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Alignment Chaotic Evil
Type Fey humanoid (Fiend)
(Half-fiends, Daemonfey, others)
Publication history
Source books Forgotten Realms Wikia
First appearance Forgotten Realms

Fey'ri are a elven race of Planetouched descended from the interbreeding of demons and elves in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. They are the elven equivalent to Tieflings.


Fey'ri are not a true elven subrace. They are to elves as tieflings are to humans and tanarukks are to orcs. The fey'ri are the result of interbreeding between sun elves and tanar'ri in an attempt to strengthen the sun elf bloodline. Most fey'ri become sorcerers, rogues or fighters.[1] Fey'ri seek to reestablishing the old elven realms of Cormanthor with themselves at their head.[2]


During the Hundred Years of Chaos the Fey'ri were nearly hunted down to the last of their number, with House Dlardrageth wiped out completely. However, a few from lesser houses and communities remain, though well-hidden and nearly unheard of.[3] Many of the survivors returned to their former strongholds around the southern High Forest, including a base built by Sarya beneath Lothen of the Silver Spires.[4]

General Statistics

  • Type: Fey Humanoid (Fiend)
  • Location: Toril


  • Forsaken House
  • Farthest Reach
  • Final Gate

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