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Lovably Dead

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Lovably Dead
Lovably Dead eBook Cover, written by Lex Allen
Lovably Dead eBook Cover,
written by Lex Allen
Author(s) Lex Allen
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date November 15, 2011
Media type eBook
Length 65 Pages
ISBN 9781310229824

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Lovably Dead Reissue eBook Cover, written by Lex Allen

Lovably Dead is an anthology eBook written by Lex Allen. The work is a collection of this author's short stories about supernatural beings. In this work the story Doctor Gavin’s Patient has a Succubus character named Rory Morrigan.


  • Title: Lovably Dead
  • Author: Lex Allen
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services & Smashwords
  • Length: 65 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B0068QWSY6
  • ISBN: 9781310229824
  • Publishing Date: November 15, 2011

Plot Summary

  • Peripheral Vision - Have you ever noticed a movement, just there, from the corner of your eye; but, when you turned to see it more clearly, it was gone? Most people have, and everyone shrugs it off as their mind playing tricks on them. There's nothing to worry about, nothing at all; or is there?
  • Doctor Gavin’s Patient - Among horror story characters and villains there are creatures that excite the sensual senses. These evil beings are sexier than vampires, cleaner and smarter than zombies and more human than werewolves, for one thing. Aside from that, I don't think horror writers have given them the respect they deserve. (This work has a Succubus appearing as one of the characters)
  • Reapers - One of my favorite, best remembered axioms states, "I don't know what I don't know." It kind of sums up the inexplicable; things that go bump in the night without apparent cause. People die and the examining doctors don't always know why; they won't admit it, but they really don't know. What happens to a dead person's soul? Is there really such a thing as a soul? Can it be bartered for, sold or stolen? Well, I don't know what I don't know, which makes this a possibility.
  • Black Converse - Won inclusion into a horror anthology that was never published a couple years ago, so I could hardly exclude the story here. I can't recall the name of the story that triggered me to write this one, but it was long ago and far away; and, really, only one similar detail of that story comes through in this one. If you are a long time reader of horror stories, you might notice that one instance of similarity (at the very end).
  • The Solution - I know exactly where the idea for this story came from…Stephen King's, "The Long Walk"; 'nough said.
  • Lovably Dead - A writer friend made mention, a few months ago, of a publisher that was looking for unique zombie stories. She never got around to mentioning the publisher's name and address, though. No harm done - I didn't ask. I think you'll find this one to be refreshingly unique. It's a bit long in comparison to the others in this collection, but - hey, it's the title story!

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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