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Hermaphrodite on this page is pertaining exclusively to the Angel Falls Universe. Those wishing for a general definition may redirect to wikipedia:Hermaphrodite
Samantha Potts is a prototypical Succubus Hermaphrodite

Hermaphrodite refers to a third gender in which a person who is female in appearance with the biological gender binary.


Hermaphrodites are created when their demonic aura is at a specified level when they are transformed to succubi. The addition of Priapus causes a succubi to literally grow a penis. A female succubi can also ingest enough Priapus to have the ability to have a penis at will through arcane transformation. This is temporary, and it is unclear if they can impregnate a female.

Ability to Reproduce

They are capable of reproducing by fertilization, as well as carrying a fetus. Most Hermaphrodites are incapable of self reproducing, and in some cases a hermaphrodite such as Shelby Mustang has two separate gender recognitions.


Lilith Mephistopheles has the ability to become Hermaphrodite through arcane transformation, but it is unclear if she can impregnate anyone.

Hermaphrodite Incubi

Although most Hermaphrodite are considered succubi, they can also be incubi. Only Samael can give this ability to a hermaphrodite.

Shelby Mustang, whose ancestry is Centaur is considered an incubus because of her centaurian traits.

List of Hermaphrodite Characters

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