weekly Lust-O-Gram. Which he refused. [18]
  • You Had To Be There 13 On November 3rd, 2007, as part of an ongoing intermittent theme called You Had To Be There, the Devil Girls made an appearance. In this strip, the two are talking about appearing in front of someone and teasing them in different ways before ending the strip with a pillow fight between the Devil Girls. [19]
  • Fortress of Solitude The Girls appeared in the November 4th 2007 color comic. They were in the last panel of this spoof of the Superman movie.[20]
  • Grand Prix In the Sunday November 18th color strip, the Girls appeared with the Devil in one panel.[21]
  • Roses In the Sunday November 25th color comic, the Devil Girls were mad at Slick when the roses he was taking to Monique, where mistaken by them to be for them. Slick paid the price for that mistake.[22]
  • Devil Surveillance The Sunday December 30th, 2007 strip showed the Devil interfering with Slick and Monique again. The Devil Girls appeared in one panel holding signs to discourage them both.[23]

2008 Appearances

  • Day in the Life 6 The Sunday March 2nd color strip followed a day in the life of Jesus. The Devil Girls appeared in one panel to tempt him, but failed.[24]
  • Double the Effort The Devil Girls appeared to tempt and taunt Slick in the May 4th, 2008 comic. The Devil was redoubling his efforts to ensnare Slick, so both Girls appeared to do so.[25]
  • The Dyke Signal In the May 5th comic, the Girls responded to the Dyke Signal, an ongoing skit in the series. In the end, they tempted Slick again.[26]
  • Staring Contest In the May 19th, strip the Devil and Jesus were in a staring contest. The Devil tried to cheat using the Girls.[27]
  • Hell 2 A stylized version of Fuchsia appeared in the May 27th comic in two panels. She was dressed abnormally when she appeared to Slick however.[28]
  • This is the Life The Girls appeared in this July 12th comic. They were shown fawning over the Devil in the last panel of this comic.[29]
  • The Gospel of Fun In the Sunday July 13th strip, Slick was visited by the Devil Girls who appeared representing the Church of Mindless Self-Indulgence. They proceeded to barge into his home and alter it accordingly.[30]
  • Eight-Legged Freak This was a single shot panel that ran on July 14th, 2008. The strip transforms the Devil Girls into the Kanji symbol for Demon, but the word Succubi is written below it. [31]
  • Ethereal Life Preserve 3 In this strip, published July 19th, 2008, the Girls appeared dressed as nurses to help the Devil when he was injured by God[32]
  • Day in the Life 8 The August 17th strip showed a day in the life of the Devil Girls. This included waking up in bed together, serving the Devil his breakfest. and then going around teasing and tempting various characters.[33]
  • Everybody Hurts In the August 31st, 2008 color strip, the Devil Girls appeared in three panels as Squig walked around in a haze.[34]
  • Groupies The Girls appeared in one panel of the September 17th, 2008 strip walking arm in arm with the Devil.[35]
  • Cycle In the December 21st, 2008 color strip, a small drawing of Fuchsia appeared in the first panel over Slick as he surfed the web.[36]

