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Felarya character
The Silver Succubus Iridan
Species Silver Succubus
Gender Female
Age 310
Height 95 Feet
Wingspan Unknown
Wing Colour Unknown
Skin Colour Pale White
Hair Colour Silver
Eye Colour Amethyst
Predation Specialized
Food Category 3-8~ feet
Prefers Damned Souls

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Iridan, is a Silver Succubus character in the fictional world of Felarya who is the creation of XLRP on the Felarya site.

Iridan is a beautiful Silver Succubus, from Branoos, the Hellish Plane of Destruction, and has a quick mind and a great strength of will. Like most of the Succubi in the Felarya universe, Iridan is gigantic in size and most interactions with her involve vore themes.

Character History

Iridan is a silver succubus from Branoos, the Hellish Plane of Destruction. She left Branoos pretty early in her life though, and is usually seen wandering from world to world, having no place she really calls "home". She typically stays in one location for a while until she grows bored and goes elsewhere, seeking adventure, exotic meals and new experiences along the way. Iridan is a very clever and determined individual, who usually excels at whatever she focuses on, displaying a quick mind and a great strength of will. She absolutely hates losing though and can throw amost childish tantrums when this occurs. She also makes no effort to hide the contempt she has at those who display weakness or give up. She can be cruel and merciless, passionate and very impulsive, and can suddenly throw away of years of patient work on a simple whim.

Iridan first served as a soldier during the great Tenebris War against Heaven where she was under the command of the fire succubus named Menyssan. She grew angry at the carefree way in which Menyssan handled her unit and challenged her for the title of commander. Much to her surprise, Menyssan gave up the title willingly, with no resistance. For a while, Iridan displayed great leadership skills and the unit did very well under her command. Unfortunately, this brought them to the attention of Heaven, and a massive force was sent to annihilate them. Outnumbered and overwhelmed Iridan felt their chances were slim, but thanks to a brilliant strategy developed and implemented by their former commander, she and her unit were saved.

After the battle Iridan saw Menyssan as a true leader and wished to remain under her command. This respect more or less developed into an intense crush that Iridan had over Menyssan. However, once again infuriated by Menyssan's nonchalance, Iridan left to take a new path on her own, becoming suddenly intrigued by the political world and quickly moving up in the Hell hierarchy. She resided in Acheron for a couple of dozen years, before growing bored again. She now spends most of her time in Felarya, fascinated by its mystery, and drawn by the great hunting ground it provides. She has made her home in the Ascarlin mountains.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike other silver succubi, Iridan is not an expert at controlling her facial expressions. She can take on an innocent look, but it will not last for very long, and she would have problems displaying a calm expression when she is angry. However, she possesses an intensely piercing stare that seems to probe deep into one's soul, and few can withstand it when it is used at its fullest. She is also incredibly skilled at adjusting the magnetic attraction and repulsion of her body, using hundreds of small shurikens in battle as both armor and weapons. She has never been seen using magic and it is rumored that she cannot use magic at all.

Eating Habits

She is a deadly predator, who has no qualms whatsoever about savoring and gobbling up her prey, regardless of their pleas for mercy. She is not a patient hunter however, and will usually just rush in without trying to conceal her presence at all. Her favourite meals are heavily armored soldiers. When encountering a party of them, she flies over them, letting her strong magnetic attraction grab victims off the ground. She loves to tease her prey by letting them float around her for a while before gobbling them up, barely using her hands at all in the process. She always swallows her prey with their armor on, as her strong stomach has no problems digesting iron or steel.

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