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Riccani the Feathered
Riccani the Feathered as illustrated in Hellbound: The Blood War – War Games
Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Hellbound: The Blood War – War Games - Page 16
Created by Colin McComb and Monte Cook
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Class Medium Outsider
(Chaotic, Tanar'ri,
Evil, Extraplanar)
Alignment Chaotic Evil

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Riccani, also known as Riccani the Feathered is a Succubus NPC character created by Colin McComb and Monte Cook who appeared in the Hellbound: The Blood War adventure for the second edition ruleset of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.

She appeared in the Winged Sniper encounter during the adventure where she is found defending a tower made of corpses. As players approach Riccani, she defends herself against them, her only concern being to survive to another day. Fairly well detailed information and statistics were provided for her, however none of her physical characteristics were mentioned.

Character Information

Riccani is described as being desperate to survive after the battle she has been through. Her primary goal is to continue to survive at any cost. While she can act seductively towards others, her true nature remains at all times. No physical characteristics are noted about Riccani, but it can be assumed that she has the typical features of a Succubus.

Riccani appears in the Winged Sniper encounter during the adventure. If players search through a part of the area they are in at this point in the adventure, they come across a tall hill made of decaying fiends. When the player characters are within a short distance of the hill, Riccani then appears and begins to attack them.

According to her story, Riccani had only just barely survived the battle that had waged shortly before the player characters arrived and fears that the players are palymorphed Baatezu intending to kill her. As she attacks, players can either retreat with Riccani continuing to attack them, or, attempt to climb the hill she is perched on and attack her directly. In either case, her primary weapon is to attack using magic missile.

Should a player character manage to climb the hill, which is not an easy feat, then Riccani directs all of her attacks at the new intruder to defend herself. If several player characters reach the top of the hill and Riccani is outnumbered, and losing the fight, she surrenders and tearfully throws herself on the mercy of the party.

Riccani will give the player characters whatever treasure and weapons she possesses to gain their trust. If she is allowed to leave, she will not attack them — at least, not immediately. She will quietly follow them and try to strike when their guard is down. If the player characters force Riccani to travel with them, she waits until she has a good chance of escaping, then slips away. In this case, her need for freedom is greater than her desire for revenge.

Otherwise, Riccani starts to work her wiles on the likeliest male member of the party, trying to drive a wedge between the members of the group. Like all tanar'ri, Riccani cannot be trusted. If spared, she does her best to make life miserable for those who spared her. If killed, she curses her murderers to the end.


Riccani the Feathered
Name Riccani the Feathered
Type Succubus
Sub-Type Tanar'ri — Succubus
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Armour Class 0
Movement 12, Fly 18 (C)
HD 6
hp 34
THACO 15 (12 with dagger +3)
#AT 2
Damage 1d4+3/1d4+3 (dagger +3)
Special Abilities Energy Drain
SD Never surprised, immune to all fire, +2 or better weapons to hit
MR 30%
Size Medium (5.5 feet tall)
ML Elite (14)
Int Exceptional (15)
XP 11,000
Spell-Like Abilities Become ethereal, charm person, clairaudience, darkness 15' radius, ESP,
infravision, shapechange, suggestion, teleport without error
Special Equipment Dagger +3 (forged in the Abyss),
15 magic missile scrolls (each has four missiles)
  • Energy Drain: Kiss saps one level from a victim, who must make a Wisdom check at -4 to notice the drain.


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