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Home of the Lilithbornes

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Home of the Lilithborne
Author(s) Blankpage
Language English
Series The Chateau Aensland Saga
Genre(s) Fantasy
Mind Control
Publisher MCStories.com
Publication date June 26, 2004 -
February 26, 2005
Media type Online HTML
Preceded by Chateau Aensland
Followed by The Vertical Event

Home of the Lilithborne is the second story in the Chateau Aensland saga. Having lived with the Lilithborne family for some time, and meeting more of his sisters, Danny starts to want to return to his old life, and is exposed to certain difficult truths about himself. In the meantime, Julie tries to come to terms with her obsession for Danny.

Warning: If you have yet to read the series, the following would be considered spoilers.


Voodoo Working

  • named for: PJ Harvey, "Long Snake Moan", about confronting overwhelming danger.

Danny sleeps well, but has a thought in the back of his head that makes him wake up: his mother telling him "Meet your sisters... they will learn how to make you happiest". He wakes up next to Sandy and decides to shower. After he's done, he descends into the courtyard and sees Maria watching over the sleeping Julie. They exchange glances and smile at one another. He notices empty beds, so heads out to search for other sisters. He goes to the balcony and meets Sheila, who looks like a famous movie star. Sheila tells him that Mommy saved her from the world obsessed with appearances, then takes him inside to show him a special trick she can do - she can control his mind by controlling his heartbeat. Sheila treats Danny like a musical instrument, drawing out sounds of pleasure through her movements.

Spin Your Love Around

Julie is struggling with nightmares when she is awakened by Maria. Julie believes that the nightmares are necessary, but Maria tells her that the dreams are bad for her. She then introduces Julie to Ruby, the house healer. Ruby's red eyes captivate Julie and she follows her commands without being able to think about protesting. Ruby starts to caress Julie's body lightly, and Julie reminisces of her times with Vera. When Ruby touches Julie's nether regions, Julie enters a waking dream where the soul of her past life, Julia, communes with Ruby's true self, which Julie hears as "Celina". Ruby urges Julie to forget about her past life as Julie Howard, to hang on to something she enjoyed and let the rest go. Julie chooses video games. Ruby then encourages Julie to obey Vera and Julie's other sisters. She then announces that Julie's body is healed and goes to rest, but tells Julie that Maria wants to be with her.

Lips of Wine

Danny wakes up to find his sisters walking around the Chateau. He wanders around himself, and finds a hallway with large windows on the wall. Danny realizes he wants to be outside. Lupe approaches him and tells him he's missing breakfast, and Danny confesses his emotions to her. While eating his breakfast, he says he feels selfish, to which Lupe assures him that he helps everyone by being there. She then takes him to meet another sister, Melissa; Danny starts feeling groggy because his food was drugged. Melissa tells Danny that she asked Lupe to drug his food so she could taste him without his guilt getting in the way. Danny makes her promise to hold him afterwards, and they begin. Melissa finds that Danny tastes like milk, which surprises her, and afterwards they hold each other; but Melissa doesn't feel sated. She finds that she wants Danny to make love to her. They do so until they fall asleep. When Danny awakens, he finds he feels differently for Melissa than for his other sisters — he feels suspicious of her — and that makes him feel guilty; but the voice of Lilith reassures him and he stays with Melissa until they both feel satisfied.

Space and Time

  • named for: The Verve, "Space and Time", a ballad about the despair of a relationship that has reached its end.

Julie feels extremely lonely without Danny and starts to cry. Sandy goes up to her and tells her she's taking care of Danny while Vera is away. The thought of Vera being gone is too much for Julie to stand and she starts weeping, but Sandy reassures her that Vera will be back. Julie asks Sandy why it feels so good to be with Danny, and Sandy asks Julie to describe how it feels to be with him. After a moment of thought, Julie says Danny feels like home. Sandy giggles, saying they feel differently about Danny but the love is the same. Sandy says Danny feels like family, and tells Julie she used to be his babysitter. She then admits that she knew how Danny felt about her and regrets not staying with him back then, saying Danny probably hates her deep down inside. Julie says that Danny could never hate anyone, and Sandy is comforted. They are drawn into a kiss, and push against each other. Julie wishes she were a boy so she could give her sisters pleasure too, and this thought causes her to have a dream of Danny being with Sandy. Danny tells Julie to look forward to their next time together, because it would be the "last time". This confuses and scares Julie and causes her to wake up. Julie starts touching herself while looking at Sandy, but Sandy stops her, saying sisters "should always play together". Julie realizes the meaning of the dream, and surrenders.

