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Kagetsu Tohya

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Kagetsu Tohya (歌月十夜 Kagetsu Tōya?, lit. Ten Nights of the Verses and Moon) is TYPE-MOON's sequel to their earlier dojin visual novel game, Tsukihime, released in August 2001.

Cover of Kagetsu Tohya

Game Information

  • Name: Kagetsu Tohya
  • Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense
  • Developer: TYPE-MOON
  • Publisher: TYPE-MOON
  • Genre: Visual novel, eroge, soft dojin
  • Rating: Ages 18 and over
  • Platforms: IBM PC compatible - NScripter engine
  • Released: August 2001


Kagetsu Tohya consists of "Twilight Glass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess", the long main story with many branches, and several shorter side stories that are unlocked one after another after related events in the main story have been read. Ten of these side stories are combined as "Ten Nights of Dream".

Twilight Grass Moon, Fairy Tale Princess

One year after the events of Tsukihime (presumably from the "Good Ending" of Arcueid path, as none of the characters are dead), Shiki is a victim of an accident. After this accident, Shiki awakens into a strange dream wherein he repeats the same day over and over. There are infinitely many endings to the day, but it always begins anew after each day. Eventually, Shiki discovers that he must find Len, the creator of the dream, if he wishes to escape.

The gameplay is exactly the same as in Tsukihime. However it uses a slightly different system in which the player goes through each of Shiki's "days" in the dream. The number of choices presented to the player in Kagetsu Tohya is also significantly larger than in Tsukihime. Also, due to the plot structure, the timeframe of Kagetsu Tohya is not linear like Tsukihime, but circular; that is, after completing one "day" in Shiki's dream, your status is automatically saved and you have to play the same "day" again, but with different choices. The days do not progress; rather, every time a day is completed, what you have accomplished in that day is saved by the computer. Eventually, you will come across the ending for the game after accomplishing everything that comes before it.

Ten Nights of Dream

The first seven of these stories were written by Kinoko Nasu like the rest of Kagetsu Tohya, while the last three are contribution works by others, essentially fanfiction. It is unknown if any of these stories are to be considered canon. In fact, some are obviously NOT canon, such as Imogirisou and Ciel-Sensei. It is likely, however, that the background information is to be considered canon. (Such as Nanako-chan and Arihiko's pasts, along with the explanations for certain plot holes in Ciel-sensei, such as how Chaos and Arcueid got to Japan.)

Good luck, Ciel-sensei
Ciel teaches the rest of the cast in her role as Ciel-sensei from Tsukihime. The story is mainly a comedy story, reflecting on parts of the series in the form of questions. It also explains plotholes as well.
A Story for the Evening
Akiha solves a mystery in her boarding school. This story is a sequel to her true ending in Tsukihime.
Crimson Moon
A look at Arcueid's history as a True Ancestor, and her first fateful meeting with Roa. This story has Roa as the protagonist and shows him in less of an antagonistic light.
Red Demon God
The story of Shiki's father Kiri Nanaya. This story reveals much about the Nanaya family and the Demon Hunter's Association that they are connected with.
Nanako-chan SOS
Nanako (the spirit of the Seventh Holy Scripture) escapes from Ciel and hides out at Arihiko's place. This story has Arihiko as the protagonist and reveals how he and Shiki met in the past.
A parody of the horror game Otogirisou starring Shiki, Akiha, Hisui and Kohaku. With a cameo by The Dead.
Flower of Thanatos
An explicit sex scene featuring Shiki and either Hisui, Kohaku, or both.
Hisui-chan, Inversion Impulse!
Hisui goes insane with hilarious results. Based on Hisui's Good Ending.
The Tohno Family Con Game
Nearly the whole cast plays an elaborate game of tag for Kohaku's sake.
The continued story of the girl that gets devoured in the park by Nrvnqsr Chaos in Tsukihime.

Other stories

Summer Festivals
Five short scenes in which Shiki takes either Arcueid, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui or Kohaku on a date to the summer festival.
Drinking, Dreaming Moon
This hidden story, unlocked after all other content in the game has been viewed, has Shiki meeting his adoptive brother SHIKI and discussing their relationship on friendly terms.


See Characters in Tsukihime at Wikpedia for more on characters other than Len.

Each of Tsukihime's characters, including Shiki, Akiha, Ciel, Arcueid, Kohaku, Hisui, Nrvnqsr Chaos, and others, make appearances in Kagetsu Tohya.

While some of the following characters were briefly mentioned in Tsukihime, they appear with larger roles in Kagetsu Tohya:

LenRen (レン?)
Len is a former familiar under Arcueid's care, sometimes referred to as a succubus. She is not contracted to Arcueid, and is currently an independent existence. She can take the form of a pre-pubescent girl or a black cat. Her only appearance in Tsukihime is to grant Shiki a dream of a sexual encounter.
Akira Seo (瀬尾 晶 Seo Akira?)
Akira is an underclassman of Akiha's. She has minor precognitive powers, and previously appeared on the Tsukihime PLUS-DISC.
Souka Tsukihime (月姫 蒼香 Tsukihime Sōka?)
Akiha's roommate at her private school. Rather punkish. Shiki thinks she's a guy.
Hanei Misawa (三澤 羽居 Misawa Hanei?)
Akiha's other roommate at her private school. Thinks slowly and strangely; conscientious, thorough and good at fixing things.
Tsukasa Shijyou (四条 つかさ Shijyō Tsukasa?)
Another student at Akiha's school, appears in "A Story for the Evening". She is convinced she placed a curse on someone by mistake, or so she says.
Seven 〔Nanako〕 (セブン〔ななこ〕 Sebun〔Nanako〕?)
The spirit of Ciel's most powerful weapon, Seventh Holy Scripture, who was offered as a willing sacrifice. She has the appearance of a little girl with some horselike features (for example hooves and a tail). Likes carrots.
Kouma Kishima (軋間 紅摩 Kishima Kouma?)
A man who worked with Makihisa Tohno to attack the Nanaya clan. He fought Shiki's father Kiri Nanaya. Shiki's childhood memory caused his dream's manifestation of death to appear as Kouma. He is described as the perfect combination of human and demon blood, and possesses massive physical strength and speed, being able to crush trees with his bare hands. His nickname is Red Lion.

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