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Of Hair and Horrors

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Banner for the webcomic Of Hair and Horrors as found at Smack showing Lily (left) and Rose (right) the two succubi sisters of the series

Of Hair and Horrors was a very short lived webcomic hosted on Smack created by the artist Porcelain Rose, also known as Si-Chan on DeviantArt. The series started on January 23, 2010 and the last update occurred on May 18, 2010. It told the story of a hair salon for mythical creatures that was owned by a pair of succubi sisters and a human that they hired to work for them called Elijah.

Because the series was so short lived, only four strips in total including the splash page, the succubi themselves did not actually appear in the webcomic itself save for the splash page where they both appear. Rose also appears in the artist's DeviantArt site in a pin-up pose.

Series Information

Plot Summary

Elijah Monroe is unemployed and looking for a simple job to get through college and pay his rent. So he applies to be the hair sweep at an apparently small-time beauty salon called Devil's Den in a secluded, relatively unknown area of town. All seems well until when he gets there, he finds out the shop is a beauty salon for mythical creatures run by two crazy succubus sisters, Rose and Lily.

Now the staff at Devil's Den must all learn to look past their personal feelings in order to open their minds to each other and continue running the salon.

Of course...that's not going to be so easy...

Succubus Characters

  • Rose is the co-owner of Devil's Den Hair Salon and the main hair stylist. She's a succubus but she's a naive, overly-trusting ditz.
  • Lily Is Rose's little sister and is the complete opposite personality-wise to Rose.

You can find an image of Rose here on the artist's DeviantArt page

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