View of the Rain

  • named for: Urge Overkill, "View of the Rain", about no longer seeking who one is from outside sources, but instead from within.

Danny wakes up startled next to Melissa. He starts to have what he feels are bad thoughts about her and feels guilty. He then starts hearing a voice in his mind: the voice of Glynis, a sister who can communicate telepathically. He is drawn to an upstairs chamber where he sees her sleeping. She tells him that she cannot enjoy sex because her body is too weak, but there is another way she can enjoy being with her family. When Danny responds by asking how, Glynis says they just have to look in each other's eyes, but Danny has to not be afraid. Danny does so, and finds himself in Glynis' mind room. There, Glynis has a healthy body and resides in a forest with a clear sky next to a river. She tells Danny that Mommy loved her even when she was sick and dying, and that was the most important thing of all. She then teaches Danny what it means to make love - that all creatures are living dreams, although some are nightmares, and the only way for humans to connect to each other is to have sex. Danny still feels despair knowing that when he wakes up from his dream, Glynis will still be sick. Glynis reassures him by telling Danny that he made her wish of making love to a nice boy come true. Danny says that their Mommy did that, but Glynis disagrees: Mommy was attracted to Danny's pure heart; it wasn't that he was a reincarnation of Her first boy. Danny feels even sadder, and asks how he can help just by making love. Glynis answers by telling Danny to listen to the river and when he realizes that the sound of the river and the sound of her heartbeat and breathing are the same, he wakes up next to Glynis, who tells him that Julie's looking for him. Danny finds Julie and they make love. Julie tells Danny sadly that she needs him and is sorry that she teases him, but Danny's already asleep, so she makes a promise to take care of him just like Mommy.

Heaven Queen

Danny wakes up to someone's touch. He thinks it's Julie, but it's actually Julie's protectorate, Maria. Maria says she is here to tell Danny the truth, and takes his hand. Danny falls into a strange trance as he is led to Maria's special room. She and Danny shower, and while she cleans Danny, he feels aroused, but doesn't sense that arousal returned. After the shower, Maria commands Danny to look at her body. They both admire each other, and then Maria reiterates that she will tell Danny the truth, as long as he wants to hear it and isn't scared. Danny says that he wants to know, and Maria backs into him and does an undulating grinding dance against his sex. It triggers latent memories of his very first life that he suppressed. They make love afterwards, and Danny actually wonders if he got Maria pregnant, to which Maria replies that she's too old to get pregnant. When Danny asks how old, Maria says "Let's make a promise never to ask that question anymore". Suddenly Danny sees Julie in bed, alone, and knows he has to go to her. Maria returns Danny to his "favorite sister", the one he came in with, and tells him that now that he's with her, she doesn't have to watch over Julie all the time. She then feels a gust of wind come out of nowhere as she goes to contact Mommy.

The Last Goodbyes

It is a cloudy, rainy day, and Vera appears angry with Maria. She rebukes her daughter for telling Danny the truth, saying he wasn't supposed to know yet. Maria responds by saying she had to tell him; that she knew the pain of not knowing why they were born, and that it was even worse for Danny because he believes he's evil. Vera says she is the evil one, but Maria says that Vera wasn't born believing that, but Danny was. The least Maria could do for him was tell him. Vera's scared of losing Daniel, but Maria says she wasn't talking about Daniel. To this, Vera realizes that Danny knows everything and that she will have to put all her children to sleep again. Maria acknowledges this and surrenders her soul. Meanwhile, while Julie and Danny eternally play with one another, Sandy approaches them, and tells them Mommy is back and they have to go. Julie's happy to hear that Mommy is back, but Danny senses Sandy's fear. When they see Mommy, they see their other sisters sleeping. Vera thanks Sandy and takes her soul, and then Julie's, after reassuring her that she will never be separated from Danny. She then tells Danny the truth about herself: that she is Lilith, the first woman, and now that Danny knows who he is, she can't be sure that she can hold back her power. If she kills Danny, then she will be all alone. So until she finds the final Lilithborne child to balance her power, Danny isn't safe. She then makes love to Danny, saying that once she takes his soul, he will be in a dream world with his sisters and can make a better life for himself. Upon hearing the voices of Sandy and his higher self, and being tickled by Mommy, Danny finally surrenders. He "wakes up" in his home, and receives a call from Julie, who says she just moved into town and wants to play Puzzle Fighter with Danny.

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