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Glynis Lilithborne

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Glynis Lilithborne
Chateau Aensland character
Created by

Aliases Glynis King-Denver
Species Human
Gender Female
Relatives Lilith (Mother)
Danny Lilithborne (Brother)
Julie Lilithborne (Sister)
Maria Lilithborne (Sister)
Melissa Lilithborne (Sister)
Lupe Lilithborne (Sister)
Ruby Lilithborne (Sister)
Sheila Lilithborne (Sister)
Sandy Lilithborne (Sister)
Jenny Lilithborne (Sister)

Glynis Lilithborne, also known as Glynis King-Denver, is a supporting character in the Chateau Aensland saga. Possessing an exceptionally strong mind but a weak body, Glynis cannot participate in the sexual activities that her sisters partake in, except in her mind, where she has created an ideal dream world for herself. Anyone can visit this world by looking her in the eyes. She can also communicate telepathically with ease, even while sleeping.

While her body seems to be irreparably damaged, Danny has hope that she will recover one day.


Name: Glynis Lilithborne
Also known as: Glynis King-Denver
Height: 4'11" (149cm)
Weight: 91 lbs. (41kg)
Hair/Eyes: Grey/Grey
Flavor/Flower: Coconut/Buttercup
Hobby: Watching movies
Fav. Meal: Prefers drink
Theme song ("Happy"): The Smashing Pumpkins, "The End is the Beginning is the End"
Theme song ("Sad"): The Jets, "Make It Real"
Theme song ("Determination"): Yoko Ishida, "Shiawase no Iro"


Glynis is a spirit of unknown power. Her physical body was ravaged by the virus known today as "acquired immunodeficiency disorder"; she was suffering from pneumonia and toxoplasmosis when she was discovered by Ruby, who was then working as a nurse under orders from her mother to search for the "buttercup child", sensing that her life was coming to an end. Ruby, under cover of night, would work on healing Glynis' body to the point that it would accept her immortality. However, the virus remains with Glynis and her body cannot handle any form of sexuality. Her mind remains extremely powerful and she can communicate with telepathy and through dreams.

After Glynis' recovery, Ruby knew that doctors would want to run more examinations to discover if there was a cure for her virus within her body, but she was certain that Glynis' body could not handle any more tests and she would die. So, Ruby used a technique that caused Glynis to appear to die, so that the doctors would believe her brief recovery was a fluke. Then under unknown circumstances, the body of Glynis King-Denver disappeared unnoticed from Loma Linda University. At Chateau Aensland, Glynis made her complete recovery.

Her lone remaining blood relative, Melissa, was so desperate about her sister's death that she joined a convent; however, this made her spirit even more attractive to Lilith. She, however, would not take Glynis' blood sister without Glynis' explicit permission. Glynis allowed it on the condition that Melissa's memories of Glynis would be erased; Lilith consented to this and recovered Melissa herself.

Now, Glynis is cared for daily by Ruby, who cannot free her body of the virus that makes her vulnerable to invisible threats. However, Danny has faith that Glynis will one day be able to defeat the virus, and rejoin her family in the physical plane. This faith has caused Lilith to take the risk of returning Glynis to the mortal plane, in hopes that Danny's true dream can become a reality.


  • Glynis was inspired by the Smashing Pumpkins song "Glynis", written for someone who died of AIDS.