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Lilith and Ly

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Lilith and Ly

Still image from the silent film Lilith and Ly
Directed by Erich Kober
Written by Fritz Lang
Starring Herr Akner
Elga Beck
Ernst Escherich
Cinematography Willy Hameister
Studio Fiat Films
Release date(s) 1919
Running time 20 Minutes
Country Austria
Language Silent Film

For other uses of the name Lilith, see Lilith (disambiguation)

Lilith and Ly, also known as Lilith und Ly in its original Austrian release, is a 1919 silent black and white horror film. It was directed by Erich Kober and written by Fritz Lang. Fritz Lang is well known for his silent film Metropolis and some of the themes of futuristic devices appear in this earlier movie as well. In this film, an inventor discovers how to create life through the mystical powers of a strange ruby, and endows a statue he has fallen in love with named Lilith with life.


  • Title: Lilith and Ly
  • Release Date: 1919
  • Director: Erich Kober
  • Writer: Fritz Lang
  • Rating: None
  • Studio: Fiat Films
  • Run Time: 20 Minutes
  • Genre: Silent film, Black and White, Horror


  • Release Date: 1919
  • MPAA Rating: None
  • Runtime: 20 Minutes
  • Director: Erich Kober
  • Writer: Fritz Lang
  • Language: None - German Sub-Titles in the Original Release
  • Studio: Fiat Films
  • Genre: Silent film, Black and White, Horror


Actor / Actress Role
Herr Akner Dr. Wörrmann
Elga Beck Ly Delinaros / Lilith
Ernst Escherich Geheimrat Delinaros
August Hartner Bildhauer Mudarra
Franz Kammauf Diener
Hanns Marschall Frank Landov

Plot Summary

An inventor named Landow uses a strange jewel to bring to life a statue of Lilith, and falls in love with her. Soon, however, she begins to appear on a screen, also developed by Landow, which reveals her to be a vampire who is slowly sucking his life essence from him, causing him to gradually fade away.

He realizes the situation has become even more drastic when he notices his new love, Ly, is being possessed by Lilith and has also begun fading away. Landow disposes of the magic ruby, and destroys his creation.

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