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My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus (eBook)

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My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus
My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus eBook Cover, written by Sinn Lee
My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus eBook Cover, written by Sinn Lee
Author(s) Sinn Lee
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date July 5, 2014
Media type eBook
Length 15 Pages
Followed by Taken by my Futanari Coworker

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus is an eBook written by Sinn Lee. In this work the character Chelsea is a Succubus. The work was reissued as Taken by my Futanari Coworker under a new author name in 2016.


  • Title: My Naughty Roommate: The Futanari Succubus
  • Author: Sinn Lee
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 15 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: July 5, 2014

Plot Summary

When Julie lands a great job and moves to the city with her best friend Chelsea, she begins to have strange and steamy dreams. Julie’s made it her dirty little secret to keep these naughty dreams hidden, even from her best friend. But Julie hasn’t the slightest clue that Chelsea is the one responsible for each and every one of them.

Book Review

The following review was originally published on Tera's Blog, A Succubi's Tale on December 16, 2014

The question of reality and dreams is an interesting one, especially when it comes to Succubi. It’s more of a question when those dreams are within someone close to you and you aren’t quite sure if they would accept you as the Succubus you are.

Sometimes the more important questions come when your secret comes out and the next step can’t wait for another dream… You have to make it reality… If they are willing…

Julie is out in the world for the first time after college and, lucky for her, she’s managed to keep a friend with her, sharing an apartment and working at the same place. Everything’s great except Julie has some powerfully erotic dreams about a succubus. A very talented one. One that loves her. A strange moment one morning with her friend Chelsea and secrets come out… And then both Chelsea and Julie do too…

I’ve read quite a number of Sinn’s works and this I think is one of her best in a lot of ways. The characterization is really well done in the story and how Julie is written really makes her a vivid character in my thoughts. She’s very much the core of the story and quite a lot is told from her perspective which I thought worked well. She is, as the story unfolds, a bit obtuse about her relationship with her friend Chelsa and for the most part sees that relationship as platonic.

There is one passage in the work that describes the recurring dream that Julie has about a succubus who comes and pleasures her which is lovely, passionate and hot. There’s an sweet undercurrent of love which I enjoyed immensely as well. The one thing that confused me slightly was that Julie notes that she doesn’t remember the dream upon awakening and yet she tells of it in the story. It seemed a bit out of place, but by the end of the work it made a lot more sense than it did at first.

The succubus in Julie’s dreams turns out to be Chelsea, in her true form which I thought worked very well. More so that Chelsea isn’t stereotypically evil, but rather cares about Julie very much and it made their first real world encounter that much more lovely and passionate. Much more so than Julie’s dreams could really give light to.

There are some moments of hesitation when Chelsea reveals herself that I thought were cute, the question that Julie asks just fits their relationship perfectly and I do admit that I laughed when it came up. Beyond that moment, what comes between Julie and Chelsea, what Julie gives in return for the dreams she had, I thought connected the threads in the story well and that gave the ending when it arrived more than a simple sexual encounter.

There’s a lovely thread of emotion in this work, the erotica isn’t just dropped into the story without a purpose. There’s a good story being told about revealing secrets and in that story the desires of the two characters I think came through clearly.

The only thing that I wish is that the story was about ten pages longer. I think a somewhat longer buildup to Chelsea coming out as a Succubus would have been nice. It just seemed too abrupt a switch from dreams to wondering to truth. I’m not sure that things should have been so quickly done. A daydream by Julie about Chelsea might have made the emotional connection better than it was.

Four out of five pitchforks.

It’s just too short a story honestly. I loved the characterizations, the building of the story, the secrets being told and discovered. But then the story rushes into the erotica which was a bit… off. I don’t think it had to be that way. Perhaps another ten pages of “discovery” would have helped…

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