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Lady Fierna

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Fierna / Lady Fierna
Fierna and Belial as portrayed in Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells. Art by Eric Deschamps.
Game background
Title(s) Lady of the Fourth
Home plane Phlegethos - Nine Hells
Power level Archdevil
Alignment Lawful Evil
Portfolio Sexuality
Superior Asmodeus
Design details
First appearance Dragon #223
Settings All Editions Dungeons and Dragons

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Lady Fierna is the ruler of the Fourth Layer of the Nine Hells of Baator In the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. She is the daughter of arch-Duke Belial and his late consort Naome and currently shares the rulership with her father. Her unholy symbol, like that of Belial, involves red, glowing eyes over a two-pronged ranseur, surrounded by a red tail with a wicked barb.


Fierna is described as a human-like, young, and incredibly beautiful she-devil sporting two small horns, a pointed tail and long red nails. She has a very sexual personality and wears very little clothing.


Fierna was set up for rulership as a result of the Reckoning of Hell. Belial, advised by Naome, stepped down and gave the throne of Phlegethos to his daughter in order for him to retain his position. Belial would nevertheless remain in command, acting from the sidelines and using his daughter as his puppet and mouthpiece.

Fierna, who wasn't into politics in the first place, accepted this treatment and decided at first to merely enjoy what her brand new status was granting her. She used to spend most of her time in her palace, having sex and fun in her eternally blazing pit of lust and leaving the concern of governing and managing to her parents and her consort, the pit fiend Gazra. She would only come out to do her father's commands and to attend the yearly meeting of the arch-Lords in Nessus.

Fierna changed her mind about ruling Phlegethos recently, when she developed a friendship with Glasya, Asmodeus's daughter who is now in command of Malbolge, the Sixth plane. Fierna looked up to her and began to understand the true meaning of rulership. Thus, she has become a little more serious about her actual job. Belial, who won't relinquish his power, dislikes having his daughter discussing his decisions and acts to remind her who's making the rules.

Gossip says that Belial and his daughter are having an incestuous relationship. This rumor grew stronger after Naome's death, even though Fierna has a consort of her own. The loyalties of Belial and Fierna's vassals tend to sway between the two according to the favors granted or to their own convictions about the ability of the Lords of Phlegethos.

4th Edition

The 4th edition Monster Manual mentions that Fierna and Belial are still the lords of Phlegethos.


Fierana is the daughter of Belial and Naome. As a Lord of the Nine, she is a subject of Asmodeus. She has developed a friendship with the daughter of Asmodeus, Glasya princess of Hell, Duke of the Sixth, due to their mutual loss of a mother. This bothers Belial as Glasya's influence is starting to make Fierana more independent.


Fierna has the same vassals as her father, in addition to her consort:

  • Balan - 40 companies of barbazu (Dragon #75).
  • Bathym - 30 companies of hamatula (Dragon #75).
  • Chamo - Legate (Dragon #75).
  • Gaziel - 11 companies of osyluths (Dragon #75).
  • Gazra - Consort to Fierna, General (Book Of Vile Darkness).
  • Naome - Mother, personal advisor (Dragon #75).
  • Zaebos, pit fiend - Lieutenant, one of the Dark Eight.
  • Zapan, pit fiend - 4 companies of cornugons, one of the Dark Eight.


Fierna's cult is still young, having developed only in the past few years since the ascension of Glasya, and as such as not yet settled on a definitive agenda. Her followers are an extremely varied group of outcasts, exiles, and malcontents. Fierna's clergy favor the scimitar. Thus far, Fierna's few temples have been improvised from what her followers already have available.

Publication History

Fierna was first identified as the ruler of Phlegethos in Dragon #223 (November 1995).[1] Her history as part of the Reckoning of Hell was detailed in Guide to Hell (1999).[2]

In third edition, Fierna appeared along with the other lords of the Nine Hells in the Book of Vile Darkness (2002).[3] Fierna was further detailed in the Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (2006).Laws, Robin D., and Robert J. Schwalb. Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (Wizards of the Coast, 2006)</ref>


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