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Lucifer's Unholy Desire (2011)

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Lucifer's Unholy Desire

Lucifer's Unholy Desire Film Poster
Directed by Cody Knotts
Produced by Cody Knotts
Camera Chatham Bartolotta
Written by Cody Knotts
Starring Doug Bradley
Emily Cordes
Andrew Roth
Music by Kevin MacLeod
Matthew Lo Re
Cinematography Joseph Russio
Editing by Joseph Russio
Studio Grand Conspiracy Films LLC
Release date(s) September 27, 2012
Running time 84 Minutes
Country USA
Language English
Budget $36,000 (Estimated)

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Lucifer's Unholy Desire is a 2011 independent Christian horror film produced by Grand Conspiracy Films LLC, written and directed by Cody Knotts. The film is described as being "a realistic portrayal of a young woman who is possessed by a succubus" according to the film's director. The film has sexually explicit language and suggestive scenes, but no nudity is shown.


  • Movie Title: Lucifer's Unholy Desire
  • MPAA Rating: None
  • Running Time: 84 Minutes
  • Director: Cody Knotts
  • Writer: Cody Knotts
  • Studio: Grand Conspiracy Films LLC
  • Genre: Horror
  • Release Date: September 27, 2012


Actor / Actress Role
Andrew Roth Jacob Wilcox
Anthony Colliano Bowling Alley Bouncer
Emily Cordes Susie Shaeffer
Camera Chatham Sonia Reich
Shawn Shelpman Tommy Reich
Frank Yuvan Sr. Steve Shaeffer
Raymond Wade Jr. Inspector Fred Drake
Cody Knotts Rev. Bill Thornwood
Cheryl Sorice Rachael Thornwood
Amy Burgdolt Girl in bed
Kim Cehlesky Mrs. Jacobs
Deidre Fisher Church Secretary
Alan Benyak Sean Logue
Kim Cehlesky Mrs. Jacobs
Shannon Crawford Church Bandmember
Jose Supangco Church Bandmember
Christine Leahy Rescue Twin

Plot Summary

A young woman is possessed by a demonic succubus who then causes the death and destruction of those around her. An exorcist is called in to bring an end to the mayhem and save the girl from evil's clutches. But will he succeed or be yet another victim?


Writer/director Cody Knotts stated the idea of making a film had been with him for 20 years because he had "multiple problems with the way religion is depicted in horror films." Lead actor Andrew Roth plays the role of Pentacostal Church special investigator Jacob Wilcox, a man who can see demons and is the only one to realize the character of Susie Shaeffer is possessed. Roth stated that his character's complex nature helped him decide to accept the role.[1]

The film is described as being a Christian horror film that deals with possession and ultimately, redemption and "a realistic portrayal of a young woman who is possessed by a succubus" according to director Knotts. It has sexually explicit language and suggestive scenes, but no nudity is shown. Costing $24,000 to produce, the film has received some criticism of its sexual content; however since the trailer was posted on YouTube, it has seen close to 100 views a day. The film had its trailer premier at the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival June 3, 2011.[2] and was released on September 27, 2012.

Movie Review

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