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Paint It Black

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Paint It Black, is a novel written by Nina Merrill.

Cover of Paint It Black by Nina Merrill.


  • Title: Paint It Black
  • Author: Nina Merrill
  • Format: eNovel
  • Publisher: Amber Quill/Amber Heat Press
  • Length: 21,000 Words
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-303-0
  • Release Date: July 6th, 2008


When uptight and desperate stockbroker Mason Whitlock consults neighborhood clairvoyant Cassandra Farris, she's inclined not to believe his claims he's being haunted by a succubus. But when the two get together for a little business dinner, Cassie learns otherwise. A powerful, sexual demon holds Mason in its erotic clutches, draining the life force from him night after night.

Cassie agrees to help Mason rid himself of the demon, only to find herself strongly attracted to him. A little protective magic leads to a night of incredible passion, leaving Cassie more determined than ever to help her new lover.

There's just one problem--no sooner does Cassie begin to banish the succubus permanently than it targets her as its next sexual victim. She must resist the demon long enough to exorcise it, but how can she, when it wears Mason's face--and when it knows just what Cassie likes best?

Book Review

No reviews were available at the time of this article's creation in SuccuWiki. Tera has purchased a copy of the novel and will be reviewing it in the near future.

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