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Original Sins Cartel

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Original Sins Cartel
Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Deathstar.org
Created by Ken Lipka
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubi
Class All Levels of Succubi
Alignment Chaotic Evil

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Original Sins Cartel refers to an organization of ten of the most "productive" and free-willed succubi in the Abyss. The group is the creation of Ken Lipka and is set in the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.

The organization serves as a network to share information (rarely) and to distribute enough mortal souls to various lords of the Abyss to allow the succubi to retain free reign of their own personal domains and as a group. While the main purpose of the Cartel is just to claim more souls for the Abyss, a couple of the Cartel's members actually use the name as a registered business to earn money for themselves and the others in the Cartel.

There are a total of ten Succubi who are members of the Original Sins Cartel: Chiryn, Maretta and Red Shroud, who are the founders. The others are Succubi who have been invited to join the group due to their status, background, or abilities. They are: Latana, Meerena, Nari, Safari, Saskia, Stiletto and Tonja.


Now I'm looking for an Original Sin. One with a twist and a bit of a spin. Since I've done all the old ones 'till they've all been done in, now I'm looking for an Original Sin.

—Meatloaf, "Original Sin"

The Cartel was founded about 1000 years ago by three succubi: Chiryn, Mistress of Pleasure and Pain; Red Shroud, Poisoner and Ruler of Broken Reach; and Maretta, Lady of the Counting House. These three had all recently come to power in their personal domains, and also all had decided early on to avoid the disruption of the Blood War and instead disrupt the Abyss in their favor. Through the network that all succubi barely maintain, they managed to hear of each other and their rumored goals. Chiryn was the first to broach idea to the others; they soon decided that it was a good idea and went in on it. The first couple of centuries were shaky as each of the three tried to use the others for their personal benefit. Then, they realized that they actually gained more power if they worked together. It was at this time that the Cartel was truly formed.

Over the centuries, the three co-founders have actually become as close friends as Tanar'ri can ever be. Through the souls collected by the network, they have managed to become permanent lords in their own right (even though Chiryn and Maretta are technically vassals to other lords). Chiryn is the main force behind OSC's activities, as well as the one who picks out key souls to be corrupted and taken into the Abyss. Red Shroud's importance lies in the fact that she controls the Abyss side of the portal from Plague-Mort, and can thus ease the influx of souls and the traffic of other succubi. Maretta is important because of her ties to Graz'zt in Triplerealm, as well as the fact that she runs the largest (and probably only) casino in the Abyss. This allows her to gather money and other Abyssal resources from other Tanar'ri for use by the Cartel.

Also over the long history of the Cartel, other like-minded succubi have been added to the "board of directors". Currently, there are ten succubi who form the Cartel. Due their activities, just over 50% of all souls brought to the Abyss are the work of OSC. Each succubi is a unique individual with special talents, powers, specialties, and goals.

Recently, other lords have finally taken notice of what the temptresses of the Cartel are doing. Some of them want to see this organization fall apart and be destroyed. They are looking for some way to break the Cartel's hold on soul traffic. The Cartel is aware of these plots and has created a counter-plot. The most recent addition to the Cartel (Nari, 50 years ago) is actually a pre-planned scapegoat. Being the most openly ambitious and obvious of the group, she will make the perfect sacrificial lamb to satisfy the plotting lords. Of course, Nari has her own plans of betrayal...

Members of the Original Sins Cartel

The following list of individuals are listed in order of date of membership:


  • Full Title: Chiryn Mistress of Pleasure and Pain
  • Note: Co-founder of the OSC.
  • History: She rules a small realm (about ten miles in diameter) on the first layer of the Abyss. While she is supposedly a vassal of Cismok Gelugon-Smiter, he grants her independence as long as she provides him with a steady supply of souls. Surprisingly for a Tanar'ri, she is very methodic and scientifically minded. She views sex/corruption/seduction as a science - studiable, precise, predictable. As such, she continually experiments with new methods of causing pleasure and pain in any sentient creature. Her natural appearance is that of a strong, oriental woman.
  • Physical Description: Late 20's, tanned skin, straight black hair to mid-back, black eyes, wings are black. She favors blue silk clothing. She has personally advanced some of her combat and magical skills (6th level in each).

RPG Character Type: Oriental Geisha

Red Shroud

  • Full Title: Red Shroud, Poisoner and Ruler of Broken Reach
  • Note: Co-founder of the OSC.
  • History: She rules the town of Broken Reach on the first layer of the Abyss. She is a master poisoner by trade; she is very knowledgeable in their use and creation. When she does travel to corrupt mortals, she prefers to take their souls by force - usually driving them to despair, madness and destruction first. She mainly seeks to maintain and expand her domain. She is very knowledgeable about Abyssal politics.
  • Physical Description: Her natural appearance is that of an ethereal beauty. Late 20's, creamy pale skin, curly flame-red hair to her waist, red eyes, wings are red. She favors layers of red gauze and filmy veils. She is a 6th level mage.
  • RPG Charcter Type: Irish Beauty


