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Jenny Lilithborne

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Jenny Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
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Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Danny Lilithborne (Brother)
Julie Lilithborne (Sister)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Lupe Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Sheila Lilithborne (Sister)
Glynis Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)

Jenny Lilithborne is the mysterious missing sister of the Lilithborne family. Not much is known about her at this point, except she seemed to be possessed by a malevolent spirit of some kind in "Chateau Aensland - Open House". With the help of Ruby and a visitor to the Chateau named James, she was healed, but her current fate is unknown.

Her flower is the rose and her flavor is unknown.