2009 Appearances

  • Booth Babe This was a series of two comics that appeared on January 3rd and 4th 2009. The first strip showed the Devil Girls being Booth Babes and offering a job to Monique to be sex. She declined saying that she did it for the art. Fuchsia commented to Baby Blue that Monique was naive.[37] The next day's color strip was Monique and the Girls making Slick burst into flames. Monique dressed as Devil'nique and won the contest, but worried that she broke Slick again.[38]
  • Devil Girl Puppet The January 5th, 2009 strip showed the Devil Girls walking along underneath the clouds that God uses in the strip. He produced a pair of Devil Girl puppets, which he used to suggest that the Girls make out. At the end, Fuchsia commented that God was just jealous. [39]
  • Expand My World Series During the first week of strips in January 2009, one of the Devil Girls was the focus of the week. During this period, called Expand My World, she was spending her time teasing Criminy. During that time, it would appear that he endeared himself to her for calling her "a delightful devil-person". [40] At the midpoint of the series, Seymour appeared to try and "save" Criminy from the Devil Girl. [41] At the end of the series, Seymour and the Devil Girl faced off, she causing Seymour's halo to burst into flames. As she was going to toss fireballs at him, Criminy stopped her saying that she "wasn't always a Devil Girl". She did take pause at that and held her attack. In the next panel, the other Devil Girl appeared, and took her away from the situation with the comment, "You were teasing nerds weren't you?" The last panel showed the first Devil Girl with a confused expression walking away with the other, and Criminy asking Seymour if he was alright, to which Seymour looks towards his burnt halo with tears in his eyes and bemoans, "My Halo..." [42]
  • Interfering With Destiny For the January 18th, 2009 Sunday Comic, the Devil Girls made an appearance. In this color strip, the pair were involved in interfering with Slick and Monique being brought together by God. [43] The January 21st, 2009 comic continued the conflict between Monique and the Devil Girls having them all run past Squig before preparing for a pillow fight in front of him, and then starting to go at it. [44] The fight continues in the January 23rd, 2009 strip as well. During this time Jesus appears to speak with Squig for a moment before moving off to end the fight. [45]Then on the January 24th, 2009 strip, Jesus appears to bring the pillow fight to a halt by using the powers of grace and blessings on the Devil Girls. In doing so, one Devil Girl's outfit becomes quite proper from her previous outfit. However attempting to use his powers on Monique fails and he is somewhat confused as the strip closes.[46]
  • Aw Hell Series The pair of Devil Girls appeared again in the February 3rd, 2009 strip. Still being under the effect of Jesus, the pair are playing patty-cake as the Devil comes into the frame. He sighs a bit at what is happening before turning to look at Monique and saying that at least this one wasn't changed, to which Monique is indigent as the strip ends.[47] In the next day's strip, February 4th, 2009, The Devil sets to work undoing what Jesus has done to the Devil Girls. He transforms the short-haired Succubus back into her normal appearance easily enough. However, when he attempts to transform the long-haired Succubus to her normal self, that attempt fails as the strip ends.[48] The next day's strip, on February 5th, 2009 continues this series. The devil is shocked that the transformation didn't work. So he then has a drink of something called Haterade, casts a massive spell on the Devil Girl which causes her hair to become flame-like in one panel. In the last panel, the Devil is sitting on a chair being comforted by one Devil Girl as it would appear that he has managed to return both girls to their normal appearance. [49] The February 6, 2009 strip focused on Monique attempting to prove to Squig that she was not a demon. This did not work well.[50] The February 7, 2009 strip began with the Devil in a quandary. The long-haired Devil Girl was not completely returned to her normal self, and the Devil asked the universe what powerful force could have done this! The last panel shows Crimmy sitting under his tree and peeking about. [51] The final strip in this series, the full colour February 8, 2009 strip showed the Devil leading the Devil Girls on a series of revenge attacks on the side of good. However, throughout this entire panel, the long-haired Devil Girl is not really enjoying any of the events in the strip. At the end she replies to the other Devil Girl's comment of it being fun with,' I guess so...'[52]
  • Babygotback Mountain The Devil Girls appeared in a one-shot strip on February 20th, 2009, This was a series of scenes from a movie called Babygotback Mountain. The two of them were dressed in their usual bikini outfits with the addition of some cowgirl pieces. The hairstyle of the long-haired Devil Girl was altered as well. The panels show a lesbian encounter and at the end one Devil Girl says that no one would understand our forbidden love. To which Squig comments "Yes we would!", giving a thumbs up.[53]
  • Time To Get Busy There was a passing appearance of the Devil Girls in the March 7th, 2009 strip. The Devil went to get the Devil Girls to help him to shake up some of the other characters. But the magenta-haired Devil Girl wasn't with the other Devil Girl and in one panel was shown communing with nature. In the last panel, the blue-haired succubus looks at her partner and wistfully comments that she looks so happy. [54] It should be also noted that this is the first time one of the Devil Girls has been named. That name being Fuchsia.
  • Reversion The colour March 9th, 2009 strip detailed the attempt of the Devil to return Fuchsia to her normal self through several different methods. These include having her in a classroom, feeding her apple pie, putting her in a hospital, placing her in a native american ceremony, having the Devil preach to her and finally the Devil using his powers on her. All of this resulted in what looked like a return to Fuchsia's normal actions, but in the last panel, she looks wistfully at a butterfly. [55]
  • Gypsy 'nique 5 The colour March 15th, 2009 strip involved Dominique, Fuchsia and Crimmy. The story starts with Dominique dressed as Gypsy 'nique walking through a forest. She comes across Fuchsia hiding behind a tree and looking at something. We then see that Fuchsia is spying on Crimmy. Dominique challenges Fuchsia and mentions Crimmy's name. Fuchsia then peppers Dominique with questions about Crimmy. Before they can be answered, she freaks out and runs away squealing. Then Dominique walks over to Crimmy and tells him that he has a "secret admirer slash stalker from hell". [56]
  • Pimptopia Needs Bitches The March 16th, 2009 strip revolved around the appearance of a UFO. It landed beside the Devil Girls as they were playing patty-cake. An alien appeared from the ship holding a sign that read Pimptopia Needs Bitches. In the final panel, the Devil is holding a gun to the alien's head and says to him, "Step off punk." [57]
  • Approval The March 22nd color strip had two appearances of the Devil Girls in it. One panel showed them looking at something Slick wrote and laughing at it. The second showed them both hugging Slick in approval after he goes ranty in the previous panel. [58]
  • Intellectual In the March 23rd strip, Fuchsia dresses as a bookworm and walks by Criminy, talking loudly about how much she loves books and how she wishes there was someone out there who shared in that interest.[59] The series continued in the March 26th strip. Fuchsia still is dressed as a bookworm during this strip. She is once again spying on Criminy when Squiggy finds her. He makes a "sit on mah face Sailor Moon" comment to her. Her response is to turn evil and blast him in the face with a fireball. The final panel shows Slick who says "Someone's cooking bacon..."[60] In the March 28th, 2009 strip Criminy then gives Fuchsia the book "I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me" by Stuart Smalley, which causes her to gush "He cares!".[61] The colour March 29th, 2009 strip showed Fuchsia gifting Crimmy in return with a book from hell entitled Devil Nerds, which attacks him at the end of the strip. [62]
  • Evil Eye 2 In the March 31st, 2009 strip, Fuchsia, who is back to her normal attire, prevents Lil' Evil from giving a butterfly the "Evil Eye", saying that it was a "magical shape-shifting changeling". Lil' Evil didn't share her perspective.[63]
  • Sinfest Nights 7 The April 9th, 2009 was a stylized strip of Crimmy and Fuchsia in a library setting. Fuchsia is dressed as a librarian who tells Crimmy that the library is closing in ten minutes and he should check out whatever he wants to. Crimmy doesn't get the hint and runs off muttering about his library card...[64]
  • Day in the Life 9 The color April 12th, 2009 strip followed Crimmy through a day in his life. In panel 4 Fuchsia is watching him from behind a tree. She makes another appearance in the final panel of the strip, still watching Crimmy from behind a tree. [65]
  • Nerd Puppet 2 The April 16th, 2009 strip showed Fuchsia defending Crimmy against God, but at the end of the strip she runs away crying in realization of what is happening in her world. ((Comment from TeraS - I think this was probably the most heartbreaking strip I have ever read in Sinfest)) [66]
  • He'll Never Love Me The April 17th, 2009 strip showed Fuchsia in her bedroom bemoaning the possibility that Crimmy would never love her back. At the end of the strip she is in a panic over her outburst over the reaction to him she would have when Crimmy told her he didn't love her. [67]
  • Let's Make A Deal The April 18th, 2009 strip showed both of the Devil Girls trying to tempt people to sell their souls to them. Fuchsia was moping around and not interested at all in doing her part of this. At the end of the strip Fuchsia tells the other Devil Girl to leave her alone. [68]
  • Fight The Power The color comic for Sunday, April 19th, 2009 showed the Devil Girls still beside their stand. Monique appears and, over the course of the comic, takes the Devil Girls from their usual appearance to a more casual look and attitude. At the end, the Devil appears and they tell him that the two of them are now unionized and that they both want a raise. [69]
  • Labor Trouble The next appearance of the Devil Girls was in the April 21st, 2009 strip. This involved the Devil, at the beginning, discussing the Girls' demands. However he freaks out in the middle of the strip, scaring the Girls and in the last panel they are back in their usual outfits at their booth. [70]
  • Predatory Lenders On April 23rd, 2009, the Devil Girls attacked Slick giving him what they called Devil Dollars. At the end of the strip, Slick called them predatory lenders. [71]
  • Convert In the April 25th, 2009 strip, the other Devil Girl was named. Fuchsia called the other girl Baby Blue. In this strip, Fuchsia asked Baby Blue if she ever wondered what it was like to be on the good side instead of the evil side. At the end of the strip, Baby Blue confronted Fuchsia and asked her if she was thinking about converting to good. Fuchsia attempted to refute that idea. [72]
  • Lovesick The April 26th, 2009 Sunday color comic followed Fuchsia through her day. At the end of the day she was back with Crimmy watching him in her schoolgirl outfit clutching the book he gave her. [73]
  • Stupid Stupid Stupid On April 30th, 2009, Fuchsia was sitting under a tree when Crimmy came past and said hello. Fuchsia became all tongue tied when he was talking to her and at the end of the strip, Fuchsia was hitting herself in the head with the book that Crimmy gave her and saying, Stupid Stupid Stupid. [74]
  • Snap Out of It May 1st, 2009 showed Baby Blue and Fuchsia going about their day. However, Fuchsia was daydreaming about Crim through it all, not doing any of the things she should have been doing. In the last panel, Baby Blue tells her to snap out of it. Fuchsia replies, Huh? Wha? Oh! Right! Evil! Raaa!, with a confused look on her face. [75]
  • Devil Book The May 2nd, 2009 strip showed the return of the book that Fuchsia gave Crimmy. In this strip the book attacks him and he attempts to fight it off. In the last panel, Fuchsia appears and asks if he is enjoying the book. Crim replies that he can't put it down! [76] Ezekiel and Ariel come along and change the book into an ordinary book. Fuchsia is angry with them at first, but then Crim reads the book and it is a story of a devil girl who meets a bookworm and decides to become an angel. Fuchsia asks Crim to read it again.[77]
