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Spiteful Temptress

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Spiteful Temptress
World of Warcraft character
Spiteful Temptress
First appearance World of Warcraft
First game World of Warcraft
Fictional profile
Giant succubus, able to Mind Control others
and found in The Arcatraz

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Spiteful Temptress in the World of Warcraft role playing game is a type of Giant Succubus, able to Mind Control others and found in The Arcatraz.


Giant Succubus, able to Mind Control. Places a debuff on random party member that increases their threat generated by 500%. She is also immune to taunt, so cloth wearers should avoid generating any aggro for the duration of the debuff.


Name Spiteful Temptress
Gender Female
Race Succubus (Demon)
Level 70 Elite Succubus
Health 34,822 (Heroic)
Mana 12,620
Worth 42 Silver
69 Bronze
Location The Arcatraz


Name Power
Dominate (Mind Control
Shadowbolt A souped up version of the normal Shadowbolt that explodes when it hits the target,
dealing damage to anyone around the target.


After killing this NPC, Gains are
Normal 24 reputation with The Sha'tar (stops at Revered)
Heroic 30 reputation with The Sha'tar
15 reputation with Tushui Pandaren

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