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Our Kingdom Come (2007)

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Our Kingdom Come
Our Kingdom Come Film Poster
Our Kingdom Come Film Poster
Directed by Richard Chandler
Produced by Richard Chandler
Written by Richard Chandler
Starring Melissa Jalali
Aurora Grabill
Richard Chandler
Music by Pete Pappavaselio
Cinematography Robert A. Blasi
Editing by Richard Chandler
Studio Richard Chandler Productions
Distributed by Richard Chandler Productions
Release date(s) August 29, 2007
Running time 95 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

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Our Kingdom Come is a 2007 American independent horror film. The film is written and directed by Richard Chandler. Our Kingdom Come is the first film in writer/director Richard Chandler's Lilith Trilogy. The other two movies in the series being the films Sons of Perdition and Heaven and Hell. The series follows the return of Lilith to the Earth and her attempts upon revenge. This, the film film in the series, focuses on the character Lilith, where she is in this universe and the plans that surround her in seeking revenge.


  • Title: Our Kingdom Come
  • Director: Richard Chandler
  • Writer: Richard Chandler
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Studio: Richard Chandler Productions
  • Run Time: 95 Minutes
  • Release Date: August 29, 2007
  • Genre: Horror

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Actor / Actress Role
Melissa Jalali Melinda
Aurora Grabill Lilith
Richard Chandler Attorney Zimmer
Christine McFadyen Hera
Thomas Cataloni Matt McCarthy
Damian Bonazzoli Father Griffith
Jessica Gardner Mia
Katie McDowell Doreen
Todd Therrien Caligula
Robert A. Blasi Jimmy Maverick
Mike Carrington The Goon
Heidi Caswell Random Lady
Ernie Cataloni Mugger
Mike Goodreau Mac
Paul McGillicuddy Board Swingin' Maniac
Chris Rizk Hitman
Aviv Rubinstien Clerk
Chuck Slavin Brenden
Ben Stein Hunter

Plot Summary

Lilith, first wife of Adam, has been rotting in Hell for thousands of years after being exiled from Paradise by The Almighty. Melinda, a confused and direction-less young lady is being haunted by a plot to free Lilith. An ocultist named Hera, bent on bringing forth her master's bloody revenge, has made a deal with the devil to unleash an ancient evil upon God's Creation.


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