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Lorelei, is a succubus character in the comic book series of the same name. She is the creation of Steven A. Roman, who wrote and drew her first appearance. Since that time she has appeared in several issues of her series and has been drawn by several notable artists since that time.

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The Succubus character Lorelei

Introduction to Lorelei

She stalks the streets of New York: A redheaded angel of vengeance who preys on those who would prey on the weak. As deadly as she is beautiful, she takes from evildoers the one thing for which they no longer have a use: Their souls.

Lorelei is the story of Laurel Ashley O’Hara - a photographer known for her controversial choices of subject matter - who, through a series of unfortunate events, dies and is resurrected as the soul-stealing succubus named Lorelei. Forced to abandon her former life, she finds herself drawn into the shadows of a world she only thought she knew - for how could she have ever believed before now that New York City has always been a nexus for supernatural activity? Or that her actions as a newly-christened femme fatale may soon determine whether, not just the city, but the entire planet, will be consumed by the forces of darkness that have forever changed her life . . . ?


Lorelei made her debut in 1989, in The Lorelei One-Shot Special - a digest-sized, small press comic written and drawn by creator Steven A. Roman. Influenced by such characters as Vampirella, Marvel Comics’ Cloak and Dagger and Satanna, The Devil's Daughter, and the TV show The Equalizer, the redheaded succubus stepped from the shadows of a New York alley to halt the mugging of a couple by a street gang. She ended the confrontation by taking the soul of the gang's leader, reducing him to a withered husk.

Another issue followed in 1991, this time with two stories: an introduction of sorts to the series, narrated by Lori herself, and the first part of what would later become the "Architects of Fear" storyline in Lorelei Vol. 2 #1. Response to the character in the small press community was so positive that Roman began making plans for moving Lorelei to the next rung on the independent publishers' ladder: an on-going comic book series.

In 1993, Starwarp Concepts released the full-sized Lorelei #0, with Roman now joined by David C. Matthews, a small press artist known for his female bodybuilder character Satin Steele. Behind a cover by fan-favorite Vampirella artist Louis Small, Jr. (who also then provided the cover for #1), the issue served as a prologue to Lorelei's novel-length origin story, "Building the Perfect Beast." (An unusual approach, given neither Lorelei nor her alter ego, Laurel O’Hara, made an appearance in the series premiere.) The story was scheduled to run a total of fourteen issues, but only six - #0 through #5 - were published before the series was placed on hiatus.

That didn’t mean Lorelei was forgotten. In 1995, she made a surprise cameo appearance in the Crusade Entertainment/Image Comics’ crossover special, Shi/Cyblade: The Battle for Independents, written and drawn by Shi creator Billy Tucci and Witchblade creator Marc Silvestri. She can be seen joining the charge against the dreaded "mainstream" publishers.

In June 1996, Lorelei made a temporary reappearance in the Lorelei Returns! Special, published by Power Comics. In addition to a recap of the earlier issues (penciled by Uriel Caton, later an artist on DC Comics' JSA Annual 2000), the special featured the previously unpublished Chapter 6 of the storyline. However, unexpected financial problems forced Power Comics to place Lorelei back in limbo, where it had remained . . . until now.

Current Publishing Status

Cover of Lorelei Volume 2, Issue 1. Cover by Bob Larkin.
Cover of Lorelei Volume 2, Issue 2. Cover by Frank Thorne.

At the 2001 Comic-Con International: San Diego, Starwarp Concepts proudly announced that, after years in exile, Lorelei would be returning to comic book racks; Volume 2 #1 hit stands in July 2002. The revamped Mature Readers series features all-new, never-before-published work by some of the top names in the comics industry, as well as reprints of the first seven parts of Lorelei's origin before continuing the story with new chapters.

In addition to the origin story, Lorelei's latest multi-part adventure, "The Architects of Fear," pits her against a deadly religious cult intent on opening a gateway that will allow their elder gods to return to Earth, in order to subjugate - and ultimately destroy - all mankind. Art chores on this globe-hopping race against time are handled by Steve Geiger, former artist of Marvel Comics' Web of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk.

Current Artists and Writers

Joining Roman and Geiger for upcoming issues are legendary creators and rising talents, who are providing covers, stories, and interior art:

  • Uriel Caton JSA Annual 2000 (DC); Ex-Mutants (Malibu); co-creator (with Roman) of Heartstopper
  • Ernie Colón The Grim Ghost (Atlas); Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld (DC); Damage Control (Marvel); Vampirella (Warren)
  • Thomas Deja Writer for The Ultimate Hulk and X-Men Legends (Berkley-Boulevard/BPMC), and Five Decades of the X-Men (BP Books); book reviewer for Fangoria (Starlog Publications)
  • Sholly Fisch Author of Gen13: Version 2.0 (Ace Books/BP Books) and the upcoming Ghostbusters (ibooks, inc.); writer for Clive Barker’s Hellraiser (Epic), The Ultimate Hulk and X-Men Legends (Berkley-Boulevard/BPMC), and Five Decades of the X-Men (BP Books)
  • Steve Geiger Web of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk (Marvel); Samuree (Continuity)
  • Bob Larkin Cover painter of Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella (Warren); Tomb of Dracula, The Haunt of Horror, and The Hulk! (Marvel); X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy (BP Books)
  • Lou Manna Young All-Stars and Infinity, Inc. (DC); The Phantom: The Hunt (Moonstone)
  • David C. Matthews Original Lorelei artist; creator of Satin Steele
  • Grant Miehm Legend of the Shield (Impact); Avengers, X-Men 2099, (Marvel); Green Lantern (DC)
  • Gray Morrow Zatanna (DC); Monsters Unleashed! (Marvel);Creepy and Eerie (Warren); Penthouse Comix (Penthouse)
  • Dean Motter creator of Mr. X (Vortex), Terminal City (DC) and Electropolis (Image)
  • Joe Rubinstein Superman, Formerly Known As Justice League (DC)
  • Louis Small, Jr. Vampirella and Vampirella Strikes! (Harris); co-creator of Codename: Knockout (Vertigo)
  • Tom Sutton The late, original artist of Vampirella (Warren); Ghost Rider and Man-Thing (Marvel); House of Mystery and Star Trek (DC); The Roadkill of Middle-Earth (ibooks, inc.)
  • Frank Thorne Red Sonja (Marvel); Astra (CPM); creator of Ghita of Alizaar, Iron Devil, and Lann (Eros)
  • Neil Vokes Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Claypool); Fright Night (NOW); Blood of Dracula (Apple)
  • Bill Ward the late artist/creator of Torchy and "Nanny Dickering"

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