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Heresy Multi-Part Miniatures (Succubus Collection)

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Heresy Miniatures Succubus Figurine #1 HV034. Sculpted by Andy Foster.
Heresy Miniatures Succubus Figurine #2 HV035. Sculpted by Andy Foster.
Heresy Miniatures Succubus Figurine #3 HV036. Sculpted by Andy Foster.

Heresy Miniatures is a company based in the UK, owned and operated by Andy Foster, that produces both resin and tin alloy figurines. Their product line includes fantasy, science fiction, and other related subject matter for use in tabletop role playing games among other uses. One of the series that has been created is a group of three Succubus figurines sculpted by Andy Foster. They are available individually for purchase, or in a set, or in a combination deal when you purchase other figurines from the company's website.

General Information

  • Item Numbers: HV034, HV035, HV036
  • Figure Name: Succubus (#1, #2, #3)
  • Created By: Andy Foster
  • Manufacturer: Heresy Miniatures
  • Figure Detail: These miniatures are part of the Heresy Villains series of figurines.
  • Size: The miniatures are scaled to the 28mm/30mm heroic scale size.

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