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Lilith (Chateau Aensland)

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Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Vera Hayes
Species Goddess
(Possibly Succubus though unclear)
Gender Male
Relatives Danny Lilithborne (Son)
Julie Lilithborne (Daughter)
Maria Lilithborne (Daughter)
Melissa Lilithborne (Daughter)
Lupe Lilithborne (Daughter)
Ruby Lilithborne (Daughter)
Sheila Lilithborne (Daughter)
Glynis Lilithborne (Daughter)
Sandy Lilithborne (Daughter)
Jenny Lilithborne (Daughter)

Lilith, also known as Vera Annette Hayes, is a character in the Chateau Aensland series of stories. She is the central character around whom the others revolve, and is the first woman created by God. In the modern day, she once masqueraded as the human Vera Hayes, who financed tournaments for the video game Puzzle Fighter and also owned a non-profit organization, Worldshine Charity.

As the matriarch of the Lilithbornes, Lilith does not possess a signature flavor or flower, but can adopt any scent she wishes.


Name: Lilith
Also known as: Vera Hayes
Height: 5'9" (175cm)
Weight: Unknown
Hair/Eyes: Silver/Violet (Purple/Lavender in true form)
Flavor/Flower: Varies
Hobby: Mathematics
Fav. Meal: Eggs and toast
Theme song ("Happy"): Johnny Nash, "I Can See Clearly Now"
Theme song ("Sad"): Foo Fighters, "Walking After You"
Theme song ("Determination"): Rush, "Bravado"


The first woman created by God, Lilith lives to this day as she was never subjected to the curse of Adam. Her irresistible beauty, natural charm and command of language makes her a presence that men long for; however, her heart belongs to only one: her son, Daniel, one of the ten children that she bore spiritually with the archangel Gabriel.

Lilith believes she is a succubus; however, her true nature is unknown, even to her, as so much time has passed since her creation that she does not remember her ancient past. It is true that she thrives in the presence of souls with beautiful and pure dreams, and those who lay with her enjoy blissful, dreamless sleep. However, unlike traditional succubi, she does not require sex to survive, and unlike the succubi of the Collective, she has no tail.

In the present time, Lilith had an alter ego, the philanthropist Vera Hayes who contributed much money to the concerns of children through her nonprofit organization Worldshine Charity. She also operated a gaming company which ran tournaments for the game Puzzle Fighter. It was through this that she encountered the reincarnations of two of her children: Danny and Julie. After recovering them, Lilith saw no need to continue her mortal life. While the death of Vera Hayes was confirmed in news outlets, the fashion in which Lilith continues to live in this world is unknown. Sara Glover inherited Worldshine Charity and Lilith is still in touch with her.

Normally, Lilith's hair is silver and her eyes are violet. This is when she consciously holds back her true self. When Lilith lets go of all veils and disguises, her hair becomes purple and her eyes lavender. A normal human being cannot survive in her presence because of the absolute strength of her aura, but those with pure souls free of guilt and doubt can endure this, albeit at the cost of their free will.


  • In the original incarnation of the story "Chateau Aensland", then called "Time of Your Life", Vera Hayes was a debutante who had a myriad of love affairs. Daniel Williams was simply one of her lovers. The story eventually evolved to be the story it is now, released under the title "Time of Your Life", then was re-released as "Chateau Aensland" in time.
  • To be able to spend all her time with her children, Lilith has cast aside the identity of Vera Hayes. Her executive assistant, Sara Glover, has inherited Worldshine Charity.
  • Chateau Aensland is in the outskirts of Kenora, Canada.