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Lady Hederine

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Lady Hederine
World of Warcraft character
Lady Hederine
First appearance World of Warcraft
First game World of Warcraft
Fictional profile
A rare mob succubus found in the Darkwhisper Gorge of Winterspring

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lady Hederine in the World of Warcraft role playing game was a Level 61 Elite Rare Mob Succubus found in the Darkwhisper Gorge of Winterspring.


Lady Hederine was found in the Darkwhisper Gorge of Winterspring and was a random encounter. She was of the Queen of Suffering character class.


Lady Hederine
Name Lady Hederine
Gender Female
Race Sayaad / Succubus
Character class Queen of Suffering
Affiliation Burning Legion
Level 61 Rare Elite
Health 27,665
Mana 9,944
Wealth 18 Silver
13 Copper
Location Rare spawn in Wintersprin


Lady Hederine was removed during the Shattering and any new spawn locations have not been discovered.

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