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List of The Gates characters

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The Gates
Title screen image for the ABC television series The Gates.
Genre Drama, Crime drama, Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Supernatural drama, Thriller
Created by Richard Hatem
Grant Scharbo
Starring Colton Haynes
Frank Grillo
Janina Gavankar
Chandra West
Luke Mably
James Preston
Marisol Nichols
Rhona Mitra
Skyler Samuels
Travis Caldwell
Victoria Platt
Justin Miles
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Gina Matthews
Grant Scharbo
Richard Hatem
Running time approx 45 min
Production company(s) Fox Television Studios
Little Engine Entertainment
Summerland Entertainment
Original channel ABC
Picture format HDTV 720p
Original run June 20, 2010 (2010-06-20) – September 19, 2010 (2010-09-19)

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

The Gates is an American supernatural crime drama television series that premiered on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) network on Sunday, June 20, 2010 created by Grant Scharbo and Richard Hatem.

The following is a summary of the characters in the series with details on each. The succubus in the series, Andie Bates, played by the actress Skyler Samuels, has her own, more extensive entry elsewhere in the Succuwiki.





  • Shannon Lucio as Teresa
  • Brett Cullen as Frank Buckley
  • Paula Malcomson[1]



Nick Monohan

  • Played by: Frank Grillo
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4- On going

Nick Monohan is the new Chief of Police in The Gates. He moves in with his family in order to start a new life from his detective work that he used to do. However, as soon as he moves in, there are problems. The old Chief seemed to hide the neighborhood problems by bribing them, which Nick will not do. Nick is determined to figure out the secrets of The Gates even if it means going around The Gates policies. He figures out that someone was committing robberies at The Gates when all the families that went to the local football game began reporting missing items. He discovers the culprit, the high school history teacher, when he becomes suspicious on why Brett lied about where he and his friends went riding.

Sarah Monohan

  • Played by: Marisol Nichols
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - On going

Sarah is Nick Monohan's wife, the new chief of police in The Gates. She is also the mother of Charlie and Dana Monohan.

Charlie Monohan

  • Played by: Travis Caldwell
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - On going

Charlie is the son of the new chief of police in The Gates, Nick Monohan. His mother is Nick's wife Sarah Monohan, he also has a younger sister named Dana Monohan.

Marcus Jordan

  • Played by: Justin Miles
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:4 - On going

Member of the The Gates PD for a year now, which is nearly the record for police officers.


Dylan Radcliff

  • Played by: Luke Mably
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - On going

Dylan Radcliff is a vampire, husband and sire to Claire Radcliff. He wants to assimilate supernatural beings like himself into normal human life at The Gates and does that by gathering blood for his family to drink from his company. In episode one, he helped clean up Claire's mess when she killed a human by bringing the dead body out of The Gates and made the body look like it was attacked by wolves. The dead body has not yet been found.

Claire Radcliff

  • Played by: Rhona Mitra
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - ongoing

Claire Radcliff is a vampire and wife to Dylan Radcliff. She was turned by Dylan into a vampire some decades ago. Together, they have a daughter named Emily. Claire is having a hard time adjusting to concealing her vampirism. She has urges to drink human blood even if it means accidentally killing someone. The new Chief finds her suspicious because her husband easily covers for problem she has created, but cannot accuse her of her crimes. In episode 3, she meets another vampire named Christian, and it seems like they have known each other before she moved to The Gates. During dinner, they discuss her life and if she is happy with it. While she was using the restroom, Christian seduces a girl in order to drink her blood. When they are outside in the alley, Christian convinces Claire to drink.


Brett Crezski

  • Played by: Colton Haynes
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - On going

A high school football player and a werewolf. It is revealed through his mother, that his werewolf brother and father were killed by "hunters" and that he and his mother moved to The Gates to be safe. His mother doesn't want him "running" or participating in the normal werewolf activities out of fear that he will be caught and killed. However, Brett is under constant pressure from fellow werewolf Lucas Ford to run with his pack.

Karen Crezski

  • Played by: Andrea Powell
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 4 - On going

Brett's mother, also a werewolf. She is a widow after her husband and other son were killed by "hunters". In fear that her only remaining son Brett will share the same fate, she moved to The Gates to keep him safe. In her civilian guise she is an overachieving member of the PTA and The Gates' "ladies who lunch set". She and her other werewolf friends do not get along with The Gates' vampire community, in particular Claire Radcliff. However, they seem to mutually respect each other's secret and both she and Claire have a even greater dislike of Devon than they do for each other. Enough for them to both come together and aide Sara Monahan, Devon's latest target.

Lukas Ford

  • Played by: James Preston
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:4 - On going

A teenage werewolf who's a student at the Gates Academy and a member of the local werewolf pack. He keeps trying to convince Brett to "run with them". He is the alpha of the pack.


Devon Buckley

  • Played by: Chandra West
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 2 - On going

Ex-wife of The Gates owner Frank Buckley, she owns a local day spa in The Gates and is a witch. She appears to be a former student of Peg Mueller, but unlike Peg she seems to be using witchcraft for selfish and potentially nefarious reasons, whilst under the illusion of helping people. She is blackmailing Claire Radcliffe in order to obtain some of her vampire blood for as yet unknown reasons. It is also implied that the herbal teas she sells from her spa are doing something sinister to those who drink them.

Peg Mueller

  • Played by: Victoria Platt
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:4 - On going

Like Devon, Peg is a witch and Devon's former teacher. Unlike Devon though she seems to be using her witchcraft to genuinely help the supernatural residents of The Gates, helping Claire Radcliffe with her vampire urges, diagnosing Andie Bates and helping Leigh Turner with her pain. In her civilian role she works as a doctor allowing her to easily aide both human and supernatural patients alike.

Andie Bates

A classmate of Charlie's and Brett's ex-girlfriend. She is currently suffering from a strange rash and visits Peg Mueller to find out what is wrong. Peg discusses the results with Andie's father and reveals that Andie's mother was not human, but a Succubus, and that Andie is now turning into one.

A more extensive article on Andie can be found at her article on the SuccuWiki here.

Leigh Turner

  • Played by: Janina Gavankar
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:3 - On going

One of Nick Monohan's deputies at The Gates Police Department. She seems to be a genuinely nice and caring person, but during a robbing spree within The Gates a mysterious box of hers is stolen, which reveals that Leigh is not entirely human and that too long separated from the contents within the box she will start reverting into something. Peg helps her manage the pain, but she luckily gets the box back. In order to keep her secret though she regretfully kills the person who stole the box. Whenever the box is opened, the sound of a beating heart can be heard.

Recurring Characters

Dana Monohan

  • Played by: McKaley Miller
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: 3 - On going

Nick and Sarah's teen daughter, also Charlie's little sister. She attends The Gates Academy

Mia Mueller

  • Played by: Devyn A. Tyler
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:2 - On going

Peg Mueller's daughter, possibly also a witch. She's also Andie's best friend.

Emily Radcliff

  • Played by: Georgia Cole
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:3 - On going

Claire and Dylan's adopted daughter.

Frank Buckley

  • Played by: Brett Cullen
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:2 - On going

Owner of The Gates, Ex-husband to Devon, and secretly records residents for their dark secrets (maybe as a form of blackmail).

Christian Harper

  • Played by: Paul Blackthorne
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:2 - Ongoing


Coach Ross

  • Played by: Roger R. Cross
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:2 - Ongoing

He is the beta in the werewolf pack.


  • Played by: Rachel DiPillo
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count:2 - Ongoing

She is a member of the werewolf pack.


  • Played by: Paula Malcomson[2]
  • Season 1 -
  • Episode Count: Not so far


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