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Mind Room

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Mind Room
The Chateau Aensland Saga location
Creator Blankpage
Type Mental means of control
Notable characters Lilith
Glynis Lilithborne
Danny Lilithborne
Maria Lilithborne
Julie Lilithborne
Ruby Lilithborne
Melissa Lilithborne

The Mind Room is the method that Lilith and her children use to control each other in the Chateau Aensland saga. Glynis Lilithborne is the most adept practitioner of this technique, but all the children are able to use it to a certain extent. By looking at the victim in the eyes, all their five senses become controlled by the user of the technique, until said user decides to dispel the technique.

Ruby and Melissa have been shown to be able to use this technique in their dreams. It is suggested that Ruby teaches this technique to Danny in "The Vertical Event", and while Maria is never shown actually using the technique herself, she teaches it to Julie during that story arc as well.

While the concept is similar to the Tsukuyomi technique of the manga/anime Naruto, the techniques were developed independently.

Aspects of the Technique

  • The victim needs to be unafraid.
  • The user needs to focus his or her will on the victim, and have a clear image in his/her mind.
  • This technique is differentiated from a simple dream in that the victim is fully conscious before being enveloped in the vision.
  • It has not been shown if other physical presences will disrupt the technique.
  • It is suggested that time is under the control of the user, and an entire session in a mind room can take place in an instant in our world.