  • Joining The Dark Side On May 6th, 2009, Fuchsia appeared when Squig attempted to sell his soul to her at the Sell You Soul booth. Fuchsia was wrapped up in her thoughts for Crim and in the end Squig walked away. [78]
  • Skeet Shooting Baby Blue made a small appearance in the May 7th, 2009 strip when the Devil went Skeet Shooting. [79]
  • Day in the Life 10 The Devil Girls appeared in a single panel in the May 10th, 2009 strip. This followed Seymour through his day and at one point he confronted the Devil Girls at their booth and said tisk, tisk, tisk. [80]
  • Love Poetry Fucshcia appeared in the May 18th, 2009 strip sitting at the Sell Your Soul booth. She was interrupted by the Devil as she was writing some poetry. The poem she wrote was, Roses are Red, Daises are Yellow, I am in love with A nerdy young fellow [81]
  • Acting Up Again The May 23rd, 2009 strip, while not having the Devil Girls involved, Crimmy defended himself again when the book Fuchsia gave him made noises as if to attack him again.[82]
  • Love LetterThe color Sunday May 24th, 2009 strip followed Fuchsia as she wrote a love note to Crimmy, mailed it in a mailbox from hell which delivered it. Crimmy when he opened it was somewhat scorched by the contents of the letter. [83]
  • Medication May 28th, 2009 found Baby Blue trying to get Fuchsia to take some Evil Pills. She seemed to, but in the last panel she spit them out. [84]
  • I'm Not In Love The next day, May 29th, 2009, had Fuchsia trying to convince herself that she still was evil and not in love with Crim. She attempted to tell herself that she just wanted his soul but quickly fell off the evil wagon back into love with Crimmy again. [85]
  • Secret Love The Sunday, June 7th, 2009 color strip followed the Devil as he peeked in trying to see what Fuchsia was doing. He seems suspicious at the end, but Fuchsia appeared to have avoided letting him see that she was mostly doing non-evilish things. [86]
  • Step Into My Office On May 9th, Fuchsia was called into the Devil's office and asked if she enjoyed working for Evil Corp. The answer she gave was not exactly what the Devil expected. [87]
  • Normal Human Girl Fuchsia appeared again in the May 13th strip. She was prodding and poking the damned in hell and wistfully thinking about what it would be like to be a normal human girl. Until one of the damned tried to touch her and she poked them with her pitchfork. In the last panel, she is thinking about being human again and says, Maybe someday.[88]
  • Telescope Baby Blue and Fuchsia appeared in the color Sunday June 14th, 2009 strip. In this strip Baby Blue attempted to seduce Crimmy. It didn't quite go as she expected. [89]
  • Buddha, Just Buddha In the Sunday July 5th, 2009 comic, the Devil Girls made a background appearance. [90]
  • Face My Fears 3 The July 12th, 2009 comic showed Fuchsia describing her reaction if Crim refused her love. She spoke of hellfire and damnation to men in front of Slick and Monique, tossing a fireball in their direction at one point. At the end she returns to her schoolgirl looks and walks away with hearts floating around her, saying as she does, "I hope he says yes!" Slick looks at Monique and tells her, "Let's just fool around." [91]
  • Fetch In the July 17th, 2009 strip, Fuchsia watches as Crim continues to train the Devil Book she gave him. She watches him teach it to fetch a stick. It returns with a tree.[92]
  • Challenging The July 18th, 2009 strip had Fuchsia asking Crim if he was enjoying the book. Once again the double entendres of what the book was doing to Crim were all over the strip. Oddly, the book was no longer as passive with Crim when Fuchsia was there. [93]
  • Relax The color July 19th, 2009 strip had Fuchsia using her powers to make the book do what Crim wanted it to. Crim wanted it to relax. It did so by eating some of Crim's books. Interestingly, the last image of the Devil Book eating a stack of books sort of looked like Seymour. [94]
  • Not Again A story arc had Slick fall into hell after not watching where he was going. He found his old laptop, but it was corrupted with malware. At that point, Baby Blue confronted Slick and, calling him "new blood", told him to bend over. [95] When Slick demanded to know why he was in hell, Baby Blue showed him a videotape of him lusting over a girl just before he fell. Slick asked if he was to be punished for bad thoughts, to which Blue responded "No, bad style."[96]
  • Pitchfork In the August 2nd, 2008 strip the story in hell with Slick continued with Fuchsia appearing. She came back to Hell after some time with Crim and, being in a love daze, ignored the Devil and blew kisses at a flying pitchfork. That transformed into a pink one and then saved Slick from Baby Blue, carrying him and his laptop away from her. [97]
  • Shrooms Fuchsia appeared in one panel of the August 16th, 2009 color strip, floating through it. It was part of a summary of the previous week's events that happened in front of Squig as he was about to eat a mushroom. [98]
  • Traitors The pink flying pitchfork, Fuchsia, as well as Crim and the book all appeared in the August 24th, 2009 strip. Lil Evil watched them all pass by and at the end of the strip called them traitors.[99]
  • Wish Fulfillment Comic Fuchsia appeared with Crim in one panel of the September 8th, 2009 strip. In this panel she is laying on top of several stacks of books and looking at Crim. She asks if he liked her redecoration of things. [100]
  • Noble Path Slick, in the September 11th, 2009 strip came to a fork in the road. One path was marked Noble Path and had Buddha on it. The Slickbook ran off in the direction of Suffering instead. Slick chased after it and found himself at the Soul Booth with Baby Blue there waiting for him. [101] The story continued in the next day's strip as Baby Blue teased Slick about can't getting enough of evil. In the end, the Slickbook refuted all of Slick's excuses.[102]The story continued in the September 13th strip with Monique making an appearance and in during the story, confusing Baby Blue and attempting to fix the SlickBook with the power of 'Nique! Slick asks the question at the end if they feel better as Monique walks off. [103] In the eighth strip of this series, the Devil Girls appeared in one panel of the Devil's rant over Buddha being happy all the time.[104] The next day's strip had the Devil dressed up as a pimp walking with the Devil Girls in one panel. [105] The Sunday, September 20th color strip showed the Devil using all of his powers against Buddha. This included the Devil Girls in some of the panels to tempt him. The end result was that the Devil didn't succeed.[106]
  • Lesbian The September 24th strip showed Monique looking at a cut peach and commenting that it looked like a vagina. She pondered if eating it would turn her into a lesbian. Upon eating it she was surrounded by the Devil Girls and Squig with a bag of popcorn. [107] The next day, the Devil Girls were making out as Monique continued to eat her peach. Then she suddenly decided to play dress-up with the Girls. Squig was unimpressed.[108] The next day, Monique commented that the Girls looked almost human now and told Fuchsia with a nudge and a wink that she could snag that boyfriend she wanted. Fuchsia freaked out and demanded that Monique tell her how. Immediately after Fuchsia tried to cover up the outburst that Baby Blue saw.[109] The Sunday September 27th color strip showed Monique, Buddha and Jesus turning the Devil Girls human. Until the Devil appeared and with a flick of his wrist, turned them back to their normal appearance. In the very last panel of the strip, Crim watches Baby Blue take Fuchsia away. Fuchsia looking at him with longing.[110]
  • A Gay 7 Baby Blue and a flying pitchfork appeared in one panel of the October 4, 2009 color strip. In this panel she is trying to frighten Slick by saying Boo![111]
  • David Letterman Baby Blue appeared with the Devil in the October 14th, 2009 strip. They discussed David Letterman and his relationship with female employees. Then the Devil reminded Baby Blue that they were meeting that night. Baby Blue didn't seem all that thrilled.[112]
  • The Hate Show Both Devil Girls appeared in the Sunday October 18th strip. This was a takeoff of the David Letterman show called, in the strip, The Hate Show. Baby Blue appeared in one panel that referred to sexual harassment. Fuchsia appeared in the next panel which commented on hostile work environments.[113]
  • Normal Fuchsia appeared in the October 19th strip. She attempted to disguise herself as a normal human girl, but she had a wardrobe malfunction.[114] The next day's strip had Fuchsia unhappy about never being normal. Then Monique walked into the picture and Fuchsia attacked her. Monique asked why her shoes were now burnt to which Fuchsia yelled that it was because she was normal.[115] Following that, the two of them agree to a fight to the death. Squig of course appears, eats popcorn and watches.[116] The fight continued the next day with Fuchsia gaining the upper hand. However Crim appears and Fuchsia runs to him saying that it was all Monique's fault.[117] Monique refuted that and then Fuchsia ran behind Crim trying to hide from Monique. In the last panel, Fuchsia says that Monique hates devil people[118] Following that, Crim explained to Fuchsia that Monique is nice. He calls Fuchsia "Ms. Fuchsia", something that just endears him even more to her.[119] The October 25th, 2009 color strip showed Fuchsia seeing and experiencing how people like her are treated. She becomes angry and gets ready to throw fireballs when Crim walks past. The last panel shows her blowing the fireball out with a foo of air.[120]
  • Trick or Treat The November 1st, 2009 color strip followed Crim on his Halloween trick or treating rounds. The very last house he went to was the Devil's and Fuchsia answered the door. Crim left with chocolate kisses and a bunch of real ones.[121]
  • Werewolf 4 On November 5th, Fuchsia was transformed by the full moon into her worst nightmare. That nightmare being a housewife.[122]
  • Don't You Knock? November 12th found Fuchsia preening in a mirror in a long dress. She imagined talking to Crim and the things she would say to him. At the end, Baby Blue put her head into the room and asked who Fuchsia was talking to. She freaked out saying that it was no one and asking Baby Blue if she ever knocks.[123]
  • Bi-polar As part of an ongoing series between God and the Dragon, Fuchsia appeared in one panel of the November 20th, 2009 strip. In that scene Jesus was attempting to bless her as part of his life in the strip.[124] For the Sunday, November 22nd color strip, a football game was held. Baby Blue was part of Team Devil, but Fuchsia did not appear on the team. Team Devil lost the game.[125]
  • 80s Time Warp 3 The November 30th strip showed Fuchsia and Crim in a high school setting in the 1980s, complete with big hair for Fuchsia and a bitchin hair cut for Crim. He remained oblivious to Fuchsia's hints.[126]
  • Where Have You Been? The December 5th strip showed the Slickbook sneaking off in the night to meet Baby Blue in hell and party with her. It returned the following morning to find Slick waiting at the door and asking where it had been.[127]
  • Santa 'Nique 2 Baby Blue appeared in a flashback panel in the December 8th strip when Monique asked Slick if he had been naughty or nice. He replied both.[128]
  • Satan Claus Is Coming To Town The Sunday December 13th color strip featured the Devil Girls singing Satan Claus is Coming To Town on Slick's front lawn. This was a parody of the classic song Santa Claus is Coming To Town.[129]
  • Satan Claus December 16th showed the Devil Girls helping the Devil get ready for an appearance.[130] The December 19th strip showed the Devil Girls accompanying the Devil on his rounds as he met Budda. Baby Blue spoke with him in one panel.[131] The December 20th color strip also showed the Devil Girls in one panel of it as the Devil finally arrived at his destination.[132] The Devil was in a bad mood and so, in the December 21st strip, Baby Blue announced that, in her role as Satan's Little Helper, she would be filling in for him. Slick was quite pleased about that.[133] The Christmas strip showed Baby Blue getting ready to take her place, but then she saw Monique dressed as Saint 'Nique. This led to a cat fight between them[134] That fight ended when Death appeared and asked the two of them if they had seen 2009. They said they hadn't, Monique commented that they had a brush with death.[135] The Sunday December 27th color comic showed Fuchsia wrapping a present for Crim and taking it to his tree which was decorated as a Christmas tree. She saw the gifts under it and looked for one to her. Not finding one, her heart started to break. Then she saw a last gift under the tree she had missed. It was for her.[136] It is one of those special stories that just makes you cry happy tears when you see it.

