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Lisa Gentil

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Lisa Gentil

Lisa is better known by her family and friends as LisLis. She is 5 foot 3 tall. She has purple fur and normally wears purple clothing to match, though she has been known to wear the occasional baseball team cap. Generally however, Lisa can be seen wearing her belly dancer outfit which she seems most comfortable in.

Lisa was born to her parents Momma and Papa Gentil.

She came of age and then decided to explore Furrabia. A little squirelly trying to make it on her own. She was mated to her love Domino Winter in Furabia in her adventures tending a bar there with Domino and friends. Some of the people she has become friends with include, Kenara, Sarah Arachnid, Alex and Kasa.

Lisa likes hugs, nuts, pineapple, tuna, Pepsi, ice cream, video games, comic books, happy music, and all sorts of cute things. She doesn't think much of shoes. Shoes mainly because they never seem to fit her paws exactly right.

Lisa has found a new family since she came to the Collective. Tera is part of that, but she is especially close to three particular people. Her Sis Windy, Brother Galdon and Brother Snooch.


Once upon a time there was a little squirrel girl named Lisa. She roamed the world and came upon a place called The Collective. Lisa was a bit frightened at first when she visited the place. So many strange beings, so many things that a squirelly like her had to be careful of...

Then she met TeraS. Tera knew from the first moment that she saw Lisa, that she had found a little Sis to love and protect. To teach and to help her to learn her place in the world and the joy that she could have. Tera taught her and helped her to realize what a wonderful person she was and the beautiful woman that she was inside and out...

Now Lisa knows how beautiful she truly is and that her Sister loves her so. Forever and ever, no matter where she may go...

In The Realm, Lisa has a place of her own in Tera's home on the second floor near to Tera's bedroom. She can come and go from The Realm anytime she wishes and has free reign to explore any part of it she wishes to.

While Lisa is not a Succubi, she is still Tera's Sister in Tera's heart and as she has told Lisa and many others...

That's all that matters....

Powers and Special Abilities

Lisa is an excellent dancer in general, however her specialty is belly dancing. She can be considered an expert at that. Lisa has on occasion used that ability to place others under the hypnotic control of the dance. Another ability that came to light at the Mtech University is that Lisa is able to absorb magical energy directed at her and shape it to her will. She is not a magic user as such, but rather a magic shaper. Her aura has been seen as being pure white in colour as a result of this ability.