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Faldhatée aka Queen Faldhatée
Felarya character
The Fire Succubus Queen Faldhatée
Species Fire Succubus
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Wingspan Unknown
Wing Colour Brown
Skin Colour Chocolate Brown
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Deep Red
Predation Highly Specialized
Food Category 6-10~ feet
Prefers Damned Souls

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Faldhatée, also known as Queen Faldhatée is a Fire Succubus character in the fictional world of Felarya who is the creation of Karbo on the Felarya site.

While little information is known about her, Faldhatée lives deep in the fire realm of Antarioch in the Everburning Palace where she rules over the realm with her husband King Trazix. Like most of the Succubi in the Felarya universe, Arale is gigantic in size and most interactions with her involve vore themes.

Character History

Very little of Faldhatée's history has been revealed, though some basic facts are known. Like the rest of her kind, she is beautiful, with big, innocent, slitted red eyes, a wide mouth, which seems to always wear a slight grin, and short, wavy blond hair.

She lives with her husband King Trazix in the fire realm of Antarioch. They have their home in the Everburning Palace there. While King Trazix hates protocol and loves to surprise his guests, sometimes receiving them in less than royal outfits, this tends to annoy Queen Faldhatée who seems to prefer pomp and ceremony. The couple's relationship seems to be a loving one but, in spite of this, from time to time, Faldhatée and her King will suddenly attack each other, seemingly out of nowhere and in perfect synchronization. They battle each other exchanging terrible and savage blows that could shatter mountains. They then stop fighting just as suddenly, laugh the event off, and then kiss tenderly as if nothing had happened at all to the great astonishment of everyone who had witnessed their battle.

Her main physical advantages are that she heals quickly and that she is pretty tough, with good resistance to damage and magic. It can be assumed that she possesses a genius level of intelligence, being that she is a Queen and has seen many battles in her life.


Faldhatée's abilities are not clearly known, but like all fire succubi she can walk through flames as naturally and as harmlessly as breathing. However, Queen Faldhatée has been known to continue tending her garden while would-be attackers spontaneously explode. Whether this is from magic cast by her or is caused by the blazingly hot realm she lives in is not certain.

Hunting Habits

Faldhatée's hunting habits are not well told, but it can be assumed she, like other succubi prefer to eat damned souls. It also can be assumed that she has a very strong, resistant, and magic-immune stomach that dutifully digests everything that finds its way inside.

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