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Red Vex

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Red Vex
Diablo character
The Unique Hellspawn Red Vex
First appearance Diablo
First game Diablo I
Fictional profile
One of the two Succubus concubines
of the Archbishop Lazarus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Red Vex in the Diablo I video game is a Unique Hellspawn found in the Unholy Altar. She is one of the two concubines for the Archbishop Lazarus.


Red Vex
Hell Spawn
Normal Difficulty Nightmare Difficulty Hell Difficulty
Level 33 48 63
Health (Diablo/Hellfire)
400 1201/1300 1603/1800
Damage 30-50 64-104 126-206
AC 75 125 155
To Hit 115 200 235
Exp 4480 10960 21920
0 75 100
Location Hell 15

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