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Selfish Succubus

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Selfish Succubus, is part of the Instant Antagonist RPG Modules series, and is written by Jess Hartley and released by Flames Rising. This module contains a complete package of information on a succubus named Lily Sinclair for which can be used in almost any role-playing game. Some specific information is focused on the Dungeons and Dragons RPG, but it can be transferred to other systems very easily. While no specific stats are listed for her in this module, it is more description than anything else, there has been an attempt made to create stats for two different D20 games which are included here for reference.

Cover of the RPG module Instant Antagonist: The Selfish Succubus, written by Jess Hartley.



  • Title: nstant Antagonist: The Selfish Succubus
  • Author: Jess Hartley
  • Format: PDF File
  • Publisher: Flames Rising
  • Pages: 9
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: November 23, 2009


Lily Sinclaire is a dream come true and your worst nightmare all wrapped up in one.

Is she a demon or a witch? Will she seduce the monster hunters or manipulate them into fighting against her enemies? When comes to magic, how far will a mage go to learn her secrets? When Lily is around, vampires just might have some competition for the best mortals to feed on.

The Selfish Succubus is one monster you’re just dying to get to know better….

Example Stats

The following information is taken from The Other Side Blog listed in the external links below:

Ghosts of Albion/Angel RPG

Using the Mind-Body-Spirit guide in the book we can convert her to some stats. Her Mind says she knows a lot about ancient history, can manipulate others, has a lot of occult contacts. That says a better than average Intelligence, say 3 or maybe 4, but maybe a higher Willpower and Perception. I would give her a higher level in some skills and maybe keep her Intelligence at 3. Body says she is very attractive, so Appearance 3, a good dexterity 3, but maybe only a 2 in strength. She has a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol (party girl) so a 4 in Constitution. Her Spirit supports a higher Willpower and even some obsessions or mental problems. She is a succubus, so she gets some demonic powers too. So where does that leave us? I fill in the rest with my own guesses and what I need her to do.

Name Score Damage Notes
Dodge +5 Defense action
Grapple +7 Resisted by Dodge
Punch +5 4 Bash
  • Name: Lily Sinclaire
  • Motivation: To get what she wants
  • Creature Type: Succubus (demon)
  • Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Constitution 4, Intelligence 3, Perception 4, Willpower 4
  • Life Points: 37
  • Drama Points: 15
  • Qualities and Drawbacks: Addictions (Sex 2), Adversaries (anyone that knows her true nature), Attractive 2, Contacts (Supernatural 3), Covetous (lecherous 2), Emotional Problems (Cruel 3, Arrogance 2), Hard to Kill 1, Immortal, Innate Magic, Regeneration, Resources (Well off), Secrets (3, many), Supernatural Form (1, has a tail)
  • Skills: Armed Mayhem 1, Art 2, Athletics 3, Crime 3, Driving/Riding 1, Engineering 1, Fisticuffs 2, Influence 4, Knowledge 5, Languages 4 (English, Latin, Sumerian, Greek), Marksmanship 0, Notice 4, Occultism 4, Physician 1, Science 1.

Witch Girls Adventures

Using the same guidelines, though her magic and what powers succubi have in this world are guesses:

  • Lily Sinclair, Succubus
  • Rank: 3
  • Body: d6 Mind: d6 Senses: d8
  • Will: d8 Social: d8 Magic: d6
  • Life Points: 12 Reflex: 9
  • Resist Magic: 9 Zap Points: 12
  • Skills: Athletics +2, Basics +2, Dancing +4, Fighting +1, Hear +1, Leader +3, Look +2, Magic Etiquette +2, Mundane Etiquette +3, Mysticism +2, *Mythology +4, Streetwise +3
  • Abilities: Beautiful, Mysterious
  • Heritage: Demon
  • Spells: Lily does not know any spells save those magics all Succubi can use.

Module Reviewed by TeraS

There are Succubi in role-playing games. Lots and lots of them… Some are okay, some are better and then, occasionally, one of them has a flaw in her creation that doesn’t make sense from the point of view that I have of Succubi… Recently, an RPG module was released called Instant Antagonist: The Selfish Succubus. Now I am not going to review this work too deeply as that has been done to death on the net… Just google this module and reviews and you will come upon all kinds of them. No, that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

I want to discuss two things that bother me about the Succubus called Lily Sinclair…

The first thing is that she doesn’t alter her form. She has the powers of a succubus and yet she does not alter her appearance whatsoever in order to either entrap her targets or, if it is necessary, use her powers to sneak into places and situations unseen. But that can be a character trait and no necessarily a fault in her design.

But the other thing that bugs me most certainly is.

She cuts off her tail and horns regularly!!!

That seems to be, in my mind, a waste of effort considering what she is… Being a Succubus, she can, if you think about it, simply shapeshift them away. It’s a lot less painful and time consuming than having to take a knife or other blade and cut a part of your body away…

Other than those two problems I have with this module, it’s a neat idea as she can be put into any role-playing game system with little effort involved in doing so. There is a tremendous amount of backstory, game ideas and other things written that she becomes less of a monster and, really she isn’t, but more of an actual character that the players in an RP can relate to…

It’s worth picking up really, but if we were to use her, these two faults would be changed, but that is part of this module’s appeal. You can alter things as you need to and that is so very helpful…

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