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Game background
Title(s) Lamiai
Type Unique Discipline
Effects Lilithian Bloodline
Source World of Darkness Wiki
Design details
First appearance World of Darkness
Settings World of Darkness

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lamiai in the World of Darkness role playing game refers to a Unique Discipline that those of the Lilithian Bloodline can access as part of their character.


In Greek mythology, Lamia was a Queen of Libya who became a child-murdering daemon. In later writings she is pluralized into many lamiae (Greek lamiai). Lamia is believed to be one of the many names by which Lilith has gone by in history as the two women share many of the same traits and as such the plural of the greek name is fitting for this discipline. Similar in type to other female monsters from Greco-Roman myth, such as the empuses and the mormolyces, she is distinguished from them by her description as half-woman and half-serpent. The importance in knowing this is simple this is the Unique Discipline of the Lilithian Bloodline and as such it holds to the same themes as that bloodline, but more over it holds to 2 simple concepts that are part of and/or reflect what I have told you here. Firstly, most of the powers involve serpents/owls, aspects of serpents/owls, or reproduce some effect related to a concept about serpents/owls. Secondly, all the powers are named in relation to serpents or Lilith in one of her many forms or myths which fit with what the power does.


It should first be noted before going into any of the specific Powers that several of the powers have 2 Different but similar or related effects. Which effect occurs is dependent on which parent clan the Kindred belongs to, Daeva or Gangrel, and the other effect is not possible for the other clan to produce through this Discipline. This is usually because they have a discipline already that produces the effect.

Serpent's Temptation

  • Cost: -
  • Dice Pool: (Gangrel) Lamiai + Presence + Expresion; (Daeva) Lamiai + Animal Kin + Manipulation
  • Action: Instant

Know also as Lilith's Temptation or Temptation of Eve amongst the Bloodline or to people outside of the Bloodline who have seen or heard of the power. This power has the effect of increasing the Courtesan's skills in communication beyond that which they already have by tapping into the strength of Lilith with in their blood. For the Daeva, this means they gain the ability to converse with serpents/owls which means they gain the effect of Animalism

  • Feral Whispers: By means of this power exactly as described in the core rulebook with the exception that it can not be used on anything other then Serpents/owls. For the Gangrel, this means that they gain the effects of Majesty
  • Awe: By means of this power exactly as is described in the core rulebook.

If a Lilithian of Daeva clan gets/has Animalism or in the case of a Gangrel gets Majesty the effects listed above are replaced with the following instead as a result of their enhanced communication means with Serpents/owls. When Serpentine Temptation is activated you are considered under the effects of both Animalism and Majesty. This means that while communicating with the serpents/owls the Kindred is more likely to get the creature to do what they want.

For the expenditure of a addition 3 xp the following is added to the power: the Lilithian gains a +2 bonus on all Animal Ken dice pools involving serpents/owls (except those used to activate other powers of Lamiai). If the Lilithian already has an Animal Ken Specialty in snakes/serpents/owls, this power’s +2 bonus replaces it. This bonus applies to Animalism dice pools involving Animal Ken as well.

Another 3 xp spent after the above listed has been spent adds the following: The Lilithian is considered to have a “Snakes” "Serpents" or "Owls" Specialty in any suitable Skill in which she has dots of her own. For many Skills, this Specialty grants no real benefit (for example, a “Snakes” specialty in Politics is nonsense and “Snakes” are not a suitable Specialty for combat Skills). A “Snakes” Specialty in Survival, for example, can help a Lilithian locate snakes in the wild. The Storyteller is the final judge of when this “universal Specialty” applies.

Lilith's Seduction

  • Cost: 1 Vitae
  • Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Lamiai
  • Action: Contested

Known also as Serpentine Seduction amongst members of the Bloodline or those outside of the bloodline familiar with this discipline. This power produces the exact same effects as Dominate

  • Mesmerize as described in the core rulebook.