2010 Appearances

My Tree 6

The Sunday January 10th, 2010 color strip showed Percy claiming a tree as being "mine, all mine." Fuchsia appeared soon after and burned a F loves C inscription into the tree before walking away with the words, "He's mine. All mine."[137]

My Year 7

The Sunday January 17th color strip featured the Devil and the Girls responding to God and Jesus playing football together.[138]

Sinfest Movie Trailer #2

The Sunday January 24th color strip showed the Sinfest cast in a somewhat different drawing style as part of a week that showed Sinfest Rebooted. Both of the Devil Girls appeared, but not altered much from their usual appearance.[139]

Are You a Model?

The January 28th strip showed the Devil talking to Monique and attempting to convince her to model for him. The last panel showed Baby Blue in Hell at work whipping an unfortunate soul there.[140]


The January 30th strip showed Fuchsia in hell at work. She began to poke and stab people with her pitchfork and in the last panel commented that it was like "playing Wac-A-Mole!"[141]


February 2nd showed Fuchsia's shift in Hell ending. She then left her "job" and by the end of the strip was with Crim at his tree.[142]


February 4th showed Baby Blue's shift in Hell starting, and the punishment she gave to those in hell. Running her fingernails down a chalkboard.[143]


The Sunday February 7th color strip showed Baby Blue's reaction to Buddha sending hope to those in hell.[144]


The Sunday February 14th color strip showed Fuchsia on Valentine's Day and Cupid's attempt to get her and Crim together. Squig interfered with the plan, so it didn't go as well as hoped.[145]

Give Back

On February 17th, Monique realized that she was being selfish after she received her Valentine's Day gifts. In response, she tried to give back, including fighting evil which meant that she and Baby Blue came to odds.[146]

Too Good For Me

The February 21st color strip showed Monique doing various acts of good. The first of those involved the Devil Girls, causing them to protest against the Devil.[147]

Those Less Fortunate Than Me 2

On March 4th, Lil E was taunting those he saw as less fortunate than me was. He came across Crim and called him a Nerd. Fuchsia appeared and offered Crim hot cocoa and then snuggled with him.[148]


The March 6th comic showed Slick having various nightmares. In all of them he was being chased by various characters, one of those was Baby Blue.[149]

Caffeine Suger Crash

On March 12th, Fuchsia woke up in bed with a massive sugar crash and asked herself why she would drink five cups of hot cocoa. She then remembered being with Crim and then said with a smile that it was totally worth it.[150]


March 13th showed the Devil celebrating that his plans were proceeding well. Baby Blue appeared in the last panel to serve him grapes in the style of the Roman Emperors.[151]

Calligraphy 28

March 16th was another in a series of Sinfest character transformations into calligraphy characters. This one focused on Fuchsia, transforming her from her normal appearance to the symbol for Fire.[152]

D's Company

The April 1st strip was a take on the 1980s television show called Three's Company with the Devil, Fuchsia and Baby Blue as the main characters with an appearance of Seymour as a minor one in the series.[153]

Tin Foil Hat

The April 4th color strip had a small image of Baby Blue in one panel of Squig's panic stricken day.[154]

3 Days Later

In a spoof of the movie 28 Days Later, on April 6th, the Devil Girls appeared in two panels of the story.[155]

I Need To Recharge

On April 10th, Baby Blue appeared in the first panel of that day's comic.[156]


The color Sunday April 18th strip showed Fuchsia becoming fed up with hell and escaping it through the hellhole that is near Crim's tree. On the way, she injures herself and in the last panels Crim is taping up her wounds as they sit under the tree with Crim's book.[157]


April 19th had Monique basking in the sun until Fuchsia appeared and told her to think about all of the vampires that would be killed in the sunlight. Monique crawled into bed after that.[158]

Fuck It All 4

April 22 had the fourth strip appear in a series where Slick went to hell yet again. The Devil showed parts of his life on a television screen to torture him. The last panel of this day's strip showed Slick on his knees begging Baby Blue to just torture him with whips and chains instead.[159]


The April 25th color strip showed Crim reading a book to Fuchsia of a man who's heart was broken and then he fell into hell. She returned there and in the last panel, held the hands of two of the damned there as she looked out of the hellhole into the stars above.[160]


The May 19th strip showed in one panel Fuchsia listening to Crim reading a book as Lil Evil passed by.[161]


The May 28th comic showed Fuchsia reading a book to the damned in hell. Baby Blue appeared and asked what she was doing. Upon seeing that the book was The Little Prince, Baby Blue gave Fuchsia a physics textbook to read to the damned instead.[162]


The Sunday, May 30th colour strip showed Baby Blue trying to control the damned in Hell. Fuchsia appeared and read them all a fairy tale story which put them all to sleep. Save one that Baby Blue jabbed with her pitchfork at the end of the comic.[163]

Dirty Play

The Sunday, June 6th strip was of a rather dirty game of basketball between the Devil and Jesus. TheDevil Girl appeared as cheerleaders in it. [164]


The Sunday June 13th strip had an appearance of Baby Blue in it as Squig fell into hell, but with the help of his couch, escaped her clutches.[165]

Does It Bother You?