  • Full Title: Maretta, Lady of The Counting House
  • Note: Co-founder of the OSC
  • History: She rules a city (Counting House) on the 6?th layer of the Abyss (Triplerealm). This city essentially one large casino and den of iniquity (think Las Vegas, only worse). She likes to corrupt mortals through vices - drugs, gambling, drinking, etc. However, she prefers to maintain her city at its present size and keep it out of the Blood War.
  • Physical Description: Her natural appearance is that of a tan woman with blond hair (worn up in a beehive). Late 20's, blue eyes, wings are gold. She favors sequined, gold lame evening gowns and lots of jewelry. She is a 6th level thief.
  • RPG Character Type: American California Girl


  • Full Title: Meerena of The Fated
  • Note: The first succubus to be added after the founders
  • History: She has no Abyssal realm of her own - instead, she is the chief advisor to a lord deep in the Abyss. However, she does maintain an expansive business empire in the "mortal" realms. She exclusively preys on merchants and other businessmen. She encourages them to use strong-arm tactics against their rivals (advancing to more and more extreme tactics). She will also take "collateral" instead of her chosen target.
  • Physical Description: Her natural appearance: early 20's, curled blond hair to shoulders, blue eyes, silver wings. She favors, diaphanous/translucent silk clothing (similar to stereotypical Arabian Harem dress). She is a 6th level fighter.
  • RPG Character Type: South American Mobster Moll


  • Full Title: Latana of Seductive Magic
  • Notes: None.
  • History: She maintains a small keep deep in the mountains of a forgotten layer of the Abyss. She spends most of her time "answering" summons from Prime Mages. She uses promises of forbidden/powerful/forgotten magics to corrupt their souls. For the more reluctant ones, she arranges situations where they must use these dark magics.
  • Physical Description: Natural appearance: early 20's, shoulder length curly black hair with red highlights, grey eyes, lotus blossom in hair, wings are red with black highlights. Favors sultry floral prints (shawl tied around hips, etc.) She is a 9th level mage.
  • RPG Character Type: Spanish Temptress


  • Full Title: Saskia of The Doomguard
  • Note: None.
  • History: She is the high-up of a mining town deep in the Abyss. She is another Doomguard contact in the Abyss - the second source of their Tanar'ri Red ore and weapons. Similarly to Meerena, she also maintains an extensive "mortal" business empire. When she deals with mortals, it is also with businessmen and merchants. However, she prefers to have them screw themselves with insider trading, blackmail, etc. Once they are gone, she then attempts to buy out their businesses and add them to her empire.
  • Physical Description: Natural appearance: early 20's, short wavy auburn hair, green eyes, wings are green. Favors tight and revealing "business" dress (skirt, blouse, vest). 6th level fighter.
  • RPG Character Type: Russian Dominatrix


  • Full Title: Tonja of the Raped Mind
  • Note: None.
  • History: This succubus has very similar interests to Chiryn; whereas the co-founder focuses on the physical senses, this succubus prefers the senses of the mind. She preys exclusively on psionic mortals - luring them with hidden knowledge and secret powers.
  • Physical Description: Natural appearance: early 20's, short with dusky skin, black eyes, straight black hair in braid to ankles, wings are black with white highlights. (Also appears as a githyanki or githzerai of similar appearance.) Favors colorful silk robes. Has powers of 9th level psionic in addition to standard psionics.
  • RPG Character Type: Indian Mystic


  • Full Title: Stiletto The Enforcer
  • Note: She is one of the newest additions to the cartel.
  • History: This succubus is different from most in that she avoids corruption through sex. She is grim, wandering mercenary in the Abyss. Her main duties for the Cartel are to act as enforcer. When she corrupts mortals, she will murder someone and implicate another. The evidence will be circumstantial such that the "murderer" goes free. She will then offer her services as an instrument of revenge to the victim's family. (Starts blood feuds) Also likes to steal objects for a "master", but will leave evidence or witnesses so that the "master" must order a murder, etc.
  • Physical Description: Natural appearance: small/lithe/graceful oriental woman, late teens, short black hair, black eyes, dusky skin, tan wings. Usually wears a tight fitting, black silk suit (ninja outfit). Carries many, many blades. Skills of 9th level thief.
  • RPG Character Type: Japanese Assassin


  • Full Title: Safari The Unnatural
  • Note: None.
  • History: Another of the new additions, this succubus is "more twisted than most". Another independent wanderer, she goes after the "undervalued" humanoid and animal souls. As such, she is not very subtle in her tactics and has not yet really developed a personal style.
  • Physical Description: Natural appearance: tall African woman, thin yet strong, late teens, very short black curly hair, blue eyes, stone-colored wings. Wears African Bush clothing (loincloth, maybe a top), carries Zulu shield and spear. 9th level fighter.
  • RPG Character Type: African Bush Queen


  • Full Title: Nari The Favored
  • Note: The newest member of the Cartel
  • History: She has been added to be a scapegoat for the rest of the members. She is a fairly young succubus, but very successful in her soul-gathering skills. Something of a "child prodigy" mentality. This early success and induction into the OSC has given her a major ego complex and thus very grand plans for power. She at least wants to take over control from the three founders - more likely to go straight for Power status.
  • Physical Appearance: Natural appearance: 16, long blondish-pink spiky hair, blue eyes, garish pink wings. Favors leather lingerie. 6th level thief.
  • RPG Character Type: American Punk Rocker/Biker Chick

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