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Simone the Seductress

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Simone the Seductress
World of Warcraft character
Simone the Seductress
First appearance World of Warcraft
First game World of Warcraft
Fictional profile
A succubus summoned for
an epic quest for hunters
Simone the Inconspicuous
World of Warcraft character
Simone the Inconspicuous.jpg
Simone the Inconspicuous
First appearance World of Warcraft
First game World of Warcraft
Fictional profile
Simone the Seductress' female troll-form

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Simone the Seductress in the World of Warcraft role playing game is a succubus summoned in the Stave of the Ancients epic quest for hunters.


Simone the Seductress is a succubus summoned for an epic quest for hunters. She's normally in a female troll-form called Simone the Inconspicuous unless you come to bother her with the quest. She is accompanied by her pet wolf, Precious.


Name Simone the Seductress
Simone the Inconspicuous
Gender Female
Race Succubi (Demon)
Level 60 Elite
Health 13,000
Mana 12,170
Location Golakka Hot Springs, Terror Run, in Un'Goro Crater
Quest Stave of the Ancients
Loot Simone's Head (Quest Item)


Simone Temptress' Kiss: Reduces ranged attack power
by 1400 for 45 seconds
Lighting Bolt: Around 800 Nature damage
Fool's Plight: When in human form, she can be attacked,
even if she doesn't appear hostile, by left-clicking her and
performing any attack or spell. In that case she will
counterattack with an instant cast damaging for upward
of 8000 damage per hit. Also, in human form she's immune
to a Warlock's Enslave Demon.
Note: She hits softly, but her pet hits for about
200 damage.
Precious Melee attacks only


  • Viper Sting will silence Simone preventing her from casting Lightning Bolt
  • Aspect of the Wild will reduce the Lightning Bolt damage to around 200


This can be a semi-difficult fight or a really easy one, depending on how prepared you are and your spec. Bring a nature protection potion and some Magic Dust or a Goblin Rocket Helmet for an easy kill. Being survival spec also helps immensely if you choose the Tank-It Method. Tank-it Edit

It is recommended to have another hunter in your group with Aspect of the Wild on, and that you would use Aspect of the Monkey. It's not necessary for the other hunter to feign death. If you don't have a hunter helper, make sure you use Aspect of the Wild yourself to stretch out your nature protection potion (alternatively, you can use a greater nature protection potion if you can get one). The fight is still not difficult even if you can't use Monkey.

Start by laying a Freezing Trap, Hunter's Mark, Aimed shot on Simone, then immediately concussive shot. Have the pet get trapped, shoot a viper sting to silence her temporarily, and immediately run in and go all out melee (Spam wingclip, raptor, mongoose, and counterattack). Optionally, once the pet is out of the trap, use Goblin Rocket Helmet or Magic Dust on it to knock it out for another 20-30 seconds. Once it is out of the disorient, pop deterrence to dodge or scatter shot to knock it out a little longer.

Scatter shot her whenever you see her start to cast the lightning bolt and continue to melee her, she will go down really fast. It may be a good idea to set up macros here, like the Solenor fight, to keep Precious stunned when needed.

If you don't have a Goblin Rocket Helmet, be stocked on tubers, night dragon's breath, and healing potions and use them once the timers are up (be aware that tubers and night dragon's breath share the same cooldown as of Patch 1.11, however; use the night dragon's breath only if you need mana). You should only need one (greater) nature protection potion the whole melee fight.

After Simone is dead, you can either feign death to get rid of Precious or kill it. If you choose to kill it, you can have your pet and/or other party members assist you in this with no penalty.


Kiting the Pet

Start out with a Freezing Trap, aimed shot on the pet, then immediately concussive. Kite the pet around with aspect of the cheetah, having a teammate to aggro possible mobs, using arcane shot and serpent sting to kill it. Once the pet is dead, run in range of Simone to melee her to death.

Same Method

This strategy only requires the clearing of two to three mobs. Use the large tree at the southern most part of Simone's path to your advantage. Start off by hitting Simone with Concussive Shot. Immediately switch to Precious and strafe around the tree clockwise, always facing the tree. You should always be able to maintain LOS this way.

Kiting Simone

The easiest place to accomplish this is at Golakka Hot Springs, specifically the eastern side of the largest lake. Only a few mobs need to be cleared, and could likely be skipped if the hunter watches his surroundings during the kite. Spawn her near the large rock at the top of the lake. Be sure Aspect of the Cheetah is on, then lay a Freezing Trap and hit her with an Aimed Shot followed immediately by a Concussive Shot. Precious should be frozen. Kite her down the shore of the lake, making sure that she is always silenced. Concussive Shot allows enough time for Multi-Shot or Auto Shots. Precious will likely be free and pursuing by the time you get her fully past the large tree on the eastern shore, but do not stop the kite until he's almost on top of you. By this time, you should be at the southern shore and Simone should be around 30% health. Finish the fight with spamming your melee abilities. Viper Sting is the key to this strategy.

Kiting Both

Use the large tree mentioned in the first kiting method and kite around that tree. Have two macros, one that does /target Simone and another that does /target Precious. This is better than tab targetting. This strategy is intended for Marksmanship hunters.

Start out with a Freezing Trap, Aimed Shot and Concussive as above, but use Aspect of Nature as Cheetah is unnecessary for this variation. Kite her around the tree using Serpent Sting and rank 1 Arcane shot. A good shot rotation is Arcane-Arcane-Serpent. This is a decent way to time the shots if you don't use timing mods. Eventually Precious will break loose from the trap. When this happens start using your target macros to switch between Simone and Precious, hitting precious with concussive shot whenever he gets ahead of Simone. If he gets too close use scatter shot. The timers on the shots are such that this should keep Precious off you. At the end of the fight you will be out of mana and the timer on your greater mana potion won't be up yet. Finish Simone in melee at this point. You can also use magic dust at this point to get Precious off you, but it may not be necessary.

For 2.0

Start at the north of the lake. Trap before fight. Aim + Conc. Simone + Multishot + Viper Sting and start moving south, along the shore. Try to stay at maximal range as much as possible and use Viper Sting when it's out of cooldown. If she gets close, she will put the debuff on you and it's going to be melee time. Use Freezing Traps when Precious gets close. As long as you stay at 35+ yards and use Viper Sting when it gets out of cooldown, you should be fine. I almost circled the lake because of the green/blue gear and by doing this I didn't get hit even once by Temptress' Kiss.


  • Aspect of the Wild (From another Hunter)
  • Aspect of the Monkey (self) or Aspect of the Wild if you don't have a hunter helper
  • Greater Nature Protection Potion
  • Goblin Rocket Helmet (engineering)
  • Greater Mana Potion
  • Magic Dust (Alternative for Goblin Rocket Helmet)
  • Slumber Sand Horde only! Much easier to get than magic dust and can be used 2x during fight

The Cleaner

If someone interferes while a hunter is killing Simone (whether pet or player) Simone despawns with the words "Only a fool would now remain in this battle. So long, coward". Meanwhile, a huge black, demon The Cleaner spawns, says "You dare interfere with this being's testing? The battle must be fought alone! You shall all pay for this interference!" and start attacking anything in range. The Cleaner hits for around 4000-4500 damage on a level 70 clothie and appears to be immune to mostly anything you can throw at him.

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