The June 18th strip showed Fuchsia and Crim under a tree. She asked him if it mattered that she was a Devil Girl to him. He answered that it mattered only if it mattered to her. Much hugging and blushing was the result.[166]


The Sunday June 20th strip had Baby Blue appear in one panel of the strip with Sqiug hugging her after his team won.[167]


Baby Blue appears again in one panel in the June 22nd strip. It was during Slick's flashback to when he was in hell.[168]

You Cannot Pass

Baby Blue in the June 26th strip challenged Monique to a contest. Monique decided on hopscotch. She won.[169]


The Sunday June 27th strip had Slick dealing with the Devil in his life. Baby Blue appeared in two panels.[170]

God Smites A Kitteh

The June 30th strip showed a small image of Fuchsia in the last panel of the strip.[171]

Under Control 2

The July 1st strip showed Monique and Baby Blue still playing hopscotch. Slick arrives to proclaim that he has changed. Baby Blue dismisses this saying that it would never happen until pigs fly. Squiq shoots overhead in the last panel in response to that.[172]

Under Control 5

The July 4th colour comic showed Squig flying trough the air on a toilet. At the end of his flight, he crashed into the tree where Crim and Fuchsia read books together. Fuchsia helps Crim rescue Squiq from the tree.[173]

Good Game

The July 9th strip showed Monique finally winning the game of hopscotch with Baby Blue. However, Baby Blue was a sore loser and almost managed to get Monique to fall into a hell-hole.[174]

I Approve

The next day, July 10th, the Devil was walking through the Sinfest Universe and looking at various characters suffering or fighting in it. Baby Blue's conflict with Monique was one of those.[175]


The colour Sunday strip for July 11 showed Fuchsia and Crim by the reading tree again. But Fuchsia saw the Devil approaching and, over the strip, hid Crim and the book, opened a hell-hole and changed into her usual outfit. It seemed to have worked although the Devil might have noticed Crim and the book hiding in the branches of the tree.[176]

Reality Zone 3

On July 24th, Crim wandered into the Reality Zone for a few moments, but in the last frame he returned to the Sinfest universe where Fuchsia was waiting for him. The text is quite telling: Some men see things as they are and say: Why? I dream things that never were and say: Why Not? The words Why Not? appear in the same frame as Fuchsia's appearance.[177]


The July 26th strip showed Baby Blue popping out of a hell hole and frightening Seymour. He boarded up the hole afterwards. [178]

Keep It Down

On July 28th, Seymour was still trying to board over the hellhole. Baby Blue made another one, popped out and asked him to be quiet as she was trying to torture souls. Seymour apologized and then in the last panel he realized what he said.[179]

Happily Ever After

August 3rd showed Fuchsia telling a fairy tale to the damned in hell. But Baby Blue ruined it for them.[180]


August 5th found Baby Blue explaining to Fuchsia that those in Hell needed to be punished. She then drove that point home by pitchforking one of the damned.[181]

The Twilight Saga: Moonshine

August 6th had Fuchsia appear in a spoof of the Twilight movie series. She did however not appear as a vampire, but as a Succubus with her horns visible in the strip. Her tail was not shown however.[182]

Hush Little Baby

The colour Sunday August 8th strip had Fuchsia singing Hush Little Baby to those in hell to calm them down. And in the end Baby Blue destroyed that effort.[183]

Nothing Lasts Forever

August 12th showed Crim and Fuchsia sitting under Crim's book tree. She comments that love is forever. Death came in and refuted that in his way.[184]

I'll Give You A Story

August 20th showed Baby Blue in hell dealing with the damned by telling them a story. She used her pitchfork as a visual aid.[185]

From Whence You Came

August 21st showed Fuchsia pondering leaving her job and being happy with Crim. Seymour came by and told her to go back to hell. Fuchsia wasn't happy about what he said to her.[186]

Performance Evaluation Check

The August 22nd color strip showed Baby Blue reacting to a surprise inspection of the Devil Girls. She dragged Fuchsia back to Hell in time to avoid being seen by the Devil as slacking off. She also told Fuchsia that someday she was going to get the two of them killed.[187]

Rock Bottom

August 24th showed Squig lamenting that he had hit rock bottom. Baby Blue assured him that he wasn't there as yet.[188]

Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day?

September 3rd found Fuchsia and Crim under the tree. Crim began to read to her with the words, "Shall I Compare Thee To a Summer's Day?" Death appeared, turned the tree into it's fall appearance and then vanished. Crim changed to another story with the words, "Once Upon A Midnight Deary."[189]

Springtime of Your Love

September 4th had Lil E confronting Fuchsia and Crim with the taunt that the springitme of their love was over and it would fade. Fuchsia told Crim that they should go inside and snuggle under the covers. Lil E was crushed.[190]

Bad Behavior

On September 15th, Seymour began to "clean up this town like Batman." Seeing Crim and Fuchsia snuggling he told them that there was to be no premarital nookie.[191] The next day's strip found Seymour continuing to rant over Crim and Fuchsia's relationship. Eventually Fuchsia became angry and Crim told Seymour to leave. Right then and now.[192] Seymour of course didn't leave and found himself about to fall into a hellhole with Fuchsia ready to tear him apart. He then left as Crim tried to hold Fuchsia back from going after him.[193] The next day the strip peeked in on Squiq for most of it, save the last panel when Squig posed the question about what was happening at home. The last panel showed Crim still trying to hold back Fuchsia from attacking Seymour.[194] In the Sunday, September 19th strip, Fuchsia continued to attack Seymour, Crim still trying to hold her back. He eventually got through to her, but when she saw herself in a river, she ran to the hellhole and it closed behind her. Seymour told Crim that it was a good thing, Crim told him that he had said enough and in the last panel, Fuchsia was in hell crying.[195]


September 20th found Fuchsia in Hell moping around and blaming herself for losing Crim. She said goodbye to him quietly, but in the last panel Crim is seen with a shovel digging down towards Hell to get to her.[196] The next strip had Ezekiel and Ariel watching Crim digging towards Fuchsia. They gave him glitter points for his efforts.[197] Following that, Fuchsia was poking at the ground with her pitchfork drawing something when Baby Blue appeared and told her it was her shift in Hell. Fuchsia left and Baby Blue pondered the drawing of Crim that was left behind.[198] Fuchsia then attempted to get back to work and almost went back to being evil again, but in the end she fawned over Crim's brown eyes.[199] Then Crim was seen in the hole he was digging and then commented that he was in deep.[200] The next day showed Crim lamenting that it was so hard for him to break through. He then thought about how he felt when Fuchsia snuggled him. He broke through into Hell at the end of the strip.[201]The colour September 26th strip showed Crim falling into Hell, being confronted by Baby Blue, attacked by flying pitchforks and managing to hold his own. Fuchsia attempted to stop Baby Blue, but couldn't. In the end what stopped her was the glitter points that Crim received earlier in the series. The last panel had Baby Blue fawning over how romantic it was that Crim was coming for Fuchsia.[202]

Positive Energy

Continuing from the Dig series above, on September 27th, Baby Blue was giddy with all of the positive energy that the glitter points had given her. She tried to be nice to the damned in Hell, but it didn't work out exactly as she planned.[203]

Just To Be With You

September 28th found Fuchsia looking after Crim and asking him why he came after her. He admitted that it was to be with her. Fuchsia hugged the heck out of him.[204]

Performance Evaluation Check Commencing

September 29th found the Devil Girls about to undergo one of their performance evaluation checks. This caused a panic.[205] The next day, Fuchsia attempted to get Baby Blue to work and continued to try to get Crim out of Hell, but in the last panel, the Devil appeared to start the checks.[206] Following that, the Devil found Fuchsia jabbing her pitchfork in the direction of what appeared to be one of the damned. When he left, Crim popped up and he and Fuchsia watched the Devil walk away.[207] Then the Devil walked through Hell accompanied by the Damned doing the wave. Baby Blue took credit for teaching them that in the last panel of this strip.[208] The Sunday October 3rd colour strip showed the Devil turning the Devil Girls back to their "evil" selves and sending them after Crim. In the end that failed and Crim left Hell on the back of a flying pitchfork.[209]

