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Sheila Lilithborne

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Sheila Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Sheila Bergman
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Danny Lilithborne (Brother)
Julie Lilithborne (Sister)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Lupe Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Glynis Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)
Jenny Lilithborne (Sister)

Sheila Lilithborne, also known as Sheila Bergman, is a supporting character in the Chateau Aensland saga. She is Lilith's second recovered child after Maria. Before that, she had a movie career in the 1950's. Sheila possesses the ability to control others' heartbeats psychically, an ability she says she learned from Lilith. Possessing an exotic beauty and knowledge of times past, Sheila is the quietest Lilithborne child, spending most of her time alone.

Her flower is the lilac and her flavor is unknown.


Name: Sheila Lilithborne
Also known as: Sheila Bergman, Ingrid
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: Unknown
Hair/Eyes: Black/Grey
Flavor/Flower: Unknown/Lilac
Hobby: Reading
Fav. Meal: Soup and salad
Theme song ("Happy"): The Eagles, "Take It Easy"
Theme song ("Sad"): Jimmy Durante, "As Time Goes By"
Theme song ("Determination"): unicorn table, "Fly Away"


  • Sheila's original last name and countenance are based on actress Ingrid Bergman; in fact, she is called "Ingrid" in a dream. Her first name was inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song "To Sheila".
  • In her past life, Sheila had a strong friendship with another actor named William Murphy. His fate is currently unknown, but she thinks about him a lot.