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Lowroad Comics

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An original webbanner advertising the Lowroad webcomic showing the character Giselle.

Lowroad is a webcomic created by the artist known as Carlos G.

Originally it followed the story of a girl called Natasha and her misadventures. Eventually the series restarted in its current form which follows the live of devil girl named Giselle, her Succubus sister Lula and their butler.

The series is generally a gag-a-day type strip, though there have been extended plot arcs.

On May 13th, 2010, the creator of the series Carlos G. announced that the series would be placed on hiatus due to his real life becoming far too busy to be able to continue the series any further.

On February 19th, 2011, the series returned on the artist's DeviantArt page and as well on with several new supporting characters, and with Giselle as one of them. The name of the series was also changed to Leth Hate, and is described as: A man is cursed to walk the world he hates for all eternity in the company of a cute succubus and a ska loving zombie.

Series Theme

A girl, a possessed plush toy and some misfit friends get in all kind of... of... um... stuff. - As described by the creator of the series.

A Demon Girl, her Succubus Sister, and their butler get into all sorts of trouble - The series post Natasha

A man is cursed to walk the world he hates for all eternity in the company of a cute succubus and a ska loving zombie. - The series restarted as Leth Hate

Series Information

  • Title: Lowroad Comics
  • Creator: Carlos G.
  • Date Started: November 8th, 2003, Restarted: September 13th, 2004
  • Last Update: May 1, 2010 - Note: Updates roughly every five days as Leth Hate since February 19, 2011
  • Current Status: Active at under the series title of Leth Hate


The Demon Girl Giselle in the webcomic series Lowroad
The Succubus Lula in the webcomic series Lowroad

Natasha Ramirez: The main character, a sweet and kind girl with a knack for rising zombies. Over time she has vanished from the series and was replaced by Giselle as the main character of the series.

Doom-Piggy: A perverted and annoying demonically possessed stuffed toy. When Natasha left the series, he vanished with her.

Nadja Volochkova: Natasha's best friend. She seems to enjoy making Natasha feel awkward and tends to become violent very easily

Eugene Hampton: A slightly nerdy and geeky guy who dated Natasha

Giselle: Demon girl with a distinct lack of evil and a somewhat unhealthy obsession with fictional game and movie characters. After finishing high school and failing to gain a position in university, Giselle left Hell and moved to earth so she could gain independence from her over protective parents.

Lula: Giselle's cousin. As a succubus, her mission is to steal men's sperm and souls by fornicating with them. Giselle and Lula hold a very close friendship despite Giselle finding Lula's graphic and sexually explicit descriptions of her work shocking.

Jessie Ramirez: Natasha's Sister, she loves R'n'B (much to Natasha's dismay) and tend to be very protective of her little sister

Evelyn: Natasha's cousin. Much older than Natasha, she sometimes takes the role of Natasha's second sister.

Butler: Coming from a powerful and influential family in Hell has it advantages, one of them is the ability to summon a butler. The butler will attend to it's master's bidding and will provide advise and guidance in times of need. Despite the submissive role, Giselle's butler does not hesitate voice his disapproval of her often erratic behaviour.

Father Evin Maguire: Priest, exorcist and demon hunter. He met Giselle while on a mission to destroy her but could not bring himself to do it simply because she looked so darn cute. They quickly became friends (probably because Giselle found herself to be quite smitten by him). Despite having taken a vow of celibacy, he can't help but feel somewhat attracted to Giselle.

Leth: Once an angry young man, now he is an angry old man. Made immortal by death, he is now cursed to walk the Earth for all eternity.

Zombers: Zombie dude who likes ska. Leth tends to use Zombers as his stress relief punching bag.

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