Hell Fishing 5

On October 8th we saw the aftermath of Crim's escape from Hell. The Devil noted that he was disappointed and told the Girls that someone should improve his mood. The damned started doing spirit fingers. Fuchsia waved back at them.[210] The next day, the Devil told Baby Blue to fix the hole Crim had made, ordered Fuchsia to act like she was with him, and the damned to cower. Then complained that he did all of the work.[211]

Patch The Hole

October 11th, found Baby Blue trying to fix the hole that Crim made. She fell off a ladder and then yelled at Fuchsia to fix it herself.[212] During the repair, Lil E was being attacked by a flying pitchfork and yelled obscenities at it. Fuchsia was trying to patch the hole at the same time, heard him and seemed shocked.[213] The next strip showed the flying pitchfork telling Fuchsia, who named it Forky, what had happened to it. Then when Lil E asked how she could understand it, Fuchsia asked who was trying to mount the pitchfork on a wall.[214] The next day, Lil E almost got his face burned off by Fuchsia over what he did, but she was in a good mood from seeing Crim and decided not to.[215] Then Fuchsia bid Lil E goodbye, and closed the hole that Crim had made.[216]

My Own Little World

On October 18th, the creator of the Sinfest series had his comic strip self walk through the world of Sinfest. At one point he was threatened by Baby Blue. She didn't look happy to see him however.[217]

Face Reality 2

October 20th, found Slick pondering the Reality Zone. Baby Blue appeared and taunted him with tales of one of her daily orgies. Slick didn't care about the Reality Zone after that.[218]

Day in the Life 12

During the November 14th colour strip, Baby Blue made a cameo in the story which followed a day in the life of the cartoonist in the series.[219]

Wish You Were Here

November 15th's strip had Fuchsia appear in one panel thinking about Crim and then in the next one, Crim thinking about Fushcia.[220]

One Millionth Customer

On November 17th, Slick passed by the Sell Your Soul booth and was told by Baby Blue that he was the one millionth customer. He won a beating from her as a prize. Slick was just happy he was a winner.[221]

Use My Sexuality

November 18th saw Baby Blue asking Monique if she was going to become a Booth Babe. Monique replied that she wouldn't use her sexuality for personal gain. They then laughed over that comment.[222]

Join Us

November 20th found Baby Blue still trying to get Monique to join up as a Booth Babe. The possibility of eternal damnation made that unpalatable.[223]


The November 21st colour strip had Monique at the Sell your Soul booth after Baby Blue went on lunch. She looked around and found costumes there. Monique then dressed up as Satanique and Demonique which made a huge line up of guys wanting to sell their souls. Baby Blue came back and took over then.[224]

Pay 4

The December 5th color strip showed Monique attempting to return a cheque she received in payment for her "work" for DevilCorp. Baby Blue appeared, dressed as an accountant and listed off the various reasons why she was getting paid.[225]

I'm Here For You

December 20th had Fuchsia appear with Crim in the last panel of the day's strip. She was hugging him very tightly under Crim's tree.[226]

Calligraphy 30

December had one of the turning characters into calligraphy characters strips appear. Baby Blue was the focus of the strip, dressed as an accountant.[227]

2011 Appearances

Not Decent

On January 20th, Fuchsia appeared and ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge. She remarked that she was not decent and then appeared in the last panel of the strip dressing in her schoolgirl outfit.[228] The next day showed Lil E watching Fuchsia from a distance and then becoming upset when she changed into her schoolgirl outfit. He then took an axe to the Tree of Knowledge.[229] Following that, Seymour appeared and watched Fuchsia pass him by on her way to Crim. He was somewhat concerned about that.[230] The colour Sunday January 23rd strip showed Fuchsia encountering Ezekiel and Ariel, who gave her a pamphlet on good, as well as seeing Jesus transform a demon back into a man. She seemed to be considering what she saw when she finally came to be with Crim who was sleeping. She curled up with him and in the last panel, they are asleep under Crim's tree as the wind blows the pamphlet away from them. It is conjecture, but this seems to foreshadow that Crim is the one that will bring salvation to Fuchsia through their love for each other.[231]

Ooga Booga

On January 27th, Seymour was in the middle of a series depicting him waiting for the Apocalypse to occur. He decided to leave his weapon behind and be armed with Love. Baby Blue popped out of a hell hole and frightened him, thus sending him back to his bunker and gun.[232]

The Devil Network

The February 2nd strip was a spoof of the movie The Social Network. Fuchsia appeared in one panel to break up with the Devil, calling him an asshole. She was not wearing any of her usual outfits.[233]

Black Swine

The February 8th strip was a spoof of the movie Black Swan. Fuchsia and Baby Blue appeared in one panel in which Squig described them as the Lesbian Biker Gang.[234]

Cupid 3

The February 16th strip showed Lil E trying to avoid Cupid. In the last panel he received an immunization shot from Baby Blue dressed in a nurse's uniform[235]

Cupid 7

The February 20th strip showed Cupid collecting hearts from those in love in the series. Fuchsia and Crim had the most by far in the one panel they appeared.[236]


The February 22nd strip had Baby Blue building a tiger trap and then sitting on the ground beyond it with a sign behind her saying Come and Get It.[237] The next day, Blue tried to seduce Jesus into her trap. This didn't quite go as she expected.[238] She didn't give up and tried again the next day, but again, that didn't work out well.[239] The tiger trap wss then revealed to actually be a hell hole the next day. Jesus commented on how sad it was and Blue tried to push him in. That didn't work either.[240] Following that, Jesus prayed for the souls in Hell to which Blue told him was useless. He sent them joy in the form of flowers which bloomed and covered all of Hell. Blue was concerned over this.[241] The Sunday February 27th color strip showed Blue trying to deal with the aftermath of what Jesus did. Fuchsia took it in stride and gave all the souls in Hell a rose. She also gave one to Blue. Problem was that Blue was allergic to the rose and she was pricked by one of the thorns. In a rage Blue burned the flowers out of Hell and stomped way.[242]

Everything's Coming Up Roses

In the March 17th strip, Fuchsia appeared in the last panel giving roses to those in Hell.[243]

No One Knows

The colour March 27th strip showed several characters in the Sinfest series facing people and things that put them down. One of these was Fuchsia. In the end all of them lamented that on one understood what they go through every day.[244]

Excalibur 2

March 28th showed the Devil pulling a pimp cane from a rock. The last panel showed him walking with Baby Blue and Fuchsia dressed as a pimp.[245]


March 30th had Squig meeting Baby Blue who asked if he wanted to be "bomfed". She failed when glitter that the angels had placed on Squig the day before made her disappear down a Hell Hole.[246]

Bomf 5

The April 3 strip showed Seymour causing trouble to Baby Blue, Fuchsia, flying pitchforks and the Book. Eventually he was confronted by the Devil who Bomfed him. It wasn't pretty.[247]

Calligraphy 31

This was a single shot panel that ran on April 4th. The strip transforms Fuchsia into the Kanji symbol for Change.[248]

Hoop 6

The Sunday April 10th colour strip was the last in a series that followed Slick and Squig as they were playing basketball. In this one, the ball left the court and Squig had to go get it. Baby Blue appeared as one of the obstacles in that attempt.[249]

Purify 2

The April 19th strip was part of a series as Seymour was trying to remove the horns and tail that the Devil had bampfed onto him. In one panel Fuchsia was playing with one of the flying pitchforks.[250]

Hero Time 8

On May 10th, Baby Blue appeared sitting at her booth and got into a growling match with a recently "bampfed" unnamed girl in the strip who was transformed into a "Cave Girl Devil Girl." She was tagged with the name "Tangerine" to match her color by readers of the series. The pair got into a growling match which Baby Blue described as Grrl talk.[251]

Shoveling Coal

On May 19th, Baby Blue was seen working in Hell shoveling coal to keep the hell fires burning.[252]


May 20th showed Crim and Fuchsia under Crim's tree. Fuchsia showed him a trick where she turned one of her fireballs into a smoke puff shaped like a heart. Smokey the Bear commented on that.[253]