Lilith's Allure

  • Cost: 1 Vitae
  • Dice Pool: Lamiai + Composure + Persuasion
  • Action: Instant

The Blood of Lilith flows strongly enough now in the Kindred that calling upon it's power can physically alter their body making them more attractive. This Power is sometimes referred to as the Allure of the Succubus. Activating this power Effectively gives the Kindred the Striking Looks Merit 1 for the Power's duration and activates the effects of the Majesty power (Lamiai: if you do not have Majesty such as in the case of a Gangrel). Giving the Kindred an even better chance in social encounters for good results in the scene than they normally would have. The Physical changes that the Kindred go through are noticeable to any looking directly at the Kindred as they activate the power which can result in a violation of the masquerade. If the Kindred has Striking Looks 3 already then the merit is temporarily upgraded to Striking Looks 4 for the duration of this power. The duration of the power is usually an hour or more depending on the rate of success on the activation roll.

Further the Kindred's blood is so strong now with the power of Lilith that animal ghouls (serpents/snakes and owls only) made by the Lilithian become heightened gaining a intuitive awareness of their supernatural state. They may use Vitae to heal themselves and augment Physical dice pools. Plus, the Lilithian’s animal ghouls may learn and use Heightened Senses (Auspex 1) and Aura Perception (Auspex 2) if their master can teach it to them; these are useful for Lilithians who use Subsume the Lesser Spirit (Animalism 4) on their ghouls.

Children of Lilith

  • Cost: 2 Vitae
  • Dice Pool: This Requires no roll to activate as the creation of the creatures from ones blood and letting them out from the body requires a action in a turn.
  • Action: Reflexive

In many myths of Lilith she gives birth to fierce creatures that plague mankind and the power of the Ancient Blood of Lilith can now be called upon to manifest it's self in physical form for the Kindred. This manifestation takes on the form of Strix (fierce flesh eating owls) or Various snakes which are made from the vitae used to activate this power. As the manifestations are created from the Vampires vitae they thus need a way to leave the vampire's body either through mouth or through a cut or gash in her body. These creatures that are created can be used for any task that the real creature could perform including combat and serve their kindred creator loyally and with out question (they deal lethal damage in combat). They also look like unnatural or demonic variations of the real creatures they are meant to be. Length of time these manifestations last depends on the potency of the Kindred's blood (1 hour per rank of potency).

Form of Lilith

  • Cost: 3 Vitae per Scene
  • Dice Pool: like Protean this discipline requires no rolls to activate as it requires an action in a turn to transform.
  • Action: Instant
  • Duration: Scene

Sometimes called "Body of the Marilith" or "Form of the lilitu" in reference to the forms the Lilithians take on when activating this power. Becoming a creature that is both monstrous, deadly, and yet still strangely alluring. The Lilithian can choose one of the two forms of this power to start with, either form may be chosen as the first one to learn, and must then learn to transform into the other form later if they wish to learn it. The two forms are basically as follows:

  • Marilith - a Marilith has the Upper body of a human with the lower body of a Snake and can have up to six arms.
  • Lilitu - This is one of the names of Lilith and refers to disease-bearing wind spirits/demons the form associated with this is a human body with feathered Owl-like wings on the back and talon feet.

In these forms the Kindred's size increases to 6 (in all respects) and species speed factor increases to 8 (instead of the human 5). The Kindred gains new capabilities depending on it's new form such as proficiency wielding multiple weapons with their many arms (6 attacks per round and at -1 penalty for each attack after the first), or ability to fly with the wings on her back. In addition to this Majesty, Animalism, and Lamiai disciplines gain extra benefit while in this form no longer needing vitae to activate them for the duration of this power. Features gained that can be used as weapons in this Form such as talons inflict lethal damage. However the drawback is that not only is use of this power count as a possible masquerade violation, but all said disciplines deactivate when your Form of Lilith deactivates (even if they would normally last longer), but other disciplines such as protean or vigor remain in effect however. Other costs such as willpower are still required however for powers that require them rather then vitae. On activation of this power it lasts the full scene and ends at the end of that scene.

The second form, which ever was not chosen first, requires spending 3 xp to learn after the initial purchase of this discipline level.

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