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Mage Knight: Uprising Succubus

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For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).


Figurine Details

General Information

  • Succubus
  • Unit Num: 022-024
  • Faction: Mage Spawn


Use the Succubus as a hit and run support figure. Keep it out of enemy firing arcs and force opponents to waste figures tying it up. Its high defense and flight will help it escape to get healed. Don’t forget the Venom at the end of the dial. One nasty trick is to arrange it so that your opponent’s close combat shot will knock the Succubus onto a venom click.


Common folklore notes the Succubus as the creature of the mythical Underworld, prowling the surface of the Land for victims to bring back to her slumbering masters. More than a few Midlander herdsfolk sleep with a silver knife under their pillows, in case their beds are invaded by this dark monstrosity. Stabbing a Succubus with a silver blade is proven to drive her off, while the practice of draping doors and windows with sour-weed is largely seen as a useless superstition.

Game Design Notes

Mage Spawn are cool to design because they can be anything – they don’t have to be like anything else in their faction. In this case, the Succubus was modeled after the legendary female demon of the same name. Her early Magic Freeze allows her to immobilize targets (the better to leech their souls), while her Venom at the trailing end of her dial is a “kiss of death.” On a more mundane level, the Succubus provides Dungeons players with a solid figure at 33 - 40 points to throw at opponents.


  • Set: Uprising
  • Set Number: MK-10-024
  • Speed Abilities: Flight
  • Attack Abilities: Venom
  • Damage Abilities: Magic Freeze
  • Game Value: 41
  • Starting Speed: 10
  • Starting Attack: 11
  • Starting Defense: 17
  • Starting Damage: 2
  • Range: 6
  • MK - Strength: Tough
  • MK - Faction: Magespawn
  • Rarity Level: Level 3
  • Arrows: 1

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