The Sunday May 22nd colour strip showed Buddha extinguishing the flames in hell to the joy of the damned. Baby Blue tried to stop him, but didn't succeed. She got some revenge on one of the dammed however instead.[254]

Calligraphy 33

May 27th, was another in a series of Calligraphy strips in the series. In this one, Fuchsia and Crim were sitting under their tree with Crim reading to Fuchsia. Over the course of the strip, she hugged him and they turned into the character for "book".[255]


June 9th was the second in a series of strips showing Seymour and Monique in the midst of battle. Baby Blue appeared as a boxing ring card girl in one panel to announce that Round Two was starting to the confusion of both Seymour and Monique.[256] The third one, published on June 10th, showed Baby Blue declaring that Monique had won the battle. She then gave Monique a "victory lap dance." Squig was in a panic over that.[257]


The June 12th colour strip was a return to an orange coloured possible Devil Girl, which wasn't confirmed at this point in the series and her problems with bampfing a park bench. In three panels Fuchsia and Crim appeared sitting under their tree together.[258]


The June 19th colour strip was a story that had Baby Blue facing off against Jesus in a baseball game in hell. She didn't win.[259]

Inspire Me 5

June 26th had a colour strip that showed Slick trying to get over losing his "muse", which in this storyline was Monique. Baby Blue kissed his pen and that resulted in him being inspired again. In the end he wound up at a nightclub called "The Hell Hole" in which many Devils were seen. One panel showed a waitress Devil Girl that was not Fuchsia or Baby Blue.[260]

Bad Trip 2

On July 3rd, Squiq was on his couch having a trip when everything went to hell and he went there. Both of the Devil Girls were shown in the series, Baby Blue getting the worst of his visit there.[261]

Sinfest Nights 8

July 6th saw the return of the occasional series Sinfest Nights. This time it focused on Fuchsia and Crim in their more stylized forms running away together from the Devil.[262]


July 7th found Fuchsia watching the chaos butterfly and thinking about things. The Devil Frog appeared moments into the strip and ate it.[263]

The Abyss

July 20th found Crim standing at the edge of a hellhole, looking into the Abyss. Fuchsia appeared moments later looking back at him and they spent the afternoon together.[264]

Gift of Gab

July 21st had Slick passing by another hellhole and Baby Blue threatening him with a pitchfork. He attempted to whisper sweet nothings into her ear which made her yawn.[265]

Smoke Them Out

July 22nd had Squiq smoking a joint at the edge of a hellhole. Baby Blue was at the bottom and felt the effects of the smoke.[266]

The Abyss 2

The Sunday July 24th colour strip showed the aftermath of the stories of the previous week from the first Abyss strip. The Devil came to check up on Baby Blue and Fuchsia, and found Baby Blue slacking off as a result of Squiq. He closed the hellholes to the surface, the last being the one that Crim was standing beside, causing the telescope that he and Fuchsia had been using to be damaged.[267]

Catholic School Girl

August 1st had Seymour realizing that his halo had healed. However he came across Baby Blue in a Catholic School Girl uniform and suffered some damage again.[268]


August 6th found Baby Blue and Fuchsia talking about the security in the Devil Compound. Baby Blue told Fuchsia they should go clubbing. That meant using mallets on the damned in hell.[269] The colour Sunday August 7th strip found Fuchsia getting part all of the Devil's security to see Crim, if only for a moment before she had to run back to her work again.[270]

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Fuchsia appeared in the last panel of the August 8th strip in hell again with the damned.[271]

Urgent Matter

August 11th found Baby Blue working as a switchboard operator fielding calls while the Devil watched My Little Pony.[272]

Keep Track

August 21st had Baby Blue appear to tell Monique that all of her "bad things" were being kept track of.[273]

Bkow 2

August 25th had Baby Blue appear to show the CaveGirl Devil Girl wannabe the right way to make the earth open up beneath them.[274]


The August 28th colour Sunday strip had both Devil Girls appear in the last panel of the story which showed the world of Sinfest and all of the major characters in it in their town.[275]

What Have I Done?

The August 31st strip Showed Slick in the hospital bemoaning his life and asking what he did to deserve what was happening to him. Baby Blue appeared and explained it to him.[276]

Thought Detector

The September 6th strip showed Fuchsia on her way to see Crim, but she needed to pass a thought detector that the Devil had installed. She fooled it easily.[277]

Is It Hot In Here?

The September 10th strip had Baby Blue asking the damned if it was hot in hell or if it was her. The correct answer was apparently her.[278]

Who's That

Was a series of three strips from September 23th through the 25th, one of which was in color. The series followed Lil E as he drank from a river, lost his memory, and asked how he got where he is. Baby Blue appeared and started a soul audit on him that revealed that the Devil might be his father and the audit was cut short by the Devil.[279]

Auditing Souls

September 26th showed the aftermath of Baby Blue's audit being cut short. She went home where Fuchsia was off work painting and complained loudly about it to her before leaving to stab some souls to relieve her anger.[280] On the 27th, Fuchsia offered Baby Blue a Nerf pitchfork to use. She was not impressed.[281] The Sunday October 2nd strip showed their conversation continuing, Baby Blue trying to get Fuchsia to understand that, in Blue's opinion, she needed to straighten up. Blue also told Fuchsia about her Wickedpedia page which shows everything that she and Crim have done together which frightens Fuchsia. (You'd almost think it was SuccuWiki...)[282]

Patriarchy 4

On October 20th, Fuchsia was pondering her life and thinking about Crim and the Devil when Hot Wheels Girl drove past and told her that she was no one's possession before driving away.[283]

Patriarchy 5

October 21st found Baby Blue in violation of Devil Girl dress code when she broke a heel. She did however manage to fix that before she was punished.[284]

I'm My Own Person

November 5th had Fuchsia appearing in the last panel of this strip as if she was making a decision based on the title of the strip, speaking the last word "Person."[285]


The November 6th Sunday colour strip showed Fuchsia making a choice between the Devil and Crim. She chose Crim, broke out of the Devil compound and was seen going to him as the strip concludes.[286]


November 18th found Baby Blue looking for Fuchsia to take over the next shift in hell. She was shocked to see the changes in Fuchsia's room and realized that she had left.[287] The Sunday, November 20th colour strip showed Baby Blue dealing with her emotions in knowing that Fuchsia had left her. She destroyed much of Fuchsia's room save for one photo of the Chaos Butterfly which had a note on it thanking Baby Blue for being Fuchsia's friend. Blue fell to her knees crying in the last panel of the story.[288]

Help Wanted

December 1st found Fuchsia looking for work and asking a little old lady if she needed some help. Her skill set was torturing damned souls.[289] The next day, Fuchsia was still talking to the old lady and feared that she was going to be pelted with Bibles. Instead she was offered tea.[290]


The colour December 4th strip showed the aftermath of Fuchsia leaving the Devil Compound. Baby Blue reported to the Devil that Fuchsia had left and that Blue was going to look for her and bring her back. The Devil asked Blue if she knew where her loyalties were and Blue replied that she did. The last panel of the strip showed Baby Blue's room with Fuchsia's nerf pitchfork sitting prominently on it and the butterfly painting that Fuchsia made for Blue on her wall above the bed. [291]

Where Is She?

The December 18th colour strip found Baby Blue in search of Fuchsia. Her first stop was at Crim's tree. When he and Squig passed by soon after, Baby Blue confronted Crim and demanded he tell her where Fuchsia was. When Crim told her he did not know, she warned him that if he ever hurt Fuchsia, she would destroy him before she walked away.[292]

Why Are You Being So Nice?

