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Grotte Cachée character
First appearance

Whispers of the Flesh
Created by

Louisa Burton
Species Succubus
Gender Female
Occupation Part Owner of Château de la Grotte Cachée
Significant other(s) Elic

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lili is a character from the Grotte Cachée erotic series by Louisa Burton who is a Succubus and resides at the Château de la Grotte Cachée with her lover Elic. The series is set in a French chateau where the sexually voracious residents—incubi and succubi, and occasionally their vampiric "cousins"—seduce and enchant their human visitors. These stories may be set in the present or the past, and are connected not only by their recurring cast of otherworldly entities, but by story threads that weave themselves throughout the series.


Lili was born in the year 2131 BC in Babylonia, where she was worshipped as the goddess of the new moon; "Ilutu" means "Divine" in the ancient Akkadian language of her birth. At the age of 16, a band of hammered gold was permanently affixed to her right ankle. Dangling from it is a disc of lapis lazuli rimmed with gold, representing the moon shadowed in darkness and mystery. For several centuries, there stood in the Babylonian city of Akkad a temple dedicated to Lili, but it has long since fallen into ruin.

In appearance, the olive-skinned, black-haired Lili most closely resembles the women of Iraq. Exquisitely beautiful, she has high cheekbones and dark, almond eyes. She has the eyesight of a hawk. Lili's identity as a goddess has gradually eroded to the point where only a handful of us recognize her as such. Even when people still accepted the existence of nonhumans in their midst, she was usually regarded as a demoness or a witch. Indeed, in 1746, she narrowly escaped the pyre at Mühlbach, Germany. Shortly thereafter, she traded in her nomadic existence for permanent residence at Grotte Cachée.

It was Lili's unfettered sexuality that prompted the more judgmental humans with whom she came in contact to view her as evil, for she belongs to that notorious class of female follet known as succubi. Tormented by erotic yearnings over which she has no control, Lili paralyzes sleeping men with a whispered spell in order to mate with them. The spell, or "mashmashu," as she calls it, ensures a preternatural degree of pleasure on both their parts.

When she wants to, she can take the form of a woman her "victim" knows, or even that of his ideal fantasy lover. As a Succubus, Lili is in a high state of arousal almost all the time. Although she shares a profoundly deep love with Elic, his physiology prevents them from making love, so she must satisfy her unquenchable desire with others. In thrall as he is to his own insatiable libido, Elic understands Lili's need to bed other men, yet jealousy still eats at him from time to time.

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