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Julie Lilithborne

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Julie Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Julie Howard
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Danny Lilithborne (Brother)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Lupe Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Sheila Lilithborne (Sister)
Glynis Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)
Jenny Lilithborne (Sister)

Julie Lilithborne, also known as Julie Gretchen Howard, is a character in the Chateau Aensland saga. She is one of Lilith's daughters, and She refers to her as Her "treasure". Julie and Danny were found by Lilith at the same time, and they are close friends as well as rivals.


Name: Julie Lilithborne
Also known as: Julie Howard, Jillith, Tempestas`Ultima
Height: 5'5" (169cm)
Weight: 135 lbs. (61kg)
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Flavor/Flower: Orange/Daisy
Hobby: Video games
Fav. Meal: Pizza with the works (except pepperoni)
Theme song ("Happy"): The Jaynetts, "Sally, Go 'Round the Roses"
Theme song ("Sad"): Annie Lennox, "No More 'I Love You's"
Theme song ("Determination"): Live, "Stage"


Julie is Danny Lilithborne's best friend, sister, lover, companion and rival. In her past life, she was a witch named Julia who was persecuted by Christians just before she met Lilith. Before Julia died, she told Lilith the name of Her future son - "Daniel". It was this name that started Lilith on Her quest to recover Her children.

Reincarnated in the present day as Julie Howard, avid gamer and one of the few female gamers who is competitive in fighting games, Julie met Danny after moving out of her New York home to meet Vera Hayes in Los Angeles. When told the truth about her heritage, Julie was ecstatic, and fell in love with her brother Danny.

While Julie is of two minds about her past as Julie Howard, she genuinely loves the family that gave birth to her. She also loves video games and exercise, and is often seen keeping busy at some form of music video game.

Chateau Aensland

Julie Howard was an upcoming player of the Puzzle Fighter tournament scene as organized by Vera Hayes. She lived in New York, but when Vera invited her to see her in Los Angeles, Julie was able to find a job opportunity and moved out of her broken home to see her. It was there that she met Danny and was awakened to her true identity as a child of Lilith.

With not many fond memories to hang on to, Julie accepted Lilith quickly, and was strongly attracted to Danny. She also found a soulmate in Maria, a sister who had a strong bond with her. During an intense lovemaking session with Maria and Melissa, Julie discovered that all the children of Lilith were immortal, psychically linked and could feel each other's pleasure.

Because her body began to resist this truth, Ruby and Maria worked together to heal her, finding that she was attached to the sorrow she felt before Lilith found her. Julie was then awakened to her past life - as a girl named Julia. This overwhelmed her, crushing her spirit, but Ruby and Maria helped her to recover.

For Julie, the story ends on this note.

Home of the Lilithbornes

Julie is suffering from nightmares due to being forcibly awakened. She believes the dreams are necessary, but Ruby tells her they are hurting her, and heals her by having Ruby's true spirit, Selene, commune with Julia's. Because of this, Julie is able to let go of the ghosts of her past and accept that she deserves happiness.

She finds herself becoming obsessed with Danny, which bothers her because she knows Danny wants to be with her sisters as well. But Julie's dreams nevertheless become focused on making love with Danny. She then meets Sandy, who was Danny's babysitter in her past life and the source of much of Danny's affection. They exchange memories of Danny, and Julie finds peace in knowing the love she feels is shared.

Julie has a dream where she begs Danny to make love to her, and Danny tells her not yet, but to look forward to it because "it will be the last time". These words bother Julie as she wakes up, but Sandy distracts her for a moment before she falls asleep again. The next time Julie is awakened, it is by Danny, and they make love then and there. Julie then understands the meaning of the dream. She apologizes for teasing Danny, but he is asleep; so she promises to keep Danny safe just like Lilith does.

When Maria awakens Danny to his true identity, Lilith decides she has no choice but to put everyone to sleep. Julie is the last daughter to surrender her soul to Lilith. She resists at first, not wanting to be separated from Danny, but Lilith's promise that they'd always be together allows Julie to give up her soul for the time being.

The Vertical Event

In Julie's dream, she is friends and rivals with Danny in Puzzle Fighter, and is supporting him through his upcoming kidney transplant. After Danny receives the transplant, Julie picks him up from the hospital, and cares for him daily, but resists the impulses she has to make love with him.

Maria visits Julie in a dream and tells her that she can control Danny by looking in his eyes. When Julie decides what she wants is for Danny to be well, Maria tells her that Danny is being made ill not by his choice, but by "evil spirits", and that they'd have to face those spirits together — perhaps at the cost of Julie's life. Julie asserts that she'll give that up if necessary to protect Danny.

At this, Julie "wakes up", and she and Danny share a moment. They end up making love, something mutually enjoyed. Then Julie encourages Danny by saying that there's time for lovemaking, but they have to face up to reality, and Danny has to get a job. At that moment, Danny receives a phone call from Vera Hayes, telling him there is a job opportunity for them both.

The dream ends there.

To Be Love

Julie's soul is returned to her body, and she decides she wants to forget her old life entirely. Through the help of Ruby and Maria, she realizes she doesn't have to forget her old life; she just needs to keep her focus on her new one. They then show her how to travel with her mind, and she sees that Lilith is about to gather things from her old home. She tells her mother in no uncertain terms that she doesn't want to be reminded, and that is the impulse for Lilith to return home.

Julie is then toyed with by Maria, Ruby and Lupe, who are all blood sisters. Afterwards, she visits Danny, and sees Sandy watching over his sleeping body. Sandy offers to shower Julie. Afterward, Julie visits Lilith when she returns home.

Julie sees Danny after his memories are erased, and although he does not remember her, he shows affection towards her. She seems content with knowing he's happy now and looks forward to creating new memories from scratch.

Children of the Mist

Julie goes with Glynis and Ruby to Los Angeles; although Ruby no longer has a body in the mortal world, she borrows the body of a nurse and Selene loyalist, Adia Barton, whom Julie had previously seen as Ruby in "The Vertical Event". Confronted with an odd reality, Julie is now mired in confusion and excitement as Ruby reveals her true self to her.


  • In Julie's past life, she was a witch that was killed due to Christian persecution.
  • Julie's screen name is "Jillith". While this is slightly ironic considering who her mother is, the screenname actually comes from the DarkStalkers character Lilith Aensland. She was born on February 13.
  • Julie's character choices as a gamer are: Morrigan and Chun-Li in "Puzzle Fighter", Chun-Li in "Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike", Crimson Viper in "Street Fighter IV", Hsien-Ko and Sasquatch in "DarkStalkers" and Kuradoberi Jam in "Guilty Gear XX". She doesn't enjoy "Marvel vs. Capcom 2", but Danny is teaching her to play; her current team is Sentinel/Cable/Commando.
  • Julie has two cats, Kuma and Tomo. She got them between "To Be Love" and "Children of the Mist".