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Girl Friday:Help Wanted

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Graphic Novel
Girl Friday: Help Wanted
GF Help Wanted Cover 500.jpg
Authors: Candice Greene, Edwin Morgan
Artist: Candice Greene, Edwin Morgan
First Issue: December 14, 2011
Continuity: Angel-FallsDA

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Girl Friday: Help Wanted is the first in a series of illustrated novels written by Edwin Morgan, and Candice Greene that are based on the Angel Falls Universe about succubi that are among the populous of the city.


  • Title: Girl Friday: Help Wanted
  • Author: Edwin Morgan & Candice Greene
  • Art: Candice Greene
  • Format: Illustrated eNovel
  • Chapters: 5
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: December 14, 2011

Series Characters

Plot Summary

Ashley Moore, and Samantha Potts are two young women that are down on their luck in Angel Falls. While chatting at lunchtime at a plaza about their misfortune Lilith Mephistopheles over hears their plight, and offers them a job that pays a lot for simply being her assistant. It pays a lot, and the terms are suspiciously generous and very hard to turn down as the girls learn they will be attending the Angel Falls Holiday Gala, a very prestigious event. The girls accept the job that pays $4000, and they work every fourth Friday.

Samantha Potts and Ashley Moore at the Holiday Gala

Upon arriving at the Gala, Ashley finds her rival Clark Hampton is there chasing down a story on council woman Alicia Forster. Chiding Ashley with suggestive banter, Ashley makes it her mission to trump Clark and get a better story on the council woman. Meanwhile Samantha has received an excessive amount of attention from the paparazzi. It was then Darren Hope offered her an exclusive photo shoot that he was hoping Sabine Mercedes would take, but after several months of haggling, he realized she was just being greedy, and offered it to Samantha. Holly Dandridge would overhear this conversation and mention it to Sabine who would plot a scheme of revenge against Samantha.

Meanwhile Ashley is having little luck with the council woman as she has been avoiding her. At the point of admitting defeat, Lilith suggested she could help her and she should make use of an out of service restroom stall to catch a possible scoop. Ashley takes her advice, as Lilith arranges a sudden phone call that would see council woman Forster enter the very same restroom that Ashley lay wait. Inside the lavatory Ashley would hear the story of the year of extreme nepotism as Alicia Forster been funneling city funds for her father Dan Furillo.

It was later that Sabine launched her plan to humiliate Samantha in front of the crowd by dumping red paint on her in an elaborate trap. But the plan goes awry when Samantha misses a pen that was tossed to her, and causes Sabine to slip into her own trap. Humiliated she heads back to her dressing room, and a waiting Lilith in succubus form in which Sabine was begging her for mercy. It was after Lilith refusal she appeared as a succubus, and her human body would collapse, and die. Grabbing so prescription drugs, Lilith made it appeared she overdosed and committed suicide.

Later council woman Forster would take questions from the media about her districts situation. After a rebuffed question from Clark Hampton, Ashley took the offensive and grilled the council woman to reveal her past relationship to Dan Furillo, and where the missing city funds went. A dejected Alicia Forster exited and made her way to the rear exits to run into Lilith. Knowing her fate, she took a gun out of her purse, placed it in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

The night would be remembered for the double suicides but bring the girls much more fame. Ashley would land a job for a global news agency, as for Samantha's modeling career would take off. All this time Lilith remained in the background making only one visit to give them both a gift. A laptop, and a tablet computer which remained them of their next date to meet her. January 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm. The girls were aware their contracts were a bit bizarre and somewhat creepy, yet met Lilith on time.
Ashley and Samantha in Hell

The girls feeling guilty because of their good fortune would try to get out of their obligations as Lilith's Girl Fridays. Lilith not amused waits until 1:00 pm, and takes them to Hell where they are told of their lineage and that they are in fact succubi. They are then tortured sexually and transformed into their succubi forms, of which Samantha is transformed into a hermaphrodite, They are last seen on a stone pedestal before Apollonia, Lilith, and Envy bowing before their queen accepting their roles as her slave.


Overall the first story is well liked since its debut on deviantART as well as in Futanari Palace. The Grammar, and typos amid the story have been a work-in-progress to correct as the entire issue was written, corrected, and then in-explicitly lost on a Net book. According to Candice Greene, "Woke up, turned it on on, and every story I ever did was gone without a trace". From there working with Edwin Morgan they re-wrote the first 4 chapters from the lost pages they had on e-mail. As of December 31, 2011 the story has been through 6 revisions.

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