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How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman (eBook)

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How I Became a
Succubus Were-Woman
How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman  eBook Cover, written by Abbey Lynn
How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman eBook Cover, written by Abbey Lynn
Author(s) Abbey Lynn
Publisher TG World Books
Publication date October 15, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 70 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman is an eBook written by Abbey Lynn. In this work the character Sabrina is a Succubus and the character Henry is transformed into a Succubus as well.


  • Title: How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman
  • Author: Abbey Lynn
  • Published By: TG World Books
  • Length: 70 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: October 15, 2015

Plot Summary

A chance encounter at a Halloween costume party changes Henry’s life forever. That’s where he met Sabrina — an intoxicating, irresistible, incredibly beautiful woman. Little did he know that she was a predator and he was her latest prey. As a were-woman succubus, she needs fresh masculine energy to feed on. But she’s just a little too hungry — and drains him just a little too much. Suddenly Henry finds himself transforming into a girl every full moon, experiencing that same insatiable lust and need to feed. And strangely, he enjoys it. Actually looks forward to it. And soon discovers that only being a girl once a month simply isn’t enough for him. So he seeks out a way to make it permanent — and become an immortal, intoxicating, beautiful full-time female succubus too.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on May 3, 2016

Henry goes to a Halloween party and meets Sabrina. She is amazingly sexy, hypnotic, and the answer to many of his life’s questions. A mistake made means that Henry isn’t the man he was before. He’s a were-succubus. And that brings up a question that he has struggled with all of his life. Who is he? Or she?

I found this work to be really quite enjoyable, having a strong story, good characters, and a setting that saw to it that things made sense within the story itself. There’s a good balance between the erotica, which is well written, has some lovely heat, and the need to tell a larger story as well. The work isn’t simply erotic, there is some thinking needed as well and I liked that part of the work.

Henry’s passage through the story is well done, from the moment he meets Sabrina, the time they spend together, the aftermath, Henry’s transformation, and then Sabrina guiding Henry through his first night being transformed and then, the choices Henry makes. Each step along the way has it’s own piece of erotica, but as well, there’s a story to go along with it that helps to push Henry’s story along.

Sabrina is a succubus in a way. Not in the way of taking someone’s soul but rather in her sexual needs, her powers, some of which are nicely hot mind control, and in her overall look and appearance. She doesn’t have horns or a tail, but it is very clear she is a succubus in this work, as also Henry becomes after his transformation.

The part of this work that I enjoyed the most was Sabrina taking Henry to her “world”, teaching Henry how to control herself, testing her. Sometimes needing to slap her a little to get Henry’s attention, but that again works well. There’s much more world building than I expected in truth, and because of that alone, this work was amazing in what was created around the characters.

As I mentioned, the erotica has a lot of heat, the scenes aren’t impossible, silly, or over the top and in being so that added an air of “reality” to the work that I liked. The transformation passages, some of which are very long and detailed, were well done also. There are moments where the work stumbles a little however, that mainly being in the dialog.

When the characters are talking, it feels odd. That is to say there’s kind of a monotone in how they speak to each other for most of the work, thankfully which at the climax and conclusion, doesn’t appear. Some more emotion at some points outside of the erotica I think would have been nice, but still, the work is very well written and I enjoyed it as a whole.

But there is one thing missing which, for me, is the single problem. After Henry transforms, experiences her new life… her name doesn’t change. She is still “Henry” to the very last page and that bothered me. I would have liked, if only in the last line of the book, to know her name… and it isn’t Henry I am fairly sure.

Four pitchforks out of five.

The dialog needs a little work, it reads too “stiff” and needs more emotion. As well, it would have been really nice for Henry to reveal her new name at the end of the story. That bothers me, for the sake of a complete story and it would have even a nice point to end things on.

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