December 28th found Fuchsia still in the coffee shop talking to the old lady. Fuchsia seemed unbelieving that the old woman would treat her nice without an ulterior motive. The old lady explained that she was in a coffee shop and not hell before offering Fuchsia a cinnamon bun.[293]

Looking For Fuchsia

December 30th showed Baby Blue still searching for Fuchsia. She went to the Devil Bar and asked the bouncer there, named Legion, if he had seen her. He hadn't. Her search continued after she dismissed him.[294]

2012 Appearances

In With The New

January 2nd had Fuchsia appear in one panel of the daily strip still with the old woman at the coffee shop.[295]


January 8th showed the Devil going to the Hell Hole and picking from the Devil Girls who danced there. Eventually he chose one that was Lime Green in colour, and another who was Red, taking them with him from the club.[296]


January 12th had Fuchsia talking to the old lady at the coffee shop. She talked about her finding a boy that helped her not to feel worthless, but also that the idea that there is hope for her terrifies her.[297]

Story Time

January 13th had the damned in hell calling for Fuchsia to return to them so that she could be with them for Story Time. Fuchsia heard them in the coffee shop and seemed frightened by it.[298]

Someone's Calling Me

January 26th found Fuchsia wandering out of the coffee shop trying to figure out who was calling her name. That turned out to be one of the damned who had escaped from hell recently and was looking for her.[299]

The Sisterhood 8

The January 29th colour strip found Baby Blue facing off against the Sisterhood. She found herself getting into more trouble than she expected to.[300]


The January 31st strip found the damned that had escaped from hell sitting under a tree and remembering the good times with Fuchsia he had. Then Baby Blue walked by and he hid as he remembered what she did to him.[301]

Story Time 5

The February 5th colour strip showed the damned finally finding Fuchsia. However, before he could go to her, she met Crim and she told him that she left the devil before the two of them sat under Crim's tree and read a story together. The damned wanted to go to them, but feared that they would attack him and at the end of the strip was sitting by a nearby tree watching Fuchsia and Crim asleep under their tree.[302]

Drone Cam

The February 12th colour strip found the Devil sending out one of his drone cams into the world. After looking at several characters in the series, the cam then showed Fuchsia and Crim asleep under their tree. However the damned appeared, the Devil shocked him, and then the cam was destroyed.[303]

Sinfest Movie Trailer #3

The February 19th colour strip was one in a series of pseudo film trailers that have appeared over time in the series. This one focused mainly on the ongoing theme of what has been happening to Baby Blue and Fuschia. It also showed the Hell Hole and the dancers there.[304]

Finding Fuchsia

The February 26th colour strip showed Baby Blue's search for Fuchsia ending and she finding Fuchsia with Crim under their tree.She was going to attack Crim, but had a change of heart and left them after reporting to the Devil that she hadn't found Fuchsia and was returning back to him.[305]

Divinity School

The March 3rd colour strip showed what might well be Baby Blue's past and when she was turned by the Devil towards becoming a Devil Girl. It also appears that she might have a crush on Jesus based on what happens in the strip when they were both children in school.[306]

Dark Side

The March 10th strip had Fuchsia asking Crim why he was so nice. Crim told her that he had a dark side as well, when he got angry. Fuchsia was impressed.[307]

I Hope She's Happy

The March 20th strip showed Baby Blue returning to the Devil Compund and mumbling to herself about Fuchsia being with Crim and commenting to herself that she hopes that Fuchsia was happy. The problem was that the thought detectors at the entrance caught her thinking it.[308]

Lips Sealed

The March 23rd strip showed Baby Blue talking to a new Devil Girl who the Sinfest Forums tentatively named Lime. Lime promised not to tell about Baby Blue setting off the alarms and attempted to tell Baby Blue her name, but Blue didn't care to know and walked away from her.[309]

Don't Even Care Anymore

The March 24th strip showed Baby Blue mumbling to herself about Fuchsia as she got ready for bed. She said she didn't care anymore, but, when Baby Blue when to bed she was holding the Nerf pitchfork that Fuchsia gave her.[310]


The March 25th colour strip had Fuchsia discovering a cave where the escaped damned had been living since he escaped. She went inside and discovered cave drawings of what happened while she was with Crim and Baby Blue tried to attack them.[311]


The April 22nd colour strip had Fuchsia driving off a pair of Devil bullies when they attacked Crim. When Crim was injured by them, Fuchsia drove them off with the help of one of Crim's books before she tended to Crim's injuries.[312]

Sinfest Fan Fiction

The May 2nd strip had a scene that was billed as Sinfest FanFic with Baby Blue and Jesus together. Seymour didn't accept this as being "canon."[313]


The May 14th and 15th strips showed Fuchsia painting a piece of art of the damned soul she met before. In the first strip, Crim comments that the damned looked like a "Troglodyte". Fuchsia was impressed that Crim knew big words.[314] In the second strip, Crim told Fuchsia she was an excellent artist which made her glomp him.[315]


The May 16th strip showed Baby Blue beginning her day and being in a bad mood. When one of the new Devil Girls was a bit too cheerful, she scowled at her.[316] The following day, the transformed Devil Spy Cams returned to the Devil's mansion and fluttered around Baby Blue. She was scanned by them and they decided the best thing to do was avoid her.[317]

I Am

The June 7th strip showed Fuchsia and Crim sitting under their tree talking. Crim explained to her why the sun was so high in the sky.[318]


The June 22nd strip showed Fuchsia stabbing a paint can and then having a flashback to her time with the Devil when she was stabbing the damned in Hell.[319]


The July 3rd and 4th strips showed the aftermath of Fuchsia stabbing a paint can. In the first, Crim returned to Fuchsia with some books on art and she told him that she had a "stabby episode."[320] In the second, Crim tried to comfort Fuchsia, telling her that he understood, but she told him that he didn't understand.[321]

Post-Traumatic Stress

The July 8th colour strip showed Fuchsia trying to paint again when the Devil appeared and demanded that she return to him. She refused and he cast her into Hell with the damned. This turned out to be a vision or waking nightmare in reality for her. The last panel showed Fuchsia looking at her aisle which showed an image of her working in hell rather than the scene of a tree she had been painting before the flashback occurred.[322]

Safe and Sound 2

The July 13th strip showed Baby Blue wearing her lawyer suit and leaving the Devil's house thinking bad thoughts.[323]


The July 22nd colour strip showed Baby Blue confronting the Cartoonist in the series and reminding him of the contract he signed with the Devil before leaving.[324]

Not Coming Out Right

The August 2nd strip showed the result of some of Fuchsia's art. When Monique asked how they were turning out, Fuchsia said they weren't and was very upset.[325]

Real And Honest

The August 3rd strip found Monique and Fuchsia talking. Fuchsia told her that she only felt right when she was doing bad things. In the last panel, the subliminal words from the Patriarchy rained down around the two of them.[326]

Friend Zone 4

The August 26th strip showed one of the unnamed Devil Girls discovering the Friend Zone. Fuchsia and Crim were there with other characters as well.[327]

First Assignment

The October 10th strip showed one of the unnamed Devil Girls (Green) managing to finally stand in high heels. Baby Blue then told her to go and man the Devil Booth.[328]


The October 11th strip showed Crim and Fuchsia walking together. Crim entered the Reality Zone, but Fuchsia didn't follow him. Crim returned to her and told her that he forgot. [329]

Criminy Wiki

The colour October 14th strip showed Baby Blue reviewing Crim's life and discovering that in the past he had been friends with a girl named Amber. She was last seen in the strip thinking about what to do next.[330]

Drawing From Reality

The colour October 21st strip Fuchsia entering the Reality Zone. She existed there for a short time and then began to fall apart. She ran out of the Zone and returned to normal, took out her paints and drew a painting of a realistic tree before falling asleep beneath Crim's tree.[331]

Calligraphy 40

The December 4th strip had Fuchsia and Crim standing under an umbrella in the rain. Their forms merged, the pair kissing, before transforming into the symbol for rain.[332]

2013 Appearances


The January 4th strip had Fuchsia painting a portrait of Crim. When she was finished, Crim was overwhelmed by what Fuchsia had created in his image.[333]

Guest Appearances

Appearances outside Sinfest proper include:

Sister Claire

The girls both show up in the 2010 Valentine's day comic of Sister Claire[334], where they seem to have a bit of fun when they noticed Claire's reaction to their nature.


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