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Lilith (Dungeons and Dragons)

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Lilith, Arch-Duchess of Maladomini, Consort to Baalzebul, formerly consort to Moloch as illustrated by John Dowson
Game background
Title(s) Arch-Duchess of
Consort to Baalzebul
formerly consort to Moloch
Home plane Nine Hells
Power level Archdevil
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Sexuality
Domains Seventh Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator
Superior Asmodeus
Design details
First appearance Dragon #76
Settings AD&D First Edition
Mythological Lilith

For other uses of the name Lilith, see Lilith (disambiguation).

Lilith in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game is the current consort of Baalzebul, the arch-lord currently ruling the Seventh Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator, Maladomini. She shares the title with the subservient and rather spineless Baftis, another she-devil who wields little power.


Lilith is one of the most attractive female devils of Baator. She looks like a scarlet-skinned human female with a serpent's tail. Her hooves and small curved horns betray her nature. She never wears clothing, and cloaks herself in a veil of darkness, making her look somewhat like Pale Night, an Obyrith queen of the Abyss. She often uses a barbed whip in battle.


Lilith served Baalzebul as consort to Moloch, Baalzebul's viceroy, who was at that time ruling Malbolge, the sixth layer of Baator, for the Lord of the Flies. She was sharing her mate with Malagard, the horrifying Hag Countess. Upon the Reckoning of Hell, Moloch, goaded by Malagard, defied Asmodeus, Baator's overlord. Asmodeus bannished Moloch, giving Malbolge to the Hag Countess as a result (though Malagard has since been deposed and Malbolge is now ruled by Glasya).

Unlike Cozbinaer (another consort who was exiled along with her master, Geryon, when the Reckoning ended), Lilith was allowed to remain in Baator, reined in by Baalzebul.

Lilith has a fairly large following (mainly witches and other types of evil spellcasters) in the mortal realm (unlike the other consorts), which ensures a steady supply of souls and sacrifices to her; and thus in turn, the arch-devil to whom she is consort. This fact, in addition to her loyalty to him, made her highly coveted by the Lord of the Seventh.

However, Lilith's said loyalty has dwindled much. As Baalzebul's consort, she feels quite powerless and dislikes having him doing whatever he wants with her. She often works with Tartach, Moloch's former legate who shares her opinions about the Slug Lord's politics and who left his court for that of Glasya. Very seductive, Lilith often manages to get small favors from other male devils. She feels unconcerned about Moloch's fate, the same way she cares not about Baftis's condition and does not view as her true rival.

Creative Origins

Lilith is named after the Lilith of Judeo-Christian myth. This she-demon of Mesopotamian origin was the first wife of Adam, before Eve, who refused to submit to him and thus left Eden for Hell. She is said to be Samael's wife.

Publication History

Lilith first appeared in Ed Greenwood's article "The Nine Hells Part II" in Dragon #76 (1983). Lilith was briefly detailed in Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (2006). Lilith was detailed in the online version of Dragon, in issue #361 (December 2007) in the second part of the "Infernal Aristocracy" feature.

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