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Saskia (Dungeons and Dragons)

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Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Original Sins Cartel
Created by Ken Lipka
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Class Lesser Tanar'ri
Medium Outsider
(Chaotic, Demon,
Evil, Extraplanar)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Age Physically Early 20's
Title Saskia of The Doomguard
Member of the Original Sins Cartel
Setting All Settings

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Not to be confused with the Lost Girl Television series Succubus known as Saskia.

Saskia is a Succubus NPC character created by Ken Lipka who first appeared in an article describing a Succubus organization in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game called the Original Sins Cartel. She is not a founding member of the organization, but seeks to use it to advance her position in the ranks of Succubi, her long term goal and focus.


As a succubus, Saskia's natural form is that of a very attractive and sexy woman with graceful, leathery bat-like wings. Her skin is a deep tan in color with a smooth, warm, and alluring complexion. Her hair streams away from her head in a long, straight, silky white cascade, and is always carefully brushed. Her elegantly shaped eyes are a piercing, crystalline gray-violet in color. Her wings have a green tint that is reminiscent of old bronze. Saskia's face always has a somewhat condescending air about it, and has a way of shifting mysteriously from a mildly amused to a downright menacing expression - accomplished primarily through the narrowing of her striking eyes. She dresses in a long, broad, rust-red cloth, the length of which is cleverly folded and wrapped about her slender figure in a fashion which barely covers her torso, leaving shoulders, arms, legs, and head bare. The ends of the cloth hang down from her hips, falling just below her knees in the front and back. Her feet are wrapped in similar, but smaller, pieces of cloth leaving the heels and toes exposed. Her lower legs are similarly covered, the cloth buckled on with leather straps. This cloth is actually woven from tanar'ri red steel, and so provides a bonus to her natural armor class.

When expecting combat, Saskia supplements this attire with fingerless leather gloves, a pair of greaves strapped underneath her leg cloth, and another pair strapped on her arms. The whole of her attire gives the impression of being worn out, with the cloth tattered and the greaves tarnished and dull. She often wears a long, graceful, tarnished scimitar in a leather sheath. This scimitar is a magical +2 weapon whose touch acts similarly to the tentacle of rust monster.

As Part of the Original Sins Cartel

Saskia appears to be in her early 20's with short wavy auburn hair, green eyes and her wings are green. She prefers tight and revealing "business" dress such as a skirt, blouse and vest.

Character Background

This nernstrom has two very important spheres of influence within the faction. First, she controls a fortress deep in the Abyss. This layer not only fits the Doomguard's outlook on life but is also a prime source for the ore used to make Tanar'ri Red Steel. Saskia's home is an armed mining camp, which collects the raw material and ships it back to the Armory by way of Gallowsgate. The second place where this succubus wields great influence is in the realm of the faction's finances. Saskia doesn't give all of the ore to her faction; she sells some of it to anyone who can pay her inflated prices. The tanar'ri also maintains control over a large number of businesses across the planes - either via direct ownership or else by controlling the mortals who do own the companies.

Saskia's Abyssal home is on the 133rd layer, where she lives in a fortified mining complex built of imported sandstone and enchanted glass atop a tall, narrow mesa. This layer, called the Consuming Furnace by sages, is made of almost nothing but raw, crude materials (predominantly iron and tanar'ri red steel ore) that are constantly rusting and disintegrating. Iron mesas jut sharply up from the metal plains, and shifting seas of rust-dunes dance in the harsh, hot wind that blows constantly across the landscape. The whole layer is subjected to an eternally searing heat, which bakes metal and makes it burning to the touch. Any metal brought to the layer (except for Tanar'ri Red Steel) will rust and disintegrate within a matter of days. Surprisingly, in spite of the abundant raw red steel ore, very few tanar'ri make their home here. This relative emptiness is what allows Saskia to provide an uninterrupted flow of red steel ore for the faction's forges.

Despite the nature of her home in the Abyss, the succubus was not always an ardent supporter of the Doomguard. Rather, she has only recently become a member of the faction (within the last century or so). Even now, she still spends most of her time supporting her first allegiance - the Original Sins Cartel. The Cartel is a loose confederation of ten powerful succubi that have realized the benefits of working together to gather souls and have managed to suppress their treacherous natures against each other for many centuries. It is through her allegiance to this Cartel that Saskia acquired her business sense and empire. (Saskia's favorite targets for corruption are businessmen. She enjoys watching them ruin their souls while she helps them ruin their competition.)

In the process of increasing her financial status, the succubus became aware of the Doomguard and their philosophy. Saskia quickly found that she agreed with the faction. After all, a belief in multiversal decay validated the layer she called home. It also reinforced the paranoid thoughts that her sisters in the Cartel would eventually betray her. Saskia joined the Doomguard as a means to creating a secondary power base; a refuge she could flee to and seek protection from when the other temptresses in the Cartel finally turned on her. Upon joining the faction, she quickly acquired a secondary home in Sigil - an old, crumbling house (which she calls the Entropy Garden) in the Lady's Ward, a few blocks from the Armory.

As soon as the high-ups found out that their new member could provide an unlimited supply of red steel ore, Saskia was immediately promoted to nernstrom. She has firmly held onto this position ever since. The tanar'ri is smart enough to realize that if she were to be elevated to Doomlord, she would lose all interest in her talents as a succubus and become completely devoted to the faction's business. Also, she would actually lose much of her influence in the faction, as she would have to give up her business empire, and thus, a large say in the running of the faction due to her controlling a significant portion of the income. However, this doesn't mean that she hasn't considered the idea of becoming Factol. Perhaps when her sisters in the Cartel finally betray her...

Saskia has allied with the Destroyers fraction, and favors the agenda put forth by Ely Cromlich. She uses her influence to make sure that the Doomguard stays active in the Blood War, and attempts to use the faction's resources to keep the War from cooling off, and possibly to intensify it. Naturally, she wants to keep the faction away from any dealings with the baatezu. The succubus has also played a major role in convincing Pentar to deal with the tanar'ri and help build the Ships of Chaos.

As Part of the Original Sins Cartel

She is the high-up of a mining town deep in the Abyss. She is another Doomguard contact in the Abyss - the second source of their Tanar'ri Red ore and weapons. Similarly to Meerena, she also maintains an extensive "mortal" business empire. When she deals with mortals, it is also with businessmen and merchants. However, she prefers to have them screw themselves with insider trading, blackmail, etc. Once they are gone, she then attempts to buy out their businesses and add them to her empire.


As Part of the Original Sins Cartel

Full Title Saskia of The Doomguard
Notes None
RPG Character Type Russian Dominatrix
Statistics Standard Succubus Statistics as per Monster Manual, page 47
6th Level Fighter
10th Level Illusionist

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