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Please Note!

All of the links on this page are external ones. Also, while they refer to Wikipedia for the most part, most of the information is useful for editing on the SuccuWiki, which uses the MediaWiki software like Wikipedia.

You will need to return to SuccuWiki in order to use what you have learned!

To learn how to keep track of your (or other people's) edits, see Keeping track of changes.

For lists of stub types, categories, infoboxes etc., see Resources and lists. For image use, see Images and media. To learn the rules of Wikipedia, see policies and guidelines.

Contributing to Wikipedia a guide on ways to get involved in editing.


Cheatsheet - an editing reference card.

Simplified ruleset - essential information to understand when editing articles (for new editors).

Glossary - understand Wikipedia jargon.

Editing - how to:

Experiment with editing pages in the sandbox. You can also carry out editing experiments "in situ" by editing the page itself and using the Show Preview button. Be careful not to accidentally save the page though! If you do, then Revert your changes.

Saving - how to:

Creating pages - how to:

Article maintenance - how to:


Manual of Style

The Manual of Style is a comprehensive style guide for Wikipedia articles.

Life cycle of an article

The Wikipedia interface

Find your way around the screen.