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Hell To Pay (eBook)

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Hell To Pay
Hell To Pay eBook Cover, written by Marc Cabot
Hell To Pay eBook Cover, written by Marc Cabot
Author(s) Marc Cabot
Series Hell To Pay
Publisher Unspeakable Publications
Publication date December 22, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 45 Pages
ISBN 9781301658688
Followed by Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Hell To Pay is an eBook written by Marc Cabot and set in the fictional Dreams of Control universe, where magic and mad science are allowed, usually in the service of erotic mind control. Most of the book is about the interaction between Simon Marshall, a magician, and a Succubus he names "Lily." Hell To Pay has a "tweenquel," Hell To Pay: Halloween Dreams, which is set during the main storyline of Hell To Pay and takes place at the Vampire's Ball, a Halloween party held in Houston, Texas and a second "tweenquel," Hell To Pay: Carnival of Lust which is set during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


  • Title: Hell To Pay
  • Author: Marc Cabot
  • Published By: Unspeakable Publications
  • Length: 45 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781301658688
  • Publishing Date: December 22, 2012

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Plot Summary

When adventurous Simon Marshall is picked up in a Prague nightclub by the beautiful Irena, all he wants is to get lucky. He does... but his luck is that instead of Irena killing him and stealing his soul, she leaves him with a box full of ancient spellbooks and the knowledge that he's a real magician.

The books offer the promise of unspeakable power and unimaginable pleasure, most of it embodied in Lily the Succubus. Her charms are irresistible but if he wants to sample them, he'll have to make a deal. She may be easy, but she isn't cheap. And the price is beyond imagining...

Book Review

The following review was published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on February 17th, 2013

Simon goes off to a club and then discovers two really important facts. One, magic is real. Very real. The other? Succubi are real too. Very. Very… Very real. He finds himself smitten with a Succubus he names Lilly and makes a deal with her. And it is that deal that changes both of their lives forever.

It’s a rare thing to find a work that has the one important thing that I need in a story. I need the characters to become real in my thoughts. Simon is. He quite simply lives off the page and that is a talent that few authors mange. Marc does this eloquently and gives Simon a style that just makes me like him so very much. Now that doesn’t happen from the first moment we meet him to be clear, no that happens because Simon is forced to change from what he was towards something more than he ever thought he could possibly be. While that begins with his curiosity it turns into the desire to make the impossible… possible. That is not an easy thing for him, but through the story, as he comes to terms with what he feels and believes in, that makes the difference.

And that difference starts and ends with Lily herself. Lily is not your typical Succubus… Well, I’ll rephrase that a bit. Lily begins at least in personality as the stereotypical evil Succubus with one thing on her mind and the purpose to have it in all ways from Simon. While that is what she appears as at the beginning, she doesn’t have horns, tail, or other stereotypical Succubus traits. She is lust, desire, temptation, eroticism and more as you would expect. But she’s more than that and that evidence starts with how Simon treats her from the beginning.

It is in that relationship, that attempt at understanding, being different, caring about Lily, her feelings and things that she had never thought of before that does something. It gives Lily a means to look at herself but also Simon and in that self examination… things change.

It is that change that for me took Lily off the page and into my thoughts as well. She is more than she seems, though her own desires do of course get in the way on occasion. The things she does, and yes there is a touch of mind control in what she does, are tempered by Simon. But what his influence creates is a change in Lily that does, truly, make her more than the Succubus she is. It makes her… unique. That uniqueness I adored…

I found it deliciously erotic in how Lily’s erotic moments with Simon were written. It is not a simple hot flash. Make no doubt that when Lily puts her mind and powers towards Simon that the heat is wonderful and she is one of the best Succubi that I have ever seen described by an author. The focus isn’t on rapidly getting to orgasm, the sensations, thoughts, desires and pleasure are perfect in every way and it has been quite some time that I have been able to say that about someone writing about Succubi.

It is, truly, a breath of fresh air and really made me smile more than I can say.

The writing is a pleasure to behold, the story is a story which makes this hotter for me as a whole as well. The point of the story isn’t the sex, it isn’t the bedroom or other scenes. The point is the story of Lily and Simon, who they meet, and how it all changes them. Truly wonderful and it was more than I could have ever expected.

I’m giving this work five out of five pitchforks.

Lovely, but I would have loved to see Lily have horns and a tail… But then that’s what the second story gives me… In a way at least…

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