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Kenzi discovering the Koushang in Blood Lines
Kenzi discovering the Koushang in Blood Lines
From the Lost Girl television series
Production company Showcase
First appearance Lost Girl
"Blood Lines"
(December 12, 2010)
Created by (Series)
Michelle Lovretta
Michelle Lovretta
Genre Fantasy
In-story information
Type Pendant
Element of stories featuring The Ash
Function Protection against Succubi
Specific traits and abilities Small pendant in gold on a rope-like necklace
Affiliation Fae

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Koushang was an object that had the ability to block the ability of a Succubus to feed upon or influence the person who possessing the object. It first appeared in the Season One finale Blood Lines of the Lost Girl television series.


The Koushang is a small pendant in gold on a rope-like necklace. The pendant itself is four sided and seems to have some thickness to it. It is unknown what exactly, if anything, is inside of it. It is also unknown what the amulet itself is made of, or if it is some kind of talisman with embedded magical powers.

The only firm piece of information on the Koushang is that it will protect the wearer against the powers and feeding of a Succubus.


For a more complete summary of the episode, see Blood Lines elsewhere in the SuccuWiki

The Koushang appeared in one episode of the Lost Girl series, that being the season one finale Blood Lines. It was first mentioned by Aife, Bo's mother, as an explanation why she was unable to free herself from the Dark King that held her.

Later in the episode, Bo found out from Lauren that The Ash possessed the Koushang. She and Kenzi searched the vaults of The Ash and eventually Kenzi discovered it. Holding it in her hand, Kenzi allowed Bo to attempt to take Chi from her and failed in doing so. Bo took the Koushang and went to confront her mother Aife.

The pair battled and when Aife attempted to draw Bo's Chi from her she was unable to thus proving in canon for the series that the Koushang does work as described.

Series Quotes

Koushang is an amulet. It binds Chi to your body. It's like kryptonite to us succubi. I can't influence him. -Aife