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La Beaute: Astarotte Ygvar

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Astarotte Ygvar Figurine by CMS
Astarotte Ygvar Figurine by CMS

This is a one-eighth scale officially licensed model of the succubus character Astarotte Ygvar from the Japanese series Astarotte no Omocha! manufactured by CMS. It shows Astarotte standing upright, her hands on her knees, rocking back on her heels set on a small base.


  • Manufactured by: CMS
  • Scale: 1/8 Scale (150mm)
  • Release Date: December 2011
  • Official Astarotte no Omocha! Figure
  • Price: $100 USD
  • Limited Availability
  • Official Description: Impatient, grumpy and short tempered, Astarotte Ygvar is a succubus princess from the demon world. At the age of ten, she is already recruiting people to join her harem. Crafted loyally according to the illustration on the series' key visual, Astarotte shows off her fangs, her tail and her fluffy hair. She leans back on her heels as she complains, her green eyes flashing. Her pink tail curled up, making her look like an angered kitten. The wisps of stray curls from her hair sway and bounce as she rocks on her feet.

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