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Kallisti aka Kal
Felarya character
The Succubus Kallisti
Species Succubus
Gender Female
Age Several Millenia
Height Varies depending on form
Wingspan Varies depending on form
Wing Colour Varies depending on form
Skin Colour Deep Chocolate
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Gold
Predation Specialized
Food Category 3-8~ feet
Prefers Damned Souls

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Kallisti, also know as Kal, is a Succubus character in the fictional world of Felarya who is the creation of Arconius on Deviantart and the Felarya site.

Kallisti is a beautiful Succubus with a very playful and sexual personality. Like most of the Succubi in the Felarya universe, Kallisti is gigantic in size, but this can vary and most interactions with her involve vore themes.

Character History

Once an ordinary succubus, Kallisti spent several millenia gathering power, influence, and souls and became a goddess widely worshiped on several worlds. She is beautiful, sensual and is known for both her terrible brutality on the battlefield, and for her encyclopedic knowledge of the ways of pleasure. She is commonly called "The Dark Goddess" , though friends are allowed to call her "Kal".

She first came to Felarya posing as an ordinary human explorer, looking to exploit the riches of Felarya for her own ends like so many others. She quickly learned the dangers of Felarya firsthand when she was casually swallowed by the giant naga named Saya. Not amused, Kallisti took control of Saya from the inside and forced her to go on a rampage, eventually breaking away from Saya and creating a naga body of her own. Saya survived this ordeal, and Kallisti made her priestess of the tiny knot of followers that had been created in her wake. The cult has slowly grown into a small but increasingly noticeable group on Felarya, and they worship the Dark Goddess with a passion and fervor that very few of Kallisti's other cults can match. This often places them at odds with the repressive and fanatical cult of Othem, though Kallisti regards these adversaries as a nuisance at worst, a spicy snack at best, and has given Saya leave to deal with them however she sees fit.

Kallisti is a very playful and sexual creature. She enjoys all things sensual and pleasurable, and is always on the lookout for new forms of enjoyment and little practical jokes to do. In recent times her playful side has become more dominant than her warlike side, making her prefer conquering other worlds through seduction rather than force, because "it's much more fun that way." On Felarya she usually takes the form of a giant naga with shiny black top scales and golden belly scales, though she will sometimes assume her human form in order to better 'interact' with her worshipers.

Since Saya is now her priestess on Felarya, she has introduced Kallisti to many of her friends including Crisis and Anna. She loves to mess with Anna, needling her about embracing her animal urges. She also finds the naga Vivian very attractive because of her sensual nature and her knowledge of magic, and also often talks shop with the succubus Menyssan whenever she comes to Acheron to visits her cousin.

Powers and Abilities

Kallisti can change her physical form so that she resembles a naga. She also has most of the powers that are commonly found in succubi.

Eating Habits

Kallisti is a soul-eater. While she finds regular food both satisfying and enjoyable, ultimately she must feed on souls in order to survive. She feeds on the dark elements that exist in all living souls, and so she seeks out evil beings to consume, gathering more power for herself and eliminating any potential threats in the process. There are many such souls to harvest on Felarya. Being a succubus at heart, Kallisti can also draw sustenance from sexual play, and often uses the sexual energy of her worshipers in the absence of a suitable supply of souls.

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