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Once Bitten, Never Shy

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Once Bitten, Never Shy eBook Cover, edited by Lori Green.

Once Bitten, Never Shy is an anthology work by several authors edited by Lori Green. The stories in the work are written by Lori Green, Elle Brown and C.L. McCullough. One of these works has a Succubus appear in it.



  • Title: Once Bitten, Never Shy
  • Editor: Lori Green
  • Published By: Smashwords
  • Format: eBook
  • Length: 29,600 Words
  • Publishing Date: October 23, 2011

Plot Summary

Six short stories written by three of romance's hottest new voices.

  • In Lori Green's two tales, Feliz Navidad is a spanking hot story of a married couple finding a new way to celebrate their passion as well as the holiday. In Snow Off-White there's a silly, saucy retelling of the fairy tale that should leave a reader laughing and wondering how drunk was the author when she wrote it.
  • Elle Brown debuts with A New Resolution, a short story of revenge, a red dress and hot sex. Some women refuse to let the men make the rules and in this story we understand why. Once Bitten is another hot story also told in an office setting when a costume party goes awry and a woman meets a man who might be what he seems, and that might not be good.
  • C.L. McCullough tells also shares a story of a costume but in Playing the Game, the game might be more than this couple realizes, or is comfortable playing. In Purr, a story of a cat, her man, a witch and a succubus, all conventions are thrown out the window as the cat takes center stage and tells her story. Finally the answers to what cats see and think as well as what they think of human mating rituals is answered.